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Project publishing

Project publishing is available starting from version


This feature allows to combine external assemblies, encrypt them and pack to new project. Bot sellers won't need to copy and transfer each assembly file to client giving complicated instructions on how to implement them. Moreover, with publishing, you can upload project directly from ProjectMaker to userarea, and, your clients will automatically get updated bot (starting from version, quickly and easily with minimum time and efforts.


1. Packing external assemblies.
2. Additional project encryption.
3. Local project creation.
4. Uploading projects into UserArea.

How to use

Project publishing option can be opened by pressing Ctrl+Alt+P.

Publishing allows to make the following:

Pack external assemblies into one project. Now, you should not care how to transfer them to customer.
Boost project start and execution, due to pre-compiling project structure and code.
Increase safety - even if your account has been hacked, project won't be opened.


You should include into publication all external assemblies that you would like to publish including depended assemblies. (if one assembly depended on another, you should add both to Reference). Sometimes it is not possible, since some third-party assemblies can't packed or encrypted. Therefore you may get error during publishing process or final project may not working properly. If the project uses external dependencies, always check its functionality. If something does not work, try excluding some assemblies from package.

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