ZennoPoster Chrome - Final release!

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    ZennoPoster Chrome is out of Beta!

    Today we are pleased to announce the long-awaited final release of ZennoPoster with [​IMG] Chrome engine.
    We have successfully completed beta-testing stage, and, now, the program goes into stable version with no significant bugs detected.

    As always, new ZennoPoster version is available to all clients with active update period and can be downloaded from user area.

    • Supporting most web-standards and intensively developed
    Your projects will be more reliable and stable.

    • Increased operation speed and reduced computer resources usage
    Run even more threads, scale your earning schemes [​IMG] without sacrificing performance.

    • Automatic browser version update system
    Use only up-to-date technologies.

    How to enable Chrome engine?

    Now there are two different browsers available in ZennoPoster: [​IMG] Firefox (x86 and x64) \ [​IMG] Chrome
    Select browser type in project settings or change it during work process on-the-fly:


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    Less than 3 days left till Summer Sale end.
    You still have a chance to buy first ZennoPoster license or upgrade with hot discount up to $100 off.

    Buy with discount

    Full list of changes in

    Fixed: URL refresh in the instance search bar.
    Fixed: Muting in Chrome.
    Fixed: Project execution lag in ProjectMaker after instance restart.
    Fixed: Extra tabs no longer appear in Chrome.
    Fixed: Start, BadEnd, GoodEnd no longer disappear outside of the canvas.
    Fixed: Project maker no longer lags when displaying non printable characters in variables.
    Fixed: Certain combinations of C# code no longer cause the project to fail when opened.
    Fixed: CookieContainer parsing for Yandex.
    Improved: UI
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    Discussing version here.

    Reporting bugs here.
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