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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (17.10.2019) ======
 +[+] Added a function for selling bots with plugins.\\
 +[+] The reCAPTCHA recognition function now has the module CapMonsterCloud.dll.\\
 +[+] Added the 2Captcha recognition module.\\
 +[+] Added a function Instance.ClearTrafficWhenNavigate for enabling/​disabling traffic clearing within a project.\\
 +[+] The text editing functions UrlEncode and UrlDecode and methods Macros.TextProcessing.UrlEncode and Macros.TextProcessing.UrlDecode now allow choosing the encoding type.\\
 +[+] Boosted macro processing.\\
 +[*] Fixed cookie processing in the alternative HTTP request method.\\
 +[*] Fixed updating the element tree in the automatic hiding mode.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (02.10.2019) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (02.10.2019) ======
 **New:**\\ **New:**\\
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