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     * Configure project execution at a certain time one or more times, for example, every five minutes or once a day.     * Configure project execution at a certain time one or more times, for example, every five minutes or once a day.
 +====== Settings ======
 +On the tab **Settings**,​ you make basic settings for running projects and using the proxy.
 +**Execution count** - indicates the number of project executions.
 +**Maximum # of threads** - indicates the maximum number of threads for a given project (simultaneous executions).
 +**Priority** - the project priority is selected (from Low to Critical). Priority threads may interrupt the instance request for less priority threads.
 +**Labels** - allows you to group projects by adding different labels to them.
 +**Proxy** - selected as the project will work with the proxy:
 +     * Not use - execute without a proxy with a real IP address.
 +     * If possible - if  ProxyChecker has a live proxy, then the project will run with their use, if there are no roxies – then without them.
 +     * Use (without deleting) - the proxy in the project is used without deleting the live proxy in ProxyChecker from the list.
 +     * Use - the proxy in the project is used with the removal from the list of the live proxy in ProxyChecker.
 +**Rules** - select the rule or rules by which the proxy is taken from the list of live proxies used for the project.
 +[[en:​proxychecker:​rules|Rules]] are created in ProxyChecker.
 +====== Stop ======
 +On the tab **Stop**, you selected the conditions under which the project is stopped.
 +**Conditions of completing** - the project will be completed once of these conditions has been met:
 +     * Success count - the number of successfully completed projects is indicated, upon which the project is completed.
 +     * Maximum threshold count for consecutive failures - indicates the number of unsuccessful projects completed in a row, upon which the project is completed.
 +If you specify -1 in these cells, the project will be executed without stopping.
 +====== Log ======
 +On the tab **Log**, project progress notifications are recorded: errors, marks of successful / unsuccessful project execution.
 ====== Schedule ====== ====== Schedule ======
 +On the tab **Schedule**,​ you can customize time of project execution.
 +Checkbox **Enable** is responsible for activating the scheduler.
 +**Next start:** - displays the date and time when the project was scheduled to start.
 +**Add a number of attempts** - adds the required number of attempts per launch of the scheduler.
 +Checkbox **Reset successes count** is responsible for resetting the success count from the tab **Stop**.
 +**When to repeat**
 +**Beginning** - indicates the date and time the scheduler was triggered.
 +{{:​en:​renewal.png}} button to update the start time to the current one.
-Opening ​the tab "​Schedule",​ you can customize time of project ​executionSpecify ​the frequency of launching ​the project, how many times to run, etc.+**End:** 
 +     * Without end - the schedule will work continuously. 
 +     * Complete after N repetitions - indicate the number ​of project ​executions before shutdown. 
 +     * End until - indicates ​the date and time when the scheduler has been triggered.
 +**How often to repeat** - indicates the frequency with which the project will be executed the number of times specified in the cell **Add a number of attempts**:
 +     * Every N minutes.
 +     * Every N day, at N time.
 +     * Every working day, at N time.
 +**Show execution log** - displays the log of the scheduler, where you can see when and what started on a schedule.
 ====== Pay attention ====== ====== Pay attention ======
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