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E-mail processing

Why we need e-mail verification

  • When registering on a web resource it is often necessary to confirm your registration by e-mail. There is a special function in ZennoPoster which will help you to handle this.

How to set things up

While you recording your project and it is necessary to perform e-mail verification, click Email and this action will be recorded to your project, and a window will open in which you can step-by-step configure the work with the е-mail.

Step one

Input login and password for your e-mail. Usually all other settings will be filled automatically (server, port, etc.). But sometimes you w have to input them manually. Here you can configure the use of a proxy. Remember, there have to be at least one letter in you inbox which you will use for your E-mail processing action.

Step two

After setting of your login data hit Next. You will see another form where.

  1. You have to choose if it's necessary to delete emails from the server after download.
  2. Set intervals for email downloading, i.e. a number of seconds at expiration to which a login to your e-mail box will be affected and several e-mails will be chosen among which the search will be executed. You can set several intervals separated by a semi-colon (;). In this case, if the correct e-mail is not found after the first interval, the system will wait for the expiration of time indicated in the second time-out to repeat the search. This process will continue until either the correct e-mail is found or all your intervals expire.
  3. Set the number of emails downloaded from the catalog.
  4. Set the Imap directories. Downloading letters comes from the selected folders. If the field is empty, the action works as before, downloading mail from the Inbox and Spam folders.
  5. Click the Load emails button to see which letters you have in the box.
  6. Choose type of text you will work with: plain text or HTML. Titles will be also included. If you will not be able to find the right data in email that you need, you can always try another option (text/HTML).
  7. Choose regular expression to identify mail that you need. Lets say you perform registrations for many websites and you have many emails in your inbox. To perform verification you have to identify only 1 email which you need for this project. You can search for domain name, which almost always will be unique and will be included in the text of email. You can search for specific text: for example, many websites has this line in their verification emails: “Thank you for registration, your_login” So you will be able to use your_login to identify the right one. Sometimes it will be possible to use part of email's subject or sender's name (from column).
    You can choose one of regular expressions from drop down menu or create one for yourself. You can use variables there. Variables must have correct values, it's possible only on the recording step or in debug mode.
  8. Select whether you want to delete the letter after confirmation from ZennoPoster and from the mail server.

After all settings are set up, hit Search email to test your regular expression. If there will be found only 1 email it will be highlighted by green, you will need to click Next. If there will be found several emails they will be highlighted by red and you will need to change your regular expression.

Step three

The third form will consist of several text constructions which were taken from our email. Here you can find data that you will need to extract from this email: activation link, login or something else. When you will find what you need to be extracted, set variable which will store this data for future usage. You can set as many variables as you like. If you will not find what you need, click “This is not what i need” and regular expressions designer will pop up, where you can set your own search criteria. After this step will be done you will have one more regex construction in your list. Please, don't forget to set variable which will store found data.
Remember, verification for itself will not happen. At this step we only find necessary data to perform verification (URL or login details). You can use variables we created for next actions in you project (Go to confirmation URL, for example).

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