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You can set keyboard shortcuts in program settings for easy operation.

Keyboards shortcuts

Enter or Space - Open action's settings
Esc - Close action's settings
Clrl + C - Copy selected action
Ctrl + X - Cut selected action
Ctrl + V - Paste action from clipboard where mouse pointer is located.
Delete - Delete selected action
Up - Move selection up in action's group.
Down - Move selection down in action's group.
Left - Move selection to ingoing action.
Right - Move selection to the next action after the successful execution of current one.
Ctrl + Right - Move selection to the next action after the one which failed.
PageUp - Go to the first action in the group.
PageDown - Go to the last action in the group.
Ctrl + O - Open project.
Ctrl + S - Save current project.
Ctrl + Shift + S - Save all opened projects.
Ctrl + Z - Undo.
Ctrl + Y - Redo.
Ctrl + F - Search.
F2 - Open list of variables.
F3 - Open regexp editor.
Delete - Delete selected action.
Alt+Enter - Switch between extended editor and record and debug mode.


Double click on action - Open action's settings.
Hold middle mouse button - Move project's layout.
Ctrl + mouse wheel - Change zoom.
Double click on empty space in the project - Set zoom to 100%

Debug hotkeys

Ctrl + R - Start/Stop record.
F5 - Restart project.
F10 - Go to next action.
F11 - Go to stop point.
Shift + F5 - Stop of debug.

C# action hotkeys

Ctrl + C - Copy selection.
Ctrl + X - Cut selection.
Ctrl + V - Paste selection.
Ctrl + G - Go to line with error.
Shift + Delete - Cut current line.

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