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Input settings

InputSettings is a static block with set of custom settings which can be added to the project.

Using it you can put desired project settings to separate form, so that you or your client could have quick access to them directly from ZennoPoster or ZennoBox. Thus, you will be able to manage logins, passwords, paths to files, proxies and many other settings without editing your project.

Each parameter has the following attributes:

  • Name - name of parameter
  • Type - type of parameter
  • Default - initial value of parameter
  • Save to variable - variable name to which parameter value will be passed
  • Help - explanatory note for parameter

Description of types :

Header with plain text.
Using it you can, for example, devide your settings to blocks - Main settings and Additional settings.

Checkbox. The parameter can have True or False value.

The field to set number (integer) value.

Text field which can take single line text (default) or multiline text.
To be able to insert multiline text, you should enter {multi|height} macro in parameter name. For example, if you need to insert multi-line article text into the field with 200 pixels height, you should set Article {multi|200}.

Set of radio buttons to select one available options.
To add it, you should specify all possible options in parameter name field. For example, Proxy type {HTTP|SOCKS4|SOCKS5}.

This parameter allows to enter path to file or select path in “Open file” dialog box using button […]. To open “Save File” dialog box and select path for saving file, you should insert {save} macro into parameter name, for example, Output file {save}. It is also possible to set path to folder inserting {folder} macro into parameter name.

Dropdown list with selection.
There are two possible ways to set it:

  • Parameter name {Option1|Option2|Option3}. To set default value, you should set one of these option.
  • Parameter name {Option1:Value1|Option2:Value2|Option3:Value3}. To set default value, you should specify on of the options and related value will be put to variable.

Drowpdownlist with multiselection.
It allows to select several options at the same time. To set default value, you should specify one or several values separated by commas.

The field to select captcha module to bypass captcha in ZennoPoster.

Allows to add one more tab input settings form. For example, you can put main and additional settings to different tabs.

Text field with the width equal to an entire width of settings form window. It can be used to add comments or description for other fields in settings.

While editing input settings, you can press demo button and check preview of settings form. If some parameters contain errors - error description will appear in preview window. Invalid parameters won't be shown in ZennoPoster or ZennoBox.

Input settings can be exported and imported as XML file using Export and Import buttons.

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