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ZennoPoster software package

ZennoPoster software package includes several applications which will help you to automate your work on the web. This software will be useful either for SEO-specialists, who perform promoting work in the Internet, for experienced programmers, who create complicated and powerful bots, and for many other users who works in the Internet.

ZennoPoster package includes the following applications:

ZennoPoster - the main application that is used directly for projects execution. It allows to manage threads for your projects execution, use different proxies to run your bots and provides scheduler service to run projects at certain time.

ProjectMaker - intended to create projects for ZennoPoster. With this application you will be able to automate your actions in web-browser. ProjectMaker allows to record your steps in the web or automate them using provided set of actions. In ProjectMaker you can also work with text files, lists and tables loading or saving data from/to them.

CodeCreator - intended to create projects using programming code. This application is designed specially for web-programers, who have knowledge of web-programming languages like PHP or C#. CodeCreator provides framework with wide range of functions, so you will be able to create bots for virtually any websites.

CapMonster1 - addon software intended for automatic captcha recognition. This application allows to recognize simple (stencil) captcha creating individual modules fro them. Using modules instead of captcha-services for such captchas you will be able to save significant amount of money. CapMonster1 and Capmonster2 are different software. CapMonster2 is not included as free addon

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