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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (03.12.2019) ======
 +[+] Improved Chrome stability.\\
 +[+] Added GPU rendering in Chrome.\\
 +[+] Improved random number generator in all the cubes using randomizing.\\
 +[+] Added new action: Directory -> Check Directory Existence.\\
 +[+] Action Go to Page now ends with an error if the page is not loaded in Chrome.\\
 +[+] Improved error notifications when running projects from the folder of purchases templates.\\
 +[+] Added new macro {-Project.PluginDirectory-} and properties project.PluginDirectory and project.PluginPath.\\
 +[+] Added obtaining collections of global variables in the code.\\
 +[*] Fixed reasons for ZennoPoster thread freezes.\\
 +[*] Fixed the problem that led to errors of the Action Designer and obtaining Dom in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Installing extension 50505*50505 that led to Chrome freezes is now forbidden.\\
 +[*] Fixed operation of HTTP proxies in the alternative method of HTTP requests.\\
 +[*] Fixed redetermination of the Host header when redirecting in the alternative method of HTTP requests.\\
 +[*] Now the current-hour macro is included in the drop-down list with TimeNow macros.\\
 +[*] Fixed the error of saving a template that was caused by certain symbols used in it.\\
 +[*] Fixed Switch action design.\\
 +[*] Fixed displaying of variables in the context menu “Set Value from Variable’’.\\
 +[*] Other improvements and fixes.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (14.11.2019) ======
 +[+] Added reCAPTCHA v3 recognition to most services.\\
 +[+] The environment variable tab is now updated automaticaly,​ when navigating on page or switching to a tab in a browser.\\
 +[+] The option "Use CookieContainer"​ in the HTTP request action is now selected by default.\\
 +[+] Added a "Wrap lines in C# code by default"​ setting in the Settings → Editor block.\\
 +[+] Added an opportunity to pass an empty User-Agent to an HTTP request or not to pass it at all in the C# block. In order to pass an empty User-Agent, you need to set the UserAgent argument to "",​ removeDefaultHeaders = true. If you don't want to pass a User-Agent at all, you need to set the UserAgent argument to null, removeDefaultHeaders = true.\\
 +[*] Instance hanging problem in ZennoPoster has been fixed (Instance.PrepareInstance errors).\\
 +[*] Issues disappearing project list in ZennoPoster has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug reseting input settings has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Fixed the bug that caused the "​Increase layout size to fit label" warning in ZennoPoster to block the program.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug related to saving the "Text processing → Replace"​ action setting.\\
 +[*] Fixed variable replication,​ when copying the "​Project in a project"​ action.\\
 +[*] Fixed the performance of project.Profile in CodeCreator.\\
 +[*] Other fixes and impovements.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (31.10.2019) ======
 +[+] A Time column was added to the Traffic window, now you can also choose, which columns to display.\\
 +[*] Fixed header fetching, when using an alternative method of HTTP requests.\\
 +[*] Fixed the proxy ban check in Google, when using an alternative method of HTTP requests.\\
 +[*] Fixed the work of the CookieContainer in the alternative method of HTTP requests.\\
 +[*] Fixed index based table cell value updates.\\
 +[*] Fixed variable transfer, when copying the BotUI static block.\\
 +[*] Fixed the work of the action reCAPTCHA recognition through the CapMonsterCloud and 2Captcha modules through sitekey.\\
 +[*] Fixed socks proxy search in ProxyChecker.\\
 +[*] Fixed the work of macros, when specifying the path to a source code file in the General code static block.\\
 +[*] Fixed project.LogOptions.LogFile.\\
 +[*] Fixed the JSON parcing error related to the use of invalid characters.\\
 +[*] Group minimization in the Traffic window was fixed.\\
 +[*] Other bug fixes and enhancements.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (17.10.2019) ======
 +[+] Added a function for selling bots with plugins.\\
 +[+] The reCAPTCHA recognition function now has the module CapMonsterCloud.dll.\\
 +[+] Added the 2Captcha recognition module.\\
 +[+] Added a function Instance.ClearTrafficWhenNavigate for enabling/​disabling traffic clearing within a project.\\
 +[+] The text editing functions UrlEncode and UrlDecode and methods Macros.TextProcessing.UrlEncode and Macros.TextProcessing.UrlDecode now allow choosing the encoding type.\\
 +[+] Boosted macro processing.\\
 +[*] Fixed cookie processing in the alternative HTTP request method.\\
 +[*] Fixed updating the element tree in the automatic hiding mode.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (02.10.2019) ======
 +[+] Optimized Chrome base launch in ZennoPoster.\\
 +[+] Now you can update TrafficItem content or wait for a request response. TrafficItem now contains Refresh, WaitResponse,​ and WaitResponseAsync methods.\\
 +[+] Instance settings now have a new checkbox: “Do not clear automatically stored traffic after navigate to the new page” (you will need to restart the app to apply the changes).\\
 +[+] Serbian flag added for ProxyChecker.\\
 +[*] Fixed saving and losing ProxyChecker proxy based.\\
 +[*] Improved operation of regular expressions in browser content policies.\\
