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 ====== Changelog ====== ====== Changelog ======
 +====== ZennoPoster (24.04.2019) ======
 +[+] Improved GeoIP database integration.\\
 +[+] Improved ​ ZennoPoster Instances inter process integration.\\
 +[+] Added a button that disables "​Automatic line height"​ in the log control, allowing for speed optimization and fixing ZennoPoster UI lag for a large output volume.\\
 +[+] Browser data from the profile no longer get lost in "​browserless"​ projects.\\
 +[*] Fixed proxy integration that caused certificate failure in Chrome.\\
 +[*] Fixed CSS disabling in Chrome for certain websites.\\
 +[*] Fixed localStorage in Chrome (authentication data was reset on certain websites).\\
 +[*] Fixed variable loading from profile when adding non existing variables.\\
 +[*] Fixed element selection in the element tree.\\
 +[*] Fixed input data saving in plugins.\\
 +[*] Fixed ProjectMaker hang up on load in certain scenarios.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug that caused blocked access to directories that are used for HTTP request downloads when using HTTP Connection Pool.\\
 +[*] Fixed Traffic Monitor when using FireFox without rendering.\\
 +[*] Fixed render errors in Traffic Monitor. Sometimes the response body appeared empty.\\
 +[*] Fixed macros execution. Sometimes it took unreasonably long to execute them.\\
 +[*] UI improvements.\\
 ====== ZennoPoster (10.04.2019) ====== ====== ZennoPoster (10.04.2019) ======
 **Fixed:​**\\ **Fixed:​**\\
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