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This is a new program feature that allows you to sell your project to people who do not have ZennoPoster.
ZennoBox is in fact ZennoPoster that has specific projects only, that user buy from you and (or) from other vendors.

How does it work for customer

A person buys your project, you write down a project in the user area to his name and pay a small commission. The person downloads ZennoBox (for free), after installation it already has the project which you sold him.

How to create a project for sale

Lite version will suffice for sale projects. The maximum number of threads, which can run your project in ZennoBox equal to the maximum count of threads your version of ZennoPoster. (ZennoBox is limited to 20 threads)
1) You need to add to your project the static block “Input settings” and set the parameters that buyers of your project can edit. Input settings.
2) You should send it to your customer create account link in our system, if he isn't registered yet.
3) Go to your account in the userarea to “Bots” tab and sell him your projects to the email, which your customer registered on.
4) After that, your customer can download ZennoBox, which automatically displays sold to him projects.


Selling several projects to one person at the same time, the fee for the second and the other projects is greatly reduced.


Fee is to

  • Prevent sharing big projects in public
  • Compensate us for the opportunity to use ZennoPoster not buying it
  • Pay for ProxyChecker server maintenance and bot protection system

Commission is $10 from each sale of one project. If you sell to one person, several projects at the same time, the second and the following projects will add $2 to the cost of the total commission.


Customer can buy any amount of projects from you or (and) other sellers and they all will be displayed in ZennoBox. He doesn't need to download something twice.


When you update your project in the userarea, the customer will get updates automatically.
If you want to sell the update you will need to create a new project and sell it separately.


This is not all that we wanted to do for autonomous bots, rest will appear on other releases.
This feature now allows you to write bots by orders from customers who do not have ZennoPoster.

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