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Twitter API

Z-Social software starting from version allows to use API to work in Twitter. Using API you can perform all the actions available in the program excepting accounts registration and password change. An important advantage is that work via API allows to reduce system load and provides more stable task execution.

Getting API keys

In order to use Twitter API you should obtain API keys. You can start with just one key, but it's recommended to use 1 key for 5-15 accounts.

Here are the steps:

  1. You must have an account in Twitter with registered and confirmed mobile phone number.
  2. Open https://apps.twitter.com/ and, if necessary, log in using your account data.
  3. Create new application using «Create New App» option:
  4. Fill in all required fields:
    • Name – application name. It must be uniqe (for example: MySuperFastApp56) or Twitter won't allow you create application;
    • Description – application description. It should be related to application name and functionality (for example: My personal Twitter aggregator)
    • Website – it cam be any website related to application. Tt should be real and not very popular.
  1. Then you should set up access permissions in «Permissions» tab. Select «Read, Write and Access direct messages» and apply settings («Update Settings»)
  2. Get your API keys opening «Keys and Access Tokens» tab (API Key and API Secret)

Adding API keys to the program

API keys can be added to the program in program settings (Settings — Twitter – Twitter API). Here you should fill in related fields and give an alias (description) to API key, which will be uniqe in program context.

Connecting API to accounts

To connect Twitter API add “Connect API” task to your accounts.

The program allows to connect API automatically or manually with keys distribution. We recommend to choose automatic connection.

After adding and executing this task, your accounts will be labeled with successfull API connection mark. Then you will be able to execute tasks using Twitter API, enabling related option in task settings.

The result will be displayed in accounts list view:

or account settings:

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