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Main features


ZennoPoster allows to work in the browser in multi-threaded mode. Each thread contains independent cookies, cache and proxy. This speeds up the work in dozens of times!

User friendly interface

Visual drag-and-drop interface makes the program easy-to-use and convenient to work.

Actions auto-recording

ZennoPoster work is based on executing the template (set of actions). We have created a unique system that automatically records user actions in browser and creates a template. You will need a minimum of effort to automate your work.

Flexible logic

Templates support logic branches. Using them you can create loops, check points, switching and control template execution. Thus you will be able to create flexible solutions.

Powerful proxychecker

You will be able to collect thousands of free live proxies and choose the best of them, using a variety of filters and rules. This will allow you to stay anonymous at all steps of your work.

Human emulation system

The program automatically generates human profile for work in the Internet. First name, last name, date of birth, e-mail, gender, natinality - all these data will be automatically generated by the program. You should not be afraid of multiple bot protection tool types – the program will evade them automatically.

Processing lists, tables and text files

The program allows to upload data from lists, tables, text, and other files, and work with them online, or, on the contrary, save content from web pages to lists, tables, document files on your computer. You will be able to automatically process a lot of information.

Own code support

Specially for people who have knowledge of programming languages like PHP or C#, we have generated several classes to control browser from your code, i.e. instead of the template you can create your own program, which fully controls the browser. You will be able to use all the advantages of these languages and, simultaneously, control the browser.

Macros suuport

More than 50 macroses for all occasions are supported by ZennoPoster.

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