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-===== About CapMonster ===== 
-CapMonster is a software package designed for captcha recognition based on the most modern OCR algorithms. 
-CapMonster can be integrated with almost any program, which requires captcha recognition service for work, and also provides manual captcha recognition facilities. ​ 
-The package includes two programs:\\ 
-**CapMonster 2** - intended for direct captcha images recognition.\\ 
-**CapMonster MCS** - allows to create recognition modules for previously unknown captchas. ​ 
-The program that recognizes captchas directly is very easy-to-use,​ so help for CapMonster mainly describes how to create your own captcha recognition modules. ​ 
-Note that CapMonster software detects captcha type by itself, defines whether it can be recognized and which module is required for it.  
-===== What captchas are supported by CapMonster ===== 
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