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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (27.02.2019) ======
 +[+] Chrome Edition now works with new Chrome 72 engine.\\
 +[+] Optimizations for loading additional C# assemblies into ProjectMaker editor.\\
 +[+] AWM Proxy integration into Proxy-services.\\
 +[+] Option to save log filters in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[+] New variables now can be loaded to a project from saved profile.\\
 +[+] Max threads default value is now increased for new installations of ZennoPoster Pro.\\
 +[+] Subscription date for purchased projects is now displayed in ZennoPoster and ZennoBox.\\
 +[+] Threads performance has been optimized in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[+] ProxyChecker:​ DNSBL support and checking in black lists.\\
 +[+] Optimized file processing in HTTP-requests.\\
 +[+] Improved project diagram.\\
 +[+] Other enhancements and modifications.\\
 +[*] Wrong ReCaptcha2 detecting on a webpage has been fixed.\\
 +[*] BotUI processing and stability has been improved.\\
 +[*] Boundary has been corrected for HTTP-request action blocks and old C# HTTP-request methods.\\
 +[*] Accept-Encoding:​ br  is now automatically removed from HTTP-requests.\\
 +[*] Issues in CookieContainer and Traffic monitor operation have been solved.\\
 +[*] Bugs opening projects created in ZP Chrome Edition in official ZennoPoster version has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Issue with disappearing references from GAC when connecting assemblies to a project has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug sending files using ZennoPoster.HTTP.Request method has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Problem loading WebRTC mode from profile has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug working with webcams has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Errors emulating plugins have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Making screenshots and search by picture have been corrected.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Issues working with frames have been solved.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Clicks emulation on few websites has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Keyboard emulation has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Instance window size has been corrected in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Few interface fixes.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Issues working with Flash have been solved.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Headers emulation bug has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Authorization and playing content in AppleMusic have been corrected.\\
 +[*] Other fixes.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (30.01.2019) ======
 +[*] Fixed CookieContainer synchronization for session Cookie.\\
 +[*] When importing a project from ProjectMaker that project is selected in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[*] Minor fixes in canvas emulation in the Chrome engine.\\
 +[*] Minor fixes for launching the Chrome browser in ProjectMaker.\\
 +[*] Angular applications now load correctly in the Chrome engine.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (28.01.2019) ======
 +[+] Optimized HTTP-requests operation due to reuse of connections,​ encryption sessions, etc., when it's possible. This allowed to reduce CPU usage significantly and ensure work stability. (The option "Use HTTP Connection Pool" is enabled by default. If you face problems working in new work mode, then disable this option to rollback to usual operation mode).\\
 +[+] Classic KeyCaptcha type (with rectangles) now can be recognized:​\\
 +ZennoPoster.CaptchaSpecialRecognition("​KeyCaptchaRects",​ instance, false);\\
 +[+] "This is captcha"​ action block now allows to load and recognize captcha from file.\\
 +[+] Quality of Canvas and WebGL emulation has been improved.\\
 +[+] Anonymity has been improved in Project Maker by means of the option for disabling layout with invisible elements (for example "​Inspect elements"​ frame).\\
 +[+] Operation "Get column"​ in tables has been added allowing to export certain column from table to list.\\
 +[+] New method in C# API [[https://​help.zennolab.com/​en/​v5/​zennoposter/​​webframe.html#​topic533.html|tab.GoBack()]] has been added allowing to perform BrowserBack operation in a project.\\
 +[+] New method in C# API [[https://​help.zennolab.com/​en/​v5/​zennoposter/​​webframe.html#​topic1011.html|project.GetProxy()]] has been added.\\
 +[+] New optional parameter storeCookie has been added to [[https://​help.zennolab.com/​en/​v5/​zennoposter/​​webframe.html#​topic229.html|instance.ClearCache]] C# API method. By default it has "​true"​ value, if "​false",​ then this method will also clear cookies. So, now you can execute one command instance.ClearCache(false) instead of two: instance.ClearCache();​ instance.ClearCookie(). Less code - more fast and reliable work.\\
 +[+] Action "Clear cookie"​ now fails if cookies have not been fully cleaned by some reasons.\\
 +[+] Interface enhancements.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Issue passing referrer has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Bug inserting numbers into input fields has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Problem with restoring cookies in profile has been solved.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Issue searching HTML-elements by attributes containing numbers has been solved.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Icons for actions created by Action Designer have been returned.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Errors searching elements have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Chrome Edition: Operation of \n symbol has been corrected.\\
 +[*] Problem installing proxy in nested project in ZP has been solved.\\
 +[*] Issue opening context menu in PM browser has been solved.\\
 +[*] Few Interface fixes have been made.\\
 +[*] Problems running FireFox browser on few systems have been solved.\\
 +[*] Several bugs in Parse-helper have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Errors loading cookies with #HttpOnly_ have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug moving non-existing directory has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Operation of Cookie Container when cleaning cookies in browser has been corrected.\\
 +[*] HTTP GET/​POST-requests action blocks are now executed with error when wrong proxy address is specified.\\
 +[*] GET-requests with parameters?​v=&​s=1 are now executed properly.\\
 +[*] Operation of macros {-Profile.HTTPAccept-},​ {-Profile.AcceptLanguage-},​ {-Profile.AcceptEncoding-} in GET/​POST-requests have been corrected.\\
 +[*] Action Designer has been optimized for working properly on large web-pages.\\
 +[*] Other fixes.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (27.12.2018) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (27.12.2018) ======
 **New:**\\ **New:**\\
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