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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (27.12.2018) ======
 +[+] ZennoPoster command line interface and bat-file generation functionality was extended with new features.\\
 +[+] "​Recognize ReCaptcha V3" action errors will be saved to project.GetLastError() (error message to project.GetLastError() .Exception.Message).\\
 +[+] Added the possibility to create a "​Recognize ReCaptcha V3" action when the module name is passed as a variable.\\
 +[+] Proxy Checker: Memory usage was optimized.\\
 +[+] The Diagnostic tool was improved.\\
 +[+] (Chrome Edition) Socks4 support was added.\\
 +[+] (Chrome Edition) Mouse coordinates display in browser was added.\\
 +[+] (Chrome Edition) Interface speed was optimized.\\
 +[+] (Chrome Edition) Mini-sketch recording was added.\\
 +[*] CodeCreator:​ Static block display was fixed.\\
 +[*] Lists and tables no longer disappear when ProjectMaker is reopened.\\
 +[*] Switching between the regular and extended editors is now faster.\\
 +[*] The issue that caused CookieContainer to not save certain cookies has been fixed.\\
 +[*] The issue that caused Accept-Language header and Navigator.Language field to show the wrong language.\\
 +[*] Visible area screenshot was fixed.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) The "​Recognize ReCaptcha"​ action in the CapMonster2 tab was fixed.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) Writing errors were fixed.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) The Chrome browser was fixed to display correctly (It sometimes would not show on the first try).\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) File upload was fixed.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) The underscore symbol input has been fixed.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) The site https://​csgocasino.ru/​ and several others now load correctly.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) Socks5 proxy error chrome-error:/​chromewebdata/​ after clearing cache was fixed.\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) Tabs now close correctly (the popup that closes automatically via JavaScript).\\
 +[*] (Chrome Edition) Cookies now display correctly in Chrome'​s traffic monitor.\\
 +[*] Small UI improvements.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (13.12.2018) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (13.12.2018) ======
 **New:**\\ **New:**\\
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