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Chrome browser connection settings

Connection settings for Chrome browser are different in Firefox.
Settings are located in program folder in config files:

  • base_cr.exe.config for ZennoPoster
  • pminstance_cr.exe.config for ProjectMaker and CodeCreator

The files contain config parameters in xml format(see image below) including connection settings in section appSettings.

Here is the list of connection settings:

  • zl-max-sockets-per-pool - number of connections in a pool (there are several pools in browsers working for all tabs)
  • zl-max-sockets-per-group - number of connections per domain
  • zl-max-sockets-per-proxy - number of connections per proxy
  • zl-max-sockets-per-pool-ws - number of connections per pool for WebSocket
  • zl-max-sockets-per-group-ws - number of connections per domain for WebSocket
  • zl-max-sockets-per-proxy-ws - number of connections per proxy for WebSocket
  • zl-used-idle-socket-timeout-s - lifetime of inactive used socket (sec)
  • zl-unused-idle-socket-timeout-s - lifetime of inactive unused socket (sec)
  • zl-close-idle-connection-interval-s - interval for clearing inactive sockets (sec)
  • dns-over-proxy - dns requests via proxy

Connection settins should be changed in config file before running the program to take affect.

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