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ZennoProxyChecker (14.09.2019)

[+] An alternative proxy checking method was added. ProxyChecker now contains a “Use the .NET process for proxy checking” setting. The alternative method helps to avoid error 217 for affected systems and lowers the resource consumption when checking proxies.

[*] Proxy base loading errors.
[*] Unexpected proxy verification shutdown.

ZennoProxyChecker (11.07.2019)

[+] Added support for DNSBL.

[*] Restored auto search for proxies.
[*] Fixed ability to increase in proxy sources download threads.
[*] Fixed UI bugs.

ZennoProxyChecker (18.5.2018)

[+] Black list for proxy sources.
[+] Proxy initially considered as live are now can be removed from live list by lifetime, see parameters in option “Remove old proxies from live list when loading”in proxy source settings.
[+] Program stability has been improved.
[+] Program interface has been enhanced.

[*] Problem with freezing at proxy checking progress has been solved.
[*] Bug not saving proxy sources when restarting the program has been fixed.
[*] Issues with ResourceDownloader have been fixed (extra dialog windows have been removed).
[*] Proxy parsing rules have been corrected.
[*] Processing authorization errors (Get Auth Credentials) has been improved.
[*] Output proxies to SFTP issues have been fixed.

ZennoProxyChecker (21.9.2017)

[+] Filter for «Cloudflare proxy» has been added.
If websites are not behind cloudflare, then IP cloudflare won't work as http proxy. This filter will allow declining attempts to work with such websites. You can find it here: Control tab - Filters - Cloudflare list.
[+] New feature - Blacklist for proxy sources has been added (Sources tab>Blacklist). To add sources to Blacklist, you should select them, open context menu and press “Add to Blacklist”.

[*] Problem not disabling RSS sources has been solved.
[*] Program stability has been improved.
[*] Few minor bugs have been fixed.

ZennoProxyChecker (23.03.2017)

[+] Program performance has been optimized.
[+] Memory usage has been reduced.
[+] DevExpress components have been updated, as well as basing .NET Framework (4.5.2). This allowed to make UI more responsive and easy-to-operate.

[*] Program stability has been improved.
[*] Autosearch proxies in Google and Bing has been optimized.
[*] The bug not re-checking proxies in live list has been fixed.
[*] Issues with RSS parsing have been solved.
[*] The bug not removing old proxies from live list when the option “Remove old proxies at loading” is checked in proxy source settings..


Bug fixes
[*] Operation stability has been improved


[+] The option “Detailed log for autosearch” has been addded to program settings. It's intented to diagnose autosearch problems.

Bug fixies
[*] The bug creating rule with “Source” component has been fixed.
[*] Issues with Rss processing when parsing sources have been solved.
[*] The bug with JavaScript processing when parsing sources has been fixed.


[+] GeoIP base auto-update feature has been added in order to correctly detect country of proxy.
[+] The options “Parse RSS text” and “Parse RSS links” have been added to proxy source settings. This allows to search proxies in text and links in RSS feed. Found sources will be automatically added to sources list with RSS label.
[+] New setting “Delete proxy from live list immediately at check failure” has been added to proxy source settings in ProxyChecker.
[+] New macros [login] and [password], which return login and password for proxy, have been added to Output tasks in proxychecker, as well as [auth], which returns login:password@ string, if authorization is required, or emty string, if authorization not required. Default proxy format has been also changed to [auth][ip]:[port] in output tasks.
[+] The ability to delete default rules has been added to ProxyChecker. (Deleted rules can be restored if necessary).
[+] New checkbox “Add local network addresses” has been added to proxy source settings.
[+] Source address field now accepts time macro {-TimeNow.Date[DateFormat]-} similarly to using it ZP.
[+] The option “Consider non-anonymous proxies as dead” has been added to proxychecker settings.

Bug fixes
[*] Error opening proxies list from anonymous source has been fixed in ProxyChecker.
[*] Counting next proxy checking time in ProxyChecker after taking proxy from live list has been corrected.
[*] Regex for parsing proxies with authorization has been corrected. This fixed the issue of missing first proxy in proxies list if it’s proxy with authorization.
[*] Problems working with group of proxy sources have been solved.


Bug fixes
[*] Operation stability has been improved


[+] Program now uses new proxy checking core with increased precision, stability and speed.
[+] UI has been re-designed in order to make the program more user frienldy and easy-to-use.
[+] Proxy sources are now grouped by labels.
[+] Proxy can be added by 2 clicks, without loading its source. Just select “Add proxy” option.
[+] New option “Load proxy” has been added.
[+] New option “Check proxy” has been added.
[+] New option “Re-check live proxies” has been added.
[+] Live proxies are now displayed as links. By clicking it, you can view proxies only from this certain source. If necessary, you can save it as a rule for further usage.
[+] The option “Save source” has been added to “Sources” tab”. It allows to save selected proxy sources.
[+] The option “Copy to clipboard” has been added to “Proxy” tab. It allows to copy current proxy list.
[+] The option “Save to file” now saves current proxy list, not live proxies.
[+] If you purchase proxychecker with updates, you will be able to use it in all products from ZennoLab without limitations.

Bug fixes
[*] Operation stability has been improved.
[*] Program performance has been optimized, memory usage has been reduced.
[*] Checking precision has been improved for SOCKS4/5 proxies.
[*] Memory leak bugs have been fixed.


[+] Added proxy check to any URL.
[+] Updated user interface.
[+] Added option “assume proxy alive” - proxy immediately go to the live list with the options you selected in the source settings.
[+] Proxies that do not need to check, goes immediately to the live list, bypassing all checks.
[+] Now, in the category “recheck” you have two options - “Minimum interval since the previous test” and “Minimum interval after taking from live list”.
[+] Resources found using automatic search are added to sources after checking for suitability.
[+] Added setting for source “Check proxy only once.” Suitable for testing of public-large sources.
[+] You can hide part of columns in the live proxy tab.
[+] You can select and copy to clipboard proxies from the live list.
[+] You can add name to the proxy output task.
[+] Added macro [country] & [country_code] for proxy output task.

Bug fixes
[*] Improved stability.
[*] GeoIP is updated.


Bug fixes
[*] Improved stability on high load.
[*] Fixed compatibility with .NET Framework 4.5


[+] A check for incompatible software during installation has been added.

Bug fixes
[*] A bug where it was impossible to change the settings of multiple sources has been fixed.


[+] Windows 8.1 supported.
[+] New auto-search option added to ProxyChecker. Now you can set it to check auto-found proxies on Google ban, speed, https, etc.
[+] ZennoProxyChecker added to the white list of major anti-virus bases. Now it should go smoothly with installation and using ZennoProxyChecker with your anti-virus.

Bug fixes
[*] Bug fixes of installer for Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012.
[*] Fixed and improved speed of ProxyChecker when removing proxies.
[*] Fixed JS execution for source parsing. Hungs and alerts removed.
[*] Added option to “turn off the error globally”, this option solves some problems with CheckingProcessor.exe.


Bug fixes
[*] Fixed errors ProxyChecker that causes to instability, program hangs and stop checking proxies.


[++] Automatic proxy search - autosearchproxies
[++] JavaScript evaluation on proxy sources resources_js
[+] Added output on your FTP server
[+] SpamHaus check

Bug fixes
[*] Updated list of Geo IP, country defined more precisely

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