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Program settings

ProjectMaker settings allow to optimize the process of creating and debugging your project.


Project Editor settings:

Draw element screenshot - screenshot of web-element will be rendered on corresponded action block. This increases size of a project, but allows to navigate in it easily.

Do not fill action settings cache - allows to disable cache for actions settings and speed up program start.

Show result variable in action block description - action block will display result variable in project scheme.

Height of line in log before scrolling - maximal height of line in log before it starts scrolling.

Height of line in variables list before scrolling - maximal height of line in variables list before it starts scrolling.

Auto-save timeout - time period after which project will be automatically saved.

Folder for C# snippets - path to folder with C# snippets that will be loaded automatically.

Mass project encryption - allows to edit protection module for all opened projects.


Project recording settings:

Clear cookies automatically - cookies will be cleared automatically at project start.

Search in all forms on page - enables elements search in all forms on a web page.

Search in all documents on page - enables elements search in all documents on a web page.

Insert project directory macro automatically - project directory macro will be automatically inserted into path to files loaded into project.

Run with clean profile - project will be run with clean profile.


Project debugging settings:

Continue executing project from:

From next action after last executed - when debugging project the program will continue executing it after last executed action.

From selected action - program will continue executing it from selected action.

Ask user - program will ask user from which action continue executing project.

Executing project from start

Execute first action - first action will be executed when running project from start.

Execute till breakpoint - project will be executed from start till breakpoint, which you can set in project editor.

Ask user - program will ask user how to execute project.

Debugger options

Delayed drawing - enables real time drawing of executed actions. This is useful when debugging long projects or projects with loops.

Clear log when run debugging - when start debugging project, execution log will be cleared.

Extended window for log - log will be displayed in extended window.

Reduce memory usage for C# macros - С# macros will be processed directly on CPU. In this case, CPU usage will be increased.

Always display alerts in log - all alerts will be displayed in log during project execution.

Alert settings

Theme - selecting color theme for displaying alerts.

Increased size - alert will be displayed in increased size.

Position - position of alert in program window.

Restore dock panels in case of malfunction

Restore panels - restores program panels. Use it if you have problems with panels display in program interface.

Browser settings

Use GPU to speed up drawing - allows to speed up drawing by using GPU.


Profile settings:

Nationality by default - nationality, which will be selected when generating user profile.

Registration e-mail - e-mail address, which will be used in user profile.

Password for registration e-mail - password for e-mail used in profile.

The settings for Execution, Instance, CAPTCHA, Spintax and Other are the same as for ZennoPoster.

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