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To get proxies required for your projects and tasks continuously, you can set up proxies output. ProxyChecker allows to output proxies to local or network source at specified intervals or by request.

To set up output, create Output task on Output tab.

There are three ways of output:

Output to HDD - the program will save proxies list to file on local drive on your computer at specified intervals.

Output to localhost - integrated into the program web-server allows to take proxies by http-requests to certain ports.

Output to FTP - saving proxy list to file on FTP-server.

Output to HDD

To output proxies to file on local drive you should specify the path to file, proxy format, output interval and number of proxies for output (0 - all proxies will be taken). You can also select rule for taking proxy and take proxies randomly removing them from program base. Proxy format can be set using special tags. You can view tags list hovering mouse coursor to question icon.

Output to localhost

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