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Run debugging

ZennoPoster 5 allows to record and debug project simultaneously. You can run debugging in the following way:


To debug project from start press Restart button [1]. New profile and browser data will be generated.

Step by step

Button Play [2] allows to debug project step by step, starting from begging, last executed action or from coursor. It is very convenient as you can change action properties and check how they work right away.

If you want to debug just part of a project, set stop point at action block (right click>Stop point) till which you want to play project and press the button Play till stop [3]. Project will be executed from debugging start point till stop point.

Regenerating profile

While debugging your project you can regenerate profile and browser parameters using Browser [5] option in top toolbar. Thus you can you can test your bot on website with another user agent or cookies, etc.

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