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 +====== Network performance¬† ======
 +ZennoProxyChecker can work in unlimited number of threads.\\
 +Limitations always caused by operating system, computer, network equipment (switches, routers) and your internet provider. \\
 +Typical values:\\
 +1. Home PC - 300 threads and more\\
 +2. Dedicated server - up to 15000 threads and more\\
 +====== Channel testing ======
 +In order to find recommended value for maximum number of threads you can perform a test of your internet'​s connection bandwidth. \\
 +Channel test sends requests to server that set in ZennoProxyChecker'​s settings and detects which amount of threads cause loosing of packets. \\
 +The most accurate results will be if:\\
 +- You perform test right after rebooting of PC\\
 +- There are no any running programs that use Internet.\\
 +- Firewall and antivirus are disabled.\\
 +====== Possible problems ======
 +Sometimes, for various reasons, channel test can show low results.
 +Open "​Network Monitor",​ and set maximum number of threads manually (based on typical values).
 +====== Script for your own server ======
 +If you check proxies in thousands of threads, this can reduce performance of Zennolab servers , and number of live proxies will decrease. We recommend to upload script for checking on your own web server. \\
 +You will need to delete Zennolab URLs from settings, and specify path to your script.\\
 +Checking script can be downloaded [[http://​zennolab.com/​files/​proxy.zip|here]].
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