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If you constantly need proxies for your projects, we recommend to use auto-mode. In this mode ProxyChecker will be constantly searching, loading, checking, filtering and delivering proxies. All you need is to set up auto-mode parameters, such as autosearch proxy sources, checking intervals and frequency, rules and output settings.

Auto-mode is activated by Start button on Control tab.

You can control auto-mode on Control tab or using Auto-mode panel on Source tab. There you can enable searching(1), loading(2) and checking(3) proxies, as well as cleaning live list and proxies output, and adjust settings for these options.


ProxyChecker can automatically search proxy sources in the Internet, constantly filling up proxy base. Autosearch settings can be set in main program settings. There you can also set parsing and checking settings for proxy sourcers as well as limitations for autosearch.

Parsing and checking settings for autosearch are the same as for manual mode. Besides you can set proxy loading interval and also minimal proxy checking and taking interval.

Autosearch limitation settings define when to stop autosearch in order to prevent system overloading.

Automatically loading and checking proxies

Found by autosearch proxy sources will being processed by the program, proxies will being automatically loaded and checked. ProxyChecker supports multi-threaded loading - up to 20 threads available for auto-loading proxies.

Checking is also multi-threaded - up to 500 threads available for auto-checking proxies.

Cleaning live list

ProxyChecker can automatically remove old proxies to keep only actual proxies in live list. For this you should enable Cleaning live list option and set up proxy lifetime.

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