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ZennoDroid - Demo


  1. program works for 14 days only.
  2. doesn't support proxies.
  3. doesn't support anticaptcha services.
  4. if you have not entered your email address when you install the Demo version, the projects can not be distributed to other users.
  5. demo version is not the alternative for Lite version: when using demo you can evalute program functionality, try creating projects, but if you start debugging project in ProjectMaker and executing projects in ZennoDroid, the software will start operation time countdown. Upon reaching 10 minutes, user will be prompted to manually enter captcha for further work.

If projects created in demo version are no longer open in new demo or licensed version - you can send project files to [email protected] from your license e-mail address, and we will help to restore access to the projects in your current version of our software.


If demo period is expired you are allowed to use program again in 16 days.

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