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为了使您免受Google动物算法的影响,我们发明了全新的功能 - 上下文识别。


假设你有一批可以做链接的地址。你可以使用新的Context Recognizer功能将列表依据内容分为多个类别。然后当你想推广你的网站时,就可以不用全部发送,而是选择相关类别的网址发送了。
Let's say you have a list of URLs for posting. With the help of the new Context Recognizer feature you can split your database into multiple DBs depends on context. Then, when you will need to advertise your site, you will not post to full database, but you will use only relevant URLs list.

You will be able to post an article about the car insurance to blog with subject about cars, rather than a blog, which publishes announcements of new movies.

You can parse the site (eg, blog) and find pages that are best suited to the subject of your advertising. Leaving relevant comments and posts, you will not only get relevant links but you will have much greater chance to pass moderation, it is very important for high-quality resources.
Context Recognizer is at the stage of beta testing now, despite this, it's already shows a good percentage of recognition and we will improve it


Firstly you need to specify the text for analysis. You can use article extraction feature (getting the main article action in the toolbox) for this purpose or select the required text on the page manually. Then, you can determine the general theme of the text (~20) or a detailed theme (~150) (This feature is not available for now).

You have to set two filters after that:
Specify the maximum number of themes, which Content recognizer will detect.
Specify the minimum relevance. All values below it will be considered as inappropriate. This parameter varies from 0 to 100.
Theme of text
For example you set 3 subjects and at least 30 percent of relevancy.
As result you will get no more than 3 subjects with relevancy level not less than 30 percent with your text.

Note that final result can have less number of subjects or none at all, if parser will not find any similarities between your text and known subjects.
Found subjects will be comma separated and will be saved to variable.


ProjectMaker toolbar (at the top) has a button to test Context Recognizer.

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