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Basic concepts

Thread (thread of execution) - separate unit of code execution with separate browser, data space, etc., thread can be compared with a person performing certain actions in browser. Multithreading execution is equivalent to executiion by several people.

Instance - separate part of the program containing instance of a browser with independet cookies, cache and proxy that do not overlap with other instances. Instance interface is a small window with tabs and address bar.

Template - file created in ProjectMaker for execution in ZennoPoster. Template contains instructions for some actions in instance. We can say that it is a program or a script that manages instance.

Action - block of action in ProjectMaker from which you can construct your template setting blocks in certain sequence. Action block contains standard instructions for some action in browser.

Debugger - a part of ProjectMaker application, special instance that performs actions recorded in template step by step, i.e. one by one by pressing “Next”. It is designed for step-by-step execution of template to detect errors in it or check the logic of template. Debugger highlights operated element on a webpage and puts it in focus for convenience, if needed.

Step - part of template, which sequentially combines several branches intended for executing logically complete set of actions on a web page (for example, completing registration form).

Step branch - atomic operation in the template, which means some small action, for example, macro execution, search operation, click on the link on the web page, clearing cookies, etc. It is divided into two parts - action type and operated element on web-page.

Connection between step branches - a red line with arrow which displays logical transition between steps in template editor.

Cookie - small amount of information that a web service leaves in a file on your computer. Typically used for recognizing you when you return to this service.

Cache - buffer in browser. It contains information from web-pages which may be requested most probably. It allows to access necessary data much faster than loading them from memory or remote server, but buffer size is significantly limited.

Macro - certain algorithm of actions available in ProjectMaker or ZennoPoster, which can be used by user adding own code.

Variable - named field in the memory, where certain data can be stored during template execution.

Proxychecker - part of ZennoPoster software package intended for getting, sorting, filtering and loading proxies for anonymous template execution.

Scheduler - part of main ZennoPoster application which allows to run templates on the schedule, with certain periodicity if needed.

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