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Why use profile

While creating a project, you can specify what profile data will be used by InteliSearch to fill the fields.
While running a project in the profile are generated all data used for registration, including browser data (language, screen resolution, useragent, etc.)
Thus, the profile is required to:

  • Fast generation of data used for registration.
  • The correct generation of browser data, which will be visible for services.
  • Save and load cookie (and all other data) used during registration.
  • Sometimes you need to log in in a few hours after registration, using the same browser and personal data.
  • Easy access to all data of person and browser when editing the project.

We recommend to create project avoiding unnecessary internal loops and reassignment of individual profile settings within single project execution. That means that you should just start the project, use generated profile, make necessary actions and finish your project. There is no need to create internal loops trying to register more accounts by changing profile fields. It is more efficient to complete your project and run it few more times.

How to customize profile

Profile settings are found in several places. In the first place you should go to program settings in the profile section and specify a real email address and password, which will be used for registering. These data can not be generated randomly. You will need them when you go to email processing.
While creating a project you can customize a profile under a project tree. It means enter manually or generate data used for filling in the fields during registration. Basically, it is necessary to fill in the fields by using InteliSearch.
Profile is a static block in the project editor. Profile data generating for executing a project, is customized here. There is also an action of profile settings inside a project. It is necessary for making changes in generated fields. (for instance to change useragent on your own). To save/load profile while running a project.


We do not recommend to reassign profile fields, if you are not confident in your actions. For example, if you wish to change useragent, don't forget to change corresponding headers.

Saving and loading profile

You can save and load profile using action Data>Profile processing.

Profile file is an archive which contain two files:

Data file contains information about your personality and your hardware, cookie file stores all cookies received by browser while executing project before you saved profile. You may even open both files in text editor and check their content.

If you load profile, instance will begin using all this data. When you navigate websites, it will use the same useragent and cookies that have been saved in your profile. Thus, you can avoid authorization procedure on those websites that use cookies not deleted when restarting browser. After loading the profile and navigating to such website, you will be already logged in.

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