 +[*] Fixed: occasional empty responses to requests for some websites through an alternative HTTP method.\\
 +[*] Fixed ReCaptcha2 solving waiting interruption.\\
 +[*] Fixed SMS service display in BotUI.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (30.09.2019) ======
 +[+] Base starting timeout has been added in order to prevent CPU overloading on weak computers (see Program settings → Instance → Base starting timeout).\\
 +[+] The option to enable certificate checking has been added to Chrome browser (should be run with argunent --ignore-certificate-errors=false).\\
 +[+] Cursor operation in FullEmulationMouseMove has been enhanced.\\
 +[+] Proxy info used in http request is now shown in Traffic Monitor.\\
 +[+] BrowserProfile field can be taken via C# code using project.Profile.BrowserProfile method.\\
 +[+] Method ZennoPoster.SetMaxThreads has been added to ZennoPoster API allowing to set maximum number of threads in use.\\
 +[+] New option "​Remove previous proxies excepting those which in live list" has been added to source settings in ProxyChecker.\\
 +[*] Problem with timezone emulation when accessing some websites, for example Avito, has been solved.\\
 +[*] Issue with Popup tabs operation in Chrome has been solved.\\
 +[*] Flash has been fixed in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Bug navigating to website by IP has been fixed in Chrome browser (running with --ignore-certificate-errors argument by default).\\
 +[*] Error in some cases when opening Action Designer in Chrome browser has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug getting DOM-code and Text of a webpage in Chrome browser has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Errors restarting bases frequently which were leading to slowing down ZennoPoster performance have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Auto-completing in search (Ctrl+F) by source, DOM code and text of a webpage has been disabled.\\
 +[*] Issue accessing project.Json object in new project has been fixed in ProjectMaker.\\
 +[*] Text in windows-1251 encoding is now sent properly in http request with multipart via alternative HTTP method.\\
 +[*] Issues displaying ico thumbnails in request info window has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug downloading file with wrong extension via alternative HTTP request sending method has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Errors leading to stopping proxy checking process have been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug when auto-search sometimes did not work in ProxyCheker has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug cleaning project.Context at project "​Restart"​ has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Issue initializing global variables in project when they are overwriting already existing variables has been solved.\\
 +[*] Other bugfixes and enhancements.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (11.09.2019) ======
 +[+] Chrome Engine updated to ver. 76.\\
 +[+] Improved special symbol typing in Chrome.\\
 +[+] Alternative HTTP request transfer method added. Select the method globally (in Settings → Execution) or locally (in project settings).\\
 +[+] Remove default headers in HTTP requests in C# (removeDefaultHeaders).\\
 +[+] In case of an unsuccessful redirection,​ an error is logged.\\
 +[+] If an HTTP request is transferred with a non-existing file, an error is logged.\\
 +[*] Sending cookies upon resolving ReCaptcha3.\\
 +[*] Email acceptance auto-setting.\\
 +[*] Copying lists/​tables.\\
 +[*] Copying an action ID from the log.\\
 +[*] Coding * in HTTP requests (use an alternative method).\\
 +[*] Looped redirection due to corrupted conversion of + in HTTP requests (use an alternative method).\\
 +[*] Instance’s identification of the memory used.\\
 +[*] Other minor bugs and imperfections.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (30.08.2019) ======
 +[+] Enhanced emulation of special characters insertion in Chrome engine.\\
 +[+] Optimal profile setting for Chrome browser emulation on Windows were set by default for Chrome engine.\\
 +[+] Added tooltips for BotUI elements.\\
 +[+] In "Using directives and Shared code" action block the tab Shared code is set as first.\\
 +[*] Problem with Referer has been fixed on several websites in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Windows logoff ​ problem at ZennoPoster work has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug with taking proxy by instance from non-browser project has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug copying bound Lists/​Tables when copying Operations with lists/​tables actions to another project.\\
 +[*] Button for selecting file in Shared code has been recovered.\\
 +====== ZennoPoster (15.08.2019) ======
 +[+] An alternative proxy checking method was added. ProxyChecker now contains a "Use the .NET process for proxy checking"​ setting. The alternative method helps to avoid error 217 for affected systems and lowers the resource consumption when checking proxies.\\
 +[+] Support for the domain:port proxy format was added for the Infatica service.\\
 +[*] An action constructor error that was affecting several websites in Chrome was fixed.\\
 +[*] Translation errors in BotUI were fixed.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (07.08.2019) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (07.08.2019) ======
 **New:**\\ **New:**\\
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