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 {{:​en:​proxychecker:​settings.png?​300|}} {{:​en:​proxychecker:​settings.png?​300|}}
-Поиск источников с проксями способен автоматически останавливаться,​ для того, чтобы излишне не загружать системуИзменить параметры автопоиска вы можете в настройках проксичекера:+Proxy auto-search will stop automatically to prevent system overloadingYou can change auto-search settings in the settings of ProxyChecker:
 {{:​en:​proxychecker:​selectall_en.png?​300|}} {{:​en:​proxychecker:​selectall_en.png?​300|}}
 +====== Filling in own proxy base ======
 +When it reaches necessary quantity of alive proxies turn off checking. Sort sources by count of alive proxies and remove ones where there are 0 or just a few proxies. You can select all sources at once (Clicking Ctrl+A in the sources) and selecting menu item "​Change",​ customize the process of checking.
 +When you have own base of alive proxies you don't need to turn on auto-search with each start - it is faster to let ProxyChecker use proxies from ready base. And only when count of alive ones there drops down you should use auto-search again.
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