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Android - the most popular platform for mobile applications. With ZennoDroid you can automate them.
Intuitive operation

Commits an act with the mouse on the screen of mobile applications in the same way as if you did it on your phone with your fingers!

On the basis of ZennoPoster

Many functions, such as working with files, text, tables, logic, network, and many others have come with ZennoDroid.

What is ZennoDroid?

Writing and Debugging

Write down and follow the action on the Android screen, and save them to your project

Implementation of projects

Adjust the conditions and timetable for the implementation of your projects

Features ZennoDroid


Interaction with mobile TV system through the Tap, Long Tap, Swipe

Recording and playback

ZennoDroid able to record and play actions vashie

Setting proxy

Supports proxy setting for the virtual machine Android

Working with applications

Installing applications from the APK, obtain the list of applications, delete applications

Simulation parameters

Supports IMEI changing, phone number and other parameters

Features ZennoPoster

Useful functions of ZennoPoster: lists, tables, logic, pause and other

12 years
In the automation market
> 15 000
customers from 88 countries
Developed user community


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Count of computers
Running copies
Email support
Forum support
One year subscription price











Is it possible to put the program on a virtual machine?

Probably not, because program on the system resources.

The program has some kind of subscription fee or something like that?

Yes, the program is purchased for exactly one year. By extension requires the maturity.

Can I buy the program cheaper during the action, and then re-sell when a stock is going to end?

No resale of the program is strictly prohibited and may result in banning your account.