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General info

How to start

Run the program and open “Record and debug” tab, where you can find main tools for creating and editing your project. You can open existing project or create new one using related options in top toolbar.

To start recoring press Record button. After that you can enter website address you want to work with into adress bar of built-in browser and record actions working in browser. You can also add actions manually using context menu in Projects window.

Program windows

In main program window you can display 8 functional windows. You can move them, place where you need, change their size for your convenience. Unused windows can be closed, to display them again use Windows option in toop toolbar.

[1] Projects
When you record actions in browser, they will appear in this window. You can also add actions using context menu. Action blocks can be moved, combined into group, logically connected to build special order for project execution.

[2] Browser
In this window you can open web pages and record actions on them pressing links, filling textboxes, etc. On top of the window you can find navigation items, stop page loading, cache and cookie cleaning options + special tool to view source code, DOM-model and text of web page.

[3] Action properties
In this window you can change action settings.

[4] Element properties
If you enabled “Follow the coursor” mode in browser, you can see web element properties in this window when hovering element on web page. Also element properties will be displayed when working with it in Actions constructor and selecting in Elements tree.

[5] Variables
This window displays variable values. You can watch and analyze them while debugging your project.

[6] Log
Log shows notifications about successfully executed actions and errors when debugging your project. It allows to correct and complete project.

[7] Elements tree
If you can't identify element in browser, you can select it in Elements tree, which displays elements structure of a web page. In it, you will easily find required element.

[8] Minimap
Moving red frame in project scheme you can focus target action group in Projects window. This tool is useful for large projects.

Project data

Current project data

Current profile data can be viewed in related items in top toolbar.

Default project data

Profile parameters can be edited in Advanced Editor. There you should set values from which current profile will be generated everytime when starting project. By double click on Profile icon you can set browser settings and user data.

Project and browser iteraction

Project and browser are real-time synchronized. You can start debugging from any step of your project. If error occurs on any project step, you can correct action properties and test it promptly in browser. Additional recording can also be performed at any step just enabling Record mode in top toolbar of the program.

Using special buttons you can debug your project from start, step by step, till breakpoint. When selecting any action in project scheme, you can test its operation in browser. At that, the program will ask you from what step to continue debugging - from selected or last executed action.

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