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CapMonster 2
The most powerful tool for automatic CAPTCHA recognition

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Standard Lite
Threads 20 5 1
Email support yes yes yes
Forum support yes yes yes
Access to modules base yes yes yes
Features to create
your own module
yes yes yes
Options to purchase
additional threads
yes yes yes
No delays for simple captchas yes yes yes
One year subscription price $147
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Q: Do I have to configure the software after purchasing to be able to work?
A: The software works “out of the box”. It already has built-in modules base for most common captchas. We are constantly updating this base and adding new modules taking into attention feedback from our users.

Q: Could I install the program on a virtual machine?
A: Yes, you can install it on virtual machines with the exception of cloud servers.

Q: Do I have to pay any subscription fee for the software or something like that?
A: Yes, exactly. If you buy the software, you actually purchase a subscription for one year. When subscription year expires, you will need to prolong it to use the software.

Q: I have my own recognition service. Is it allowed to use the software for business purposes?
A: No, end user may only use the software for personal purposes.

Q: Could I buy this program with the current discount and resell it after?
A: No, this programs unauthorized reselling is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of your account.

Q: Is it possible to pay and upgrade to more powerful version?
A: Yes, it is possible, you can upgrade your version in user area. Upgrade cost is calculated by deducting 70% of current version price from full price of new version and taking into account number of days remained till subscription end. So, if you have CapMonster Lite with 310 days remained and want to upgrade to CapMonster Standard, the price will be:
($47 – $25 * (~0.7)) * (310 days/ 365 days) = $25.

Q: How to buy more threads for CapMonster?
A: Additional threads are available only if you have CapMonster Pro version. Threads can be purchased by 30 threads portions. Portion price is equal to Pro version price and also calculated taking into account number of days remained till subscription end. Assume your subscription expires after 310 days and you want to buy 60 more threads. Then the price will be ($97 * 2 portions) * (310 days / 365 days) = $165. Threads can be purchased in user area.

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