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Working with Android

ZennoDroid allows to perform the following actions on Android operating system.

Run virtual machine

Run virtual machine once it is necessary and after the execution all initial settings

Edit virtual machine

Installing of unique ID which is used as a generator of the different parameters (for example, IMEI).
Besides, there is selection of the new path for virtual machine files.

Set proxy

The following format of a proxy is used - user:password@ip:port


Install application

Installation of an application (apk) on the device.

Uninstall applications

This option allows to remove applications (apk) by name from your virtual machine. You can get application names using Installed applications button.

Set Geo-location

Setup the coordinates of GPS-sensor, which be available for Android applications.

Console command

Execution of console command ADB Shell on the emulator.

WiFi network settings

The name of WiFi network displayed on the device.

Device settings

It is possible to use different device profiles setting brand, mobile operator and manufacturer.

Reset Google Advert Id

Obtaining a new Google Advert Id. In the result, Google creates new advertisments for Android user using his preferences on the Internet.

Get value

Set value

Rise event

Emulate touch and swipe

This operation allows to emulate touch or swipe operation on your virtual device. It works the same way as mouse emulation in ZennoPoster.

Emulates touching to the screen.

Emulates gesture.

Emulate Android keyboard

This action emulates symbols inseration similarly as keyboard emulation action do in ZennoPoster. Noe, that Cyrillix symbols are entered slower than latin symbols because of some transmitting issues.

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