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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (09.07.2019) ======
 +[+] Implemented super human emulation mode. It allows to bypass bot-detectors based on neuro-networks,​ for example Akamai Bot Detector.\\
 +[+] Improved work with popups in Chrome engine.\\
 +[+] Enhanced integration with CapMonster.Cloud.\\
 +[+] Enhancements in Diagnostic utility for fixing problems.\\
 +[*] Bug not opening context menu when working with iframes in Chrome has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Proxy autosearch has been corrected.\\
 +[*] "​Follow the coursor"​ mode has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Issue with incorrect element displaying on some websites when changing size in Firefox has been solved.\\
 +[*] Bug with incorrect character encoding (&) in BotUI has been fixed.\\
 +[*] BotUI static block copying bug has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Execution log dysplaying has been corrected in Scheduler.\\
 +[*] "Debug thread error" with followed closing ProjectMaker has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Bug escaping "?"​ character when adding URL into black list has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Problem parsing complicated JSON objects has been fixed.\\
 +[*] GetTraffic method operation in Chrome engine has been fixed.\\
 +[*] Issue uploading images in Chrome engines and instagram has been solved (mouse emulation should be used).\\
 +[*] Few fixes in UI.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (18.06.2019) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (18.06.2019) ======
 **New features:​**\\ **New features:​**\\
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