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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (24.04.2019) ======
 +[+] Improved GeoIP database integration.\\
 +[+] Improved ​ ZennoPoster Instances inter process integration.\\
 +[+] Added a button that disables "​Automatic line height"​ in the log control, allowing for speed optimization and fixing ZennoPoster UI lag for a large output volume.\\
 +[+] Browser data from the profile no longer get lost in "​browserless"​ projects.\\
 +[*] Fixed proxy integration that caused certificate failure in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Fixed CSS disabling in Chrome for certain websites.\\
 +[*] Fixed localStorage in Chrome (authentication data was reset on certain websites).\\
 +[*] Fixed variable loading from profile when adding non existing variables.\\
 +[*] Fixed element selection in the element tree.\\
 +[*] Fixed input data saving in plugins.\\
 +[*] Fixed ProjectMaker hang up on load in certain scenarios.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug that caused blocked access to directories that are used for HTTP request downloads when using HTTP Connection Pool.\\
 +[*] Fixed Traffic Monitor when using FireFox without rendering.\\
 +[*] Fixed render errors in Traffic Monitor. Sometimes the response body appeared empty.\\
 +[*] Fixed macros execution. Sometimes it took unreasonably long to execute them.\\
 +[*] UI improvements.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (10.04.2019) ======
 +[*] Fixed instance reloading in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[*] Fixed second time proxy selection in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Fixed audio fingerprint emulation in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Fixed input:text element lookup in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Fixed the "Table operations - Take a string - Save to list"​.\\
 +[*] Other fixes and improvements.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (09.04.2019) ======
 +[+] Errors processing regular expressions are now shown in Regex Constructor.\\
 +[+] New modificators - {CTRLDOWN}, {CTRLUP}, {SHIFTDOWN},​ {SHIFTUP}, {ALTDOWN}, {ALTUP} and keystrokes - {CTRL}, {SHIFT}, {ALT} added to keyboard emulation.\\
 +[+] The field "​checked"​ added to "​Element properties"​ for radio and checkbox.\\
 +[+] Microsoft Translate API updated to version 3 (API version 2 will stop working on 4/​30/​2019).\\
 +[+] Improved operation stability of ZennoPoster.\\
 +[+] Group comments added to Search feature in template editor.\\
 +[*] Hotkeys operation when working on several monitors has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Inserting variables and snippets in C# action block window now replaces selected code fragment.\\
 +[*] Several bug-fixes in UI.\\
 +[*] Problem blocking access to directory selected as directory for downloading files for HTTP-requests has been solved (for mode with disabled HttpConnectionPool option).\\
 +[*] Bug getting proxy from proxychecker via "Get proxy" action block has been fixed in ProjectMaker.\\
 +[*] Errors after restarting instance in ProjectMaker have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Issue changing number of running threads in ZennoPoster has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug adding list into non-existing column in table has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Issue with incorrect Accept-Language value in Firefox engine has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug sorting projects by status and other columns has been fixed in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[*] Operation of timeouts in HTTP-requests has been corrected.\\
 +[*] Issue with MouseMove emulation in Chrome engine has been solved (problem selecting fields).\\
 +[*] Issue loading favicon in Firefox has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug repeating proxy output when getting proxy with deletion has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Firefox crash at setting limitations for proxy connections has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug with operation of FullEmulationMouseMove and other actions after restarting instance has been fixed.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (28.03.2019) ======
 +[+] DevExpress components have been updated, which should improve UI responsiveness, ​ and reduce the number of bugs in it.\\
 +[+] When an error happens while executing C# Code, ProjectMaker now shows the line that caused the error when possible.\\
 +[+] clientHeight and clientWidth emulation has been improved.\\
 +[+] Windowless browser has been improved. ProjectMaker now displays the browser window with reduced frame rate for debugging purposes. ZennoPoster does not display the window for optimization purposes, and in case you do not want to show what is happening in the browser window for some reason.\\
 +[*] FireFox window size setting method was fixed.\\
 +[*] ReCaptcha2 recognition action was fixed.\\
 +[*] CSS style disabling when closing all tabs  in FireFox was fixed.\\
 +[*] The option to change the engine from FireFox to Chrome in the settings was fixed.\\
 +[*] Compile errors for C# and shared code were fixed.\\
 +[*] Time to next execution display in the time table was fixed.\\
 +[*] Automatic condition search for action constructor was fixed.\\
 +[*] Dropdown list input was fixed for Chrome.\\
 +[*] Small UI improvements.\\
 +[*] Data clearing was fixed in BotUI.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (25.03.2019) ======
 +[+] Updated the Chrome Engine to version 72 with the latest security patches.\\
 +[+] User Interface optimizations.\\
 +[+] Chrome: Improved instance stability.\\
 +[+] Optimized how GET/POST requests work for the HTTPS protocol.\\
 +[+] Sending current cookies for solving RC2.\\
 +[+] The “Parsing Helper” now hasan option to search in all frames on the page.\\
 +[+] Improvements for how Page.LastAlertText works.\\
 +[+] Added the ability to make GET/POST requests with the current profile.\\
 +[+] BotUI: added an option to set placeholders from settings without editing the  HTML.\\
 +[+] Improved handling POST requests with multipart/​form-data.\\
 +[+] Fixed the “Receive E-Mail” block with extended proxy.\\
 +[+] Added cheapcaptcha.com to captcha recognition services.\\
 +[*] Fixes for HttpConnection Pool.\\
 +[*] Fixed the Copy/Paste shortcuts for copying actions between projects.\\
 +[*] Fixed email search in subdirectories of Inbox.\\
 +[*] Fixed the bug that caused the browser to crash when selecting the option “without showing the content”.\\
 +[*] Fixed bugs in the parsing helper.\\
 +[*] Creation of ExternalAssemblies directory after installation.\\
 +[*] Fixed bug with lowering code after uncomment.\\
 +[*] Unable to create New Variable of additional tab in BotUI.\\
 +[*] Fixed programmatic control of ZennoPoster (ITaskManagerService).\\
 +[*] Fixed projects without a browser in ProjectMaker.\\
 +[*] Fixed the Profile.UserAgentOsCpu macros.\\
 +[*] Fixed bugs in subproject instances.\\
 +[*] Chrome: Fixed setting values for page elements.\\
 +[*] Chrome: Fixed the instance reloading bug.\\
 +[*] Chrome: Restored the “Browser without showing the page content” mode. ProjectMaker still displays the page content for Chrome for debugging.\\
 +[*] Chrome: Fixed Ctrl + mouse wheel for zooming.\\
 +[*] Chrome: Fixed WebRTC emulation.\\
 +[*] Chrome: Minor improvements and QoL changes.\\
 +[*] Fixed bugs in BotUI.\\
 +[*] Fixed project diagram and its interface.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (27.02.2019) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (27.02.2019) ======
 **New:**\\ **New:**\\
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