ZennoProxyCheckerSimple and powerful proxycheker

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It is often necessary to stay annonymous, when working in the Internet. Our program provides this opportunity for you!
Full cycle of work with proxy

With ProxyChecker you may whether check proxy in two clicks or configure complex system for parsing, filtering and outputiing proxies matching many different parameters.

High performance

ZennoProxyChecker allows you to check proxy in thousands threads simultaneously, speed is limited only by power of your computer and Internet channel bandwidth.

Instead of buying cheap proxies, you can collect them by yourself from thousands sources available in the Internet using ZennoProxyChecker
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What is ZennoProxyChecker?

Unified control

Monitor the process of searching, downloading, and checking proxies on the main program screen

Variety of checks

Get proxy lists, checked for many different parameters

Output proxy

Set up proxy output into your programs through files, HTTP, FTP

Working scheme


The program parses proxies from available sources


Proxy can be checked for many different parameters


You output proxies into your programs and scripts

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ZennoProxyChecker benefits

Proxy autosearch

ZennoProxyChecker able to search proxies on websites and in RSS-feeds

Variety of checks

Checks for different parameters, checking for URL, CAPTCHA in Google and others

Bypass protection at sites

Proxychecker is able to bypass protection from automatic parsing on websites

Run in one click

Intuitive user-friendly interface, no extra windows and complexities

High performance

Checking proxy in thousands of threads simultaneously

Proxy Database

ZennoProxyChecker database allows to store more than 1000000 proxy addresses


Output proxies into your programs and scripts through files, HTTP and FTP

Unique algorithm

Built-in algorithm for optimizing proxy parsing and loading

Filtering proxy

Built-in proxy filters based on PlanetLab/CoDeeN blacklists

12 years
on the market of SEO automation
> 15 000
customers from 88 countries
Large user community


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Questions and answers

What does it mean «Count of computers» and how does it differ from «Running copies»?

Although you are authorized to install the Standard and Professional versions of the program on multiple computers, the program can only be executed on one computer at a time. ProjectMaker is an exception you can run it on all machines simultaneously.

Could I install the program on a virtual machine?

Yes, you can install it on virtual machines with the exception of cloud servers.

Could I buy this program with the current discount and resell it after?

No, this programs unauthorized reselling is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of your account.

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