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Program settings

ZennoPoster settings allow to customize the program for your computer in order to achive highest performance and efficiency.

Settings menu can be opened from Settings tab of ZennoPoster.


Max count of threads - maximum count of threads available for ZennoPoster.

Recommended value - optimal count of threads for your computer.

Count of threads in one process - allows to combine several threads in one process and share resources. This will save resources, but threads in one process will run a bit slower.

Thread priority - priority of threads while running project.


The size of exchange buffer between processes - allows to set size of exchange buffer between processes from 10 to 1000 Mb. This setting (10 Mb by default) should not be changed until we recommend it to avoid some problems you face. This setting also should not be understood as “the maximum size of a list or table” used in the template. It's better leave this setting unchanged.

FTP operations timeout - time for execution of FTP operation.

Number of attepmts for HTTP requests - number of attempts for execution of GET/POST requests.

Leave an emplty file in UTF-8 encoding - if list is empty during project execution, the program will keep UTF-8 encoding for file list.

Run unfinished projects at startup - if you check this option, the program will run unfinished projects at startup, which have not been finished at previous run.

Higher priority threads interrapt requests from threads with lower priority - allows to take into account priority of threads handling requests in a multithreaded execution templates.

Input data matching - enables input data matching to reduce dublicates when entering data, during query processing in a multi-threaded execution of patterns.

Reset task failures when adding attempts - reset fails count for task when adding new execution attempts.

Detailed log for e-mail operations - enables detailed log for e-mail operations.

Detailed log for FTP operations - enables detailed log for FTP operations.

Detailed log for HTTP operations - enables detailed log for HTTP operations.

File modifications processing policy

Load file changes while working with it - program will load file changes while working with it.

Don't load file changes while working with it - program won't load file changes while working with it.

Ask user - program will ask user before loading changes.


Instance load timeout - time allowed for loading instance.

Instance preparation timeout - time allowed for initialization of each tab, i.e. delay before each project execution.

Timeout loading base - time allowed to start new thread in running process.

Command execution timeout in instance - time allowed for execution of any command in instance (any action).

Object inizialization timeout - the time allowed for loading web pages, sometimes you need time to load certain elements (e.g. captcha). IF you get the error “html element not found”, it may be that web-page was not loaded completely during project execution. To avoid the error increase this parameter. But, remember that this will increase project execution time.

Minimum number of tasks before instance restart - instance won't restart intil this number of task will be completed.

Number of completed tasks before instance restart - instance will restart after this number of completed tasks (not depending on result).

Max amount of memory - maximum amount of memory used by the instance in its work to keep bases in reserve.

Keep bases in reserve - controls the amount of bases in an inactive state, it saves time to start bases.

Inactive base lifetime - base lifetime in inactive state.

Path to cookies and cache - this setting is used to store temporary files in certain folder (preferably, in the program folder).

Process all messages that are currently in queue - allows the application to process all events that may occur during instance work.

Force execution of FireFox background jobs - allows you to force instance work when it freezes for no reason. Do not use this setting, if instance does not freeze.

Mute instance - disables sound in instance.


In this section you should put the data to use captcha recognition services:

Secret key - your key to use a service.

Additional options - domain of a service.


Data required to use WordAI service:

Login - your login for authorization.

Password - your password for authorization.

Additional parameters - additional data to set up work with WordAI.


Disable error notifications (global) - instance crashes sometimes because of internal problems, ZennoPoster monitors it and restore crashed instance. If error alert will be displayed at the moment of instance crash, it may not restore.

Ignore scheduler jobs for running tasks - if task is running when it should start according to scheduler, scheduler job will start after task execution.

Use plugin conainer to run plugins - browser plug-ins will run in a separate process. Enable this setting when your have problems working with flash.

Minimize program to tray - when you minimize program window, it will be loaded to tray.

Monitor threads status - enables monitoring status of threads in the program. It is needed for statistics. Do not enable this settings if such information is not required for your support request.

Log settings

Disable log auto-scrolling only by click on log record - auto-scrolling in log will be deactivated only by clicking on record in log.

Display alerts only on log - alerts about project exection progress will be displayed in the log.

Store records in log for - time during which records in log will be store (in hours).

Max records for one task - maximum number of records for one task that will be stored in log.

Diagnostics - creates bug report in case of program malfunction (collects required data from your system, allowing better understanding of the problem when contacting support).

Save settings - saving current program settings.

Restore settings - restoring program settings.

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