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Checking proxies

Various checking paramaters allow you to select sources with reliable live proxies, suitable for use in your projects.

Checking settings can be set in Source settings.

Checking mode - defines whether the program should check proxies or consider them as live (if you are sure that they are reliable and workable).

Protocol - defines proxy protocol - HTTP or SOCKS. It is also possible to select auto-detect option to determine proxy protocol automatically.

Check POST - check if proxy supports POST requests.

Check HTTPS - check if proxy supports HTTPS connection.

Check speed - check speed of proxy.

Whait for an answer - waiting response timeout when checking proxy.

Make a second request - send second checking request after successful first request. It allows to weed out low-quality proxy by double request, but significantly increases checking time.

Second request after (sec) - time after which second request will be sent.

Check for ban in Google - program will check if proxy is banned in Google.

Check for URL - program will check if proxy can work with certain web-resourse. ProxyChecker has few pre-defined rules which allows to check if proxy can work with such resourses as Spamhaus, Windows live, Twitter, etc. You can also create your own rule for certain resource.

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