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Services for receiving SMS

What can be used for?

ZennoPoster allows to bypass verification by sms using special sms-services which can receive sms. For this, several sms-services have been implemented into the program. You can find info about these services on their websites.

To use sms-service in zennoposter, you should configure it in program settings. You need to specify your API-key to service (secret code) and url address of api-page.

How it works

To work with sms-services, you should follow the steps below:

1. Request number and receive it.
2. Send sms-message to received number.
3. Notify sms-service that sms message has been sent.
4. Wait when the message will be received.
5. Close session.

To add operation with sms-service to your project, you should use the action “Data” - “Sms-services”.

Operations with sms-services

The following operations with sms-services are available:

“Get number”

This operation returns phone number and action ID which will be required later for working with this number. Some sms-services also ask to specify mobile network operator and the purposes for which the number will be used. More details you can find on website of the service.

“Change status”

Using this operation you can notify service about changing number status. Here are possible statuses:

  • SMS has been sent (sms has been sent to this number)
  • Repeated code request (if you had to send sms again for some reasons)
  • Cancel request (when number is not useful any more. service may return spent funds from balance)
  • Number already used (when number is busy)
  • Finish (when number used successfully)

“Get status”

Using it you can request number status. If it is currently waiting SMS, program will be trying to receive it within 3 minutes. If sms was not received within this time, operation will return “wait” and you will have to repeat operation. Some services have very long response time to sms (about 15 minutes).

Project example

The process of working with sms-service in project for zennoposter will look like this:

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