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-====== ​Sample projects ​======+====== ​Project patterns ​======
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
-There are two common ways to create projects in ZennoDoid. They are usually used working ​with AVD virtual machine+===== Working ​with standart ​virtual machine ​=====
-===== 1) Run virtual machine ​for executing actionswhich won't affect later work (without saving)=====+Initially ZennoDroid uses standart ​virtual machine, ​i.e. standard files with data. It is the simplest way of using. All actions executable by one of projects will be available at work of other 
 +projects and between different executions. 
-In other wordsyou should install and register account which won't be used in further sessions. For this you can use default ​virtual machine ​and enable "Clear data" option in "​Run"​ operation settings+As a rulethe two main patterns for creation of projects are using, mainly applicable for Bluestacks ​virtual machine.
-===== 2Create your own virtual machine ​and save current one. =====+===== 1Creation of new virtual machine ===== 
 +Before running of virtual machine, it is possible to create new files with data. They will be used during execution and all changes will be saved in files. Thereby isolated environment of project 
 +execution will be created. 
-For example, you have installed some application on default ​virtual machine, ​which you would like to use in further work. You don't want this will be deleted ​at next run by "Clear data" optionIn this case, you should save virtual machine to another suitable directory.+===== 2) Creation of new virtual machine ​for each launch ===== 
 +Each time for creation of clean files with virtual machine datathey should ​be deleted ​after use. 
-Later you will be able to run saved machine using "​Run"​ operation, selecting its name and path to it. All actions performed using this virtual machine will be saved in it, excepting the case when you marked "Read only" option.\\ 
-Similarly, you can create new virtual machine with suitable name and location using "​Create"​ operation. ​ 
-When working with Bluestacks virtual machine, you will be able to perform the same manipulations using "​Modify"​ operation and changing paths to directories in Data.sparsefs and SDCard.sparsefs parameters. (Note that directory name should end with “.sparsefs”). If these directories are empty, such operation will be equivalent to creating new virtual machine. If the directories are already used, data will be saved to them. 
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