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ZennoPoster提供多种识别验证码的方法 - 手工(通过手工识别服务)或者创建自己的验证码识别模块。



If CAPTCHA comprises several images you can stick them to save time for recognizing separate parts of CAPTCHA. To stick CAPTCHA's (unless you have not done this when recording your template) open action's settings (double click), tick the 'Stick CAPTCHAs' box and identify as the 'Last CAPTCHA' the one which is the last in the row of CAPTCHA's to combine.


You may often encounter a text CAPTCHA, especially on poorly protected web resources. This type of CAPTCHA differs from the simple (graphical) one by its nature - it's no longer a picture but plain text. You do not need to send this CAPTCHA anywhere; you can extract it (by parsing) right from the text on the web page. You can use Tabs - Data action. Choose what type of data to work with (text, source, DOM), tick Result checkbox, set regular expression for parsing.

Mathematical text CAPTCHAs

This is the same text CAPTCHA with a minor difference. Instead of text, a mathematical expression is used, e.g. 58+63. You can transform this text into an image (see info on flash CAPTCHA) and send it for recognition. Another option is to use a Own code - JavaScript action. You may insert the parsed expression (58+63) as a variable into the code area and after execution it will return the sum - 121 which you will be able to save to another variable for future use.

Flash CAPTCHAs or CAPTCHAs from any other element on page

ZennoPoster can turn (render) any element into an image. Flash is just an example. First find this element in the Element Tree, then by right clicking open the menu to select actions that can be performed upon this element. Select the 'This Is CAPTCHA' option and that's all!

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