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Google passed proxies

1. Add sources

First of all you need to add some sources of proxies which you want to test against Google.
Open tab “Sources”, then click “Wizard”:

Choose type: “for Google”

2. Start proxychecker

It will perform HTTP request to Google.com with search query for every proxy in you list.
If you have lists with SOCKS, you need to select all sources (Ctrl + A), click on “Edit” and change proxy type.

3. Results

Open “Proxy” tab. Here you will see proxies with different statuses:

- Bad (Proxy is banned by Google)
- Captcha (Google shows captcha for search query with this proxy)
- Passed (You can use this proxy or work with Google)

You can use preset rules:

- Google passed
- Google passed with captcha

Filter the whole list with the rule you need:

You can save this list manually or set the rule in “Output” tab.

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