CapMonster 2 new version (19 April 2017)

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    [+] Recogntion rate has beeen increased for the following modules:
    Drupal 56%
    GoogleWords 20%
    KCaptcha New 74%
    KCaptchaOld 79%
    MailRu 92%
    mailru2016 64%
    mailruanonimizer 92%
    mailrumobile 95%
    VK 45%
    Yandex Digits 80%
    GoogleDigits 54%
    Avito 70%
    BotDetect 73%
    [+] ReCaptcha2 module is now able to work at high CPU usage.
    [+] New neural net configurations have beeen added allowing to train modules with higher success rate.
    [+] Additional parameters for intercepting captchas from captcha-services, such as regsense, numeric, calc, min_len, max_len, is_russian, have been added. Description of these parameters can be found in Antigate API documentation -
    [+] Now CapMonster has calculation function:-) New option "Math operation" has been added to module recognition settings in Module Creation Studio.
    [+] Diagnostic tools have been improved.

    Bug fixes:
    [*] Bug running imacros form from has been fixed.
    [*] Bug renaming captcha in CapMonster MCS when first captcha on gallery page is also chanched has been fixed.
    [*] The problem of blinking controls when displaying filter settings has been solved.
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    Discussion version here
    Reporting bugs here
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