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Using logic actions you can manage execution of your project depending on results. You will be able to compare data, switch to different branches in project scheme, set pauses, create loops and so on.


Using logic action IF you can set condition and, depending on its success, direct your project to required branch. Thus you can create loops in a project, compare some data, results, etc.

This action is based on Javascript, so you should use JS syntax in it. When you compare numbers you should not use quotes, when comparing text values single or double quotes are required.

IF returns two values true or false, i.e. to outputs.

Logic operators used in IF action:

< - less

> - More

== - Equal

!= - Not equal

- Less or equal

>= - More or equal

|| - OR

&& - AND


Action Switch is an extended verson of IF with few additions.

Unlike IF action, which has two outputs true or false, Switch has several true branches and only one false which is set as Default. It allows to combine several condition and depending on their fulfilment direct execution to certain part of a project.


Pause action allows to stop project for certain time period in seconds.

Static pause:

Pause with interval:


This action throws popup with alert message. It can be used when you need to display some information during project execution, for example get variable value or check completion of project parts. We recommend to use it if you execute project in one thread or track project execution manually.


BadEnd action is a start point to continue actions, in case main project was executed successfully. You can use it to save final data to file, pass commands to another project, create White list for valid data, etc.


BadEnd logic action is a start point to continue actions, in case main project was executed with error. Thus you can backup data, reset variables value, create Black list for non-valid data, etc.

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