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-====== ​开始 ​======+====== ​Getting started ​======
-ProxyChecker的核心是检测并输出有效的代理,用在不同网站和网络服务的项目上。+The main purpose of ProxyChecker ​is to check and output live proxies for your projects to work with different websites and web-services. ​
-ProxyChecker通过以下几个步骤检测和获取代理。+ProxyChecker ​allows to check and get proxies within few steps. ​
-1. **Sources**标签中使用**添加代理**动作把代理添加到程序中。普通代理地址格式为//​ip:​port// ​需验证的代理格式为//​login:​[email protected]:​port//​+1. Add proxies to program using **Add proxy** option on **Sources** tab. Proxy address format is //​ip:​port// ​for regular proxy and //​login:​[email protected]:​port// ​for proxy with authorization. ​
 {{en:​proxychecker:​start1.png?​700}} {{en:​proxychecker:​start1.png?​700}}
-2. **Control**标签中运行检测过程,并且开启**加载代理****检测代理**选项.+2. Run checking process on **Control** ​tab and enable ​**loading proxies** and **checking proxies** options.
 {{en:​proxychecker:​start2.png?​700}} {{en:​proxychecker:​start2.png?​700}}
-3.**Proxy**标签中的可用列表中获取有效代理,使用规则过滤列表,根据所需参数获取代理。+3.Get live proxies in live list on **Proxy** ​tab. Use rules to filter list and get proxies with required parameters. ​
 {{en:​proxychecker:​start3.png?​700}} {{en:​proxychecker:​start3.png?​700}}
-4. **保存**检测过的代理到文件中,**复制**到剪切板或设置特定的**输出**任务。 +4. **Save** checked proxies to file,**copy** to clipboard or set up special ​**output** task. 
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