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What is IntelliSearch?

IntelliSearch - a new feature of ZennoPoster, it is designed for finding and identification of fields, links and buttons on web pages. IntelliSearch can be taught by showing him what the field, to which class belongs (login, password, email, registration key, etc.). The more you train IntelliSearch, the less it is wrong on the web pages on which it is not taught (on the pages on which it was taught, it is not mistaken, even after long training). In the project you have IntelliSearch base, you can take base from another project, add base from another project, etc.

Why use IntelliSearch?

  • It helps to write the project very quickly.
  • Provides resistance to changes on a web page (if the administration of the service will change something on a web page, IntelliSearch can ignore it and work correctly).
  • It helps to write a project for a large of number of similar and not very similar sites.

How to use IntelliSearch?

IntelliSearch collects the important fields on the page, such as your name, username, password, e-mail, “continue” button, “register” button, etc. Irrelevant elements are ignored, such as banner ads.
The field IntelliSearch found highlighted by an orange frame. In the recording special panel appears. This panel displays the name of the class to which IntelliSearch carried selected item. If an item is defined correctly, click “ok”, the value will be entered automatically in accordance with the type of field. If the type is defined incorrectly, cancel the IntelliSearch decision, and specify the correct decision. To navigate through the elements IntelliSearch panel has buttons “forward” and “backward.”

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