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Project settings

Panel of static blocks

You can set general project settings on the bottom panel which will be applied to the project after once the project is started.

Except project settings on the bottom panel of static blocks there is access to the list of variables, settings profile and intellisearch.

Besides, during the creating and editing of a project on this panel lists, tables, input settings, encryption settings, FTP connections, links to GAC, using directives, BotUI interface are displayed. You can add it on the panel by right-cliсking with mouse.


Quick customize allows you to select one of two customizable profiles - Speed or Quality. Using them enabling and disabling of elements are customized displayed in the browser and emulation speed.

Browser type allows you to select the browser engine used in the project.

Do not use browser this mode allows you to run templates without a browser. It is suitable for creating of templates which use GET-POST requests and working with API services.

Browser w/out content view in this mode almost all functions work except plugins, for example Flash. Rendering is disabled. Therefore, memory and CPU resources are saved.

Dedicated process if this option is enabled, a separate process base.exe is created, in which a template works, i.e. whatever the number of threads is used per one process in the ZennoPoster settings, a template with enabled option will be executed in one thread per process. This option is used, for example, to emulate fonts.

Use Proxifier makes your template to work using proxy all the time via Proxifier. If you put a proxy into a template, instead of using proxy in a browser, proxy will be used in Proxifier to operate with ZennoPoster processes. Therefore, all the browser content will be processed via proxy, including Flash content, which may not use a browser proxy. Proxifier version 3.29+ is required for correct operation.

For most of the sites, when the template is already done and ready, it is possible to turn off the download of pictures, flash, which will allow templates to work much faster without losing the rest of the functionality. The case of disable of javascript can lead to the inoperability of certain functions of the site. But some sites can work with disabled java, and if you can record a template without flash and javascript without loss of functionality, then by means of disabling of the pictures at the end after recording you will get the most high-speed version of the template.

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