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About ZennoProxyChecker

ZennoProxyChecker is a software product, designed to download, store and automatically recheck proxies as well as to provide them in different ways according to flexible criterias.

ZennoProxyChecker allows you to:

1)Save proxy sources and perform operations with them in a convenient way.
2) Load new proxies from the sources to the storage with a specified frequency.
3) Set up filters for all the sources and for each of them separately.
4) Provide flexible proxy check configuration for each source.
5) Distribute checked proxies using different modes and in compliance with the rules.

Main features

Adding proxies

You can add proxies to program in different ways: manually insert proxy address directly and automatically parsing proxy addresses from web pages or local files with lists of proxies.


ProxyChecker allows to check proxies by approximately 20 parameters, filtering suspiciious and taking most realiable and fast. Besides, this you can check proxies to URL for working with certain websites.


The program allows you to set up multiple output channels, providing proxies with different parameters for various projects. Proxy lists can also be saved to local files and uploaded to network, delivering live proxies regularly at certain intervals.

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