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Network performance 

ZennoProxyChecker can work in unlimited number of threads.
Limitations always caused by operating system, computer, network equipment (switches, routers) and your internet provider.

Typical values:

1. Home PC - 300 threads and more
2. Dedicated server - up to 15000 threads and more

Channel testing

In order to find recommended value for maximum number of threads you can perform a test of your internet's connection bandwidth.

Channel test sends requests to server that set in ZennoProxyChecker's settings and detects which amount of threads cause loosing of packets.

The most accurate results will be if:

- You perform test right after rebooting of PC
- There are no any running programs that use Internet.
- Firewall and antivirus are disabled.

Possible problems

Sometimes, for various reasons, channel test can show low results. Open “Network Monitor”, and set maximum number of threads manually (based on typical values).

Script for your own server

If you check proxies in thousands of threads, this can reduce performance of Zennolab servers , and number of live proxies will decrease. We recommend to upload script for checking on your own web server.
You will need to delete Zennolab URLs from settings, and specify path to your script.
Checking script can be downloaded here.

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