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Services for receiving SMS

ZennoPoster allows to bypass verification by sms using special sms-services which can receive sms. For this, several sms-services have been implemented into the program. You can find info about these services on their websites.

To use sms-service in zennoposter, you should configure it in program settings. You need to specify your API-key to service (secret code) and url address of api-page.

How it works

To work with sms-services, you should follow the steps below:

1. Request number and receive it.
2. Send sms-message to received number.
3. Notify sms-service that sms message has been sent.
4. Wait when the message will be received.
5. Close session.

To add operation with sms-service to your project, you should use the action “Data” - “Sms-services”.

The following operations with sms-services are available:

“Get number”

“Change status”

“Get status”

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