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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (20.06.2020) ======
 +[+] Added setting Other -> Disable Project Setting Restoration Dialog.\\
 +[*] ZennoPoster'​s task list restoration function now restores input settings as well.\\
 +[*] Now ZennoPoster closes bases faster, which helps reduce RAM load.\\
 +[*] Fixed browser launch and synchronization in ProjectMaker.\\
 +[*] Fixed execution of the Plugin action for an unsaved project.\\
 +[*] Fixed layout of Select fields in InputSettings.\\
 +[*] Fixed functioning of ZennoPoster.GetTaskInfo. Now, this method always returns up-to-date data.\\
 +[*] Changed the folder whereto plugins for purchased templates are downloaded. Now the folder with the template name won't be deleted.\\
 +[*] Fixed profile and CookieContainer handling when switching projects in ProjectMaker.\\
 +[*] From now on, a variable is not deleted from the Project action if the variable is renamed.\\
 +[*] Now ProjectMaker notifies of project change when editing the Profile Processing action.\\
 +[*] Fixed opening of the browser context menu when calling oncontextmenu.\\
 +[*] Fixed full mouth emulation when handling small elements.\\
 +[*] Other fixes and improvements.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (20.06.2020) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (20.06.2020) ======
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