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ZennoPoster (08.07.2020)

[+] Improved brief view of the Accept Mail action. Now you can edit all the action’s main settings in the brief view. Also, if the system finds more than one message, it uses a newer one instead of returning an error popup.
[+] If there is no server connection, ZennoPoster will not add up attempts to the actions.
[+] The Cookie field is now hidden if you enable Use CookieContainer in HTTP request actions.
[+] Added support of the data-s parameter in the Solve ReCaptcha2 action.

[*] Fixed AudioContext emulation in Firefox.
[*] Improved Chrome emulation, including logging in to Google services.
[*] Now, while waiting for user actions, navigation through the address bar works in Chrome.
[*] Fixed errors of action-to-code conversion that would occur if values used macros.
[*] Fixed functioning of Tab.Handle for Firefox.
[*] Fixed mouse jogging during full emulation in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed termination of inactive base processes in ZennoPoster.
[*] Other improvements and tweaks.

ZennoPoster (08.07.2020)

[+] Meet project localization! You can translate your projects, including notes, action texts, and messages in the log. To use localization, click Create Translation in the File menu.
[+] New Swipe Event action. Now you can make a simple swipe in any direction or to an element—all using the brand new action dubbed “Swipe Into New” in the action editor.
[+] Added a new class MouseEmulationParameters, which describes the parameters of full emulation, and a method overloading Tab.FullEmulationMouseSetOptions, which accepts this class. Beside the older parameters, the class now has a couple new ones—MinScrollSpeed, MaxScrollSpeed, which adjust the scroll speed.
[+] Improved brief view of the Accept Mail action. Now you can edit all the action’s main settings in the brief view. Also, if the system finds more than one message, it uses a newer one instead of returning an error popup.
[+] If there is no server connection, ZennoPoster will not add up attempts to the actions.
[+] The Cookie field is now hidden if you enable Use CookieContainer in HTTP request actions.
[+] Added support of the data-s parameter in the Solve ReCaptcha2 action.

[*] Fixed automatic updating.
[*] Fixed history in the Project Editor (hotfix
[*] Fixed emulation of touch events on some websites that recognized touch clicks as regular clicks. Added the action Browser Settings → Touch Screen (analog to C#’s Instance.ForceTouch). To ensure proper touch event emulation, enable the touch screen setting.
[*] Fixed AudioContext emulation in Firefox.
[*] Improved Chrome emulation, including logging in to Google services.
[*] Now, while waiting for user actions, navigation through the address bar works in Chrome.
[*] Fixed errors of action-to-code conversion that would occur if values used macros.
[*] Fixed functioning of Tab.Handle for Firefox.
[*] Fixed mouse jogging during full emulation in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed termination of inactive base processes in ZennoPoster.
[*] Other improvements and tweaks.

ZennoPoster (20.06.2020)

[+] Added setting Other → Disable Project Setting Restoration Dialog.

[*] ZennoPoster's task list restoration function now restores input settings as well.
[*] Now ZennoPoster closes bases faster, which helps reduce RAM load.
[*] Fixed browser launch and synchronization in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed execution of the Plugin action for an unsaved project.
[*] Fixed layout of Select fields in InputSettings.
[*] Fixed functioning of ZennoPoster.GetTaskInfo. Now, this method always returns up-to-date data.
[*] Changed the folder whereto plugins for purchased templates are downloaded. Now the folder with the template name won't be deleted.
[*] Fixed profile and CookieContainer handling when switching projects in ProjectMaker.
[*] From now on, a variable is not deleted from the Project action if the variable is renamed.
[*] Now ProjectMaker notifies of project change when editing the Profile Processing action.
[*] Fixed opening of the browser context menu when calling oncontextmenu.
[*] Fixed full mouth emulation when handling small elements.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.

ZennoPoster (20.06.2020)

[+] Added new action (new cube) Touch event. Touch and LongTouch options are now available. Classic search support; search by XPath and coordinates is also available.
[+] Touch and LongTouch events were added to Action Editor.
[+] Added the input mode switch (mouse/touch events). It can be found in ProjectMaker browser, near the devtools launch button. If Touch Events mode is on and recording enabled, touch event cubes will be automatically recorded to the project.
[+] Tab.Touch.LongTouch. methods were added to C#.
[+] Improved functioning of existing Touch methods.
[+] Smart search now combs through all ProjectMarker functions! Search results now include not just cubes but also their options. When you select, a cube with a selected option is added to the project. You can do it by clicking Enter, double LMB-clicking, or drag'n'drop.
[+] Added a new action: HTTP request. There, you can select any request type: Put, Delete, Head, Options, Patch, Trace.
[+] In the traffic window, you can now create actions based on completed requests. For that, we added the Create Action from Request function to the context menu.
[+] Significantly improved ProjectMaker interface response.
[+] Updated built-in template examples in ProjectMaker. Now with comments.
[+] Added setting Other → Disable Project Setting Restoration Dialog.

[*] Fixed errors when value setting and click actions would be encircled with a red dotted line if search by XPath was enabled.
[*] Fixed functioning of Touch for some elements.
[*] Fixed display of the action List Actions → Get String → Contains Text in ProjectMaker.
[*] ZennoPoster's task list restoration function now restores input settings as well.
[*] Now ZennoPoster closes bases faster, which helps reduce RAM load.
[*] Fixed browser launch and synchronization in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed execution of the Plugin action for an unsaved project.
[*] Fixed layout of Select fields in InputSettings.
[*] Fixed functioning of ZennoPoster.GetTaskInfo. Now, this method always returns up-to-date data.
[*] Changed the folder whereto plugins for purchased templates are downloaded. Now the folder with the template name won't be deleted.
[*] Fixed profile and CookieContainer handling when switching projects in ProjectMaker.
[*] From now on, a variable is not deleted from the Project action if the variable is renamed.
[*] Now ProjectMaker notifies of project change when editing the Profile Processing action.
[*] Fixed opening of the browser context menu when calling oncontextmenu.
[*] Fixed full mouth emulation when handling small elements.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.

ZennoPoster (14.05.2020)

[+] Added request resending in Chrome. The instance.AutoRetry property enables resending, instance.AutoRetry5xxResponses enables resending for 5xx-code responses (instance.AutoRetry must be enabled). The instance.AutoRetryMaxAttempts helps adjust the number of attempts (1 to 10, 3 by default).
[+] The Element Tree’s context menu now has the Data Parse item.
[+] Now during user action wait, ProjectMaker displays a panel with a prompt and button “Continue execution”.
[+] Added support of digest authentication in the GET request for the alternative HTTP request method.

[*] Now the instance window is always displayed on the front when waiting for user action.
[*] Fixed operation of ThreadStatic in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed operation of the clipboard in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
[*] In element handling actions, the setting “Wait for the element for no more than” now functions correctly if the waiting period is longer than 5 seconds.
[*] From now on, when debugging the C# code, the Stop button instantly terminates the project.
[*] Fixed ProjectMaker launch when the code editor can’t be initialized.
[*] From now on, ZennoPoster better handles secondary database processes, killing them in case of a freeze.
[*] Fixed freezes of alternative HTTP requests and freezes occurring when using the HEAD method.
[*] Fixed acquisition of DOM on some pages in Chrome.
[*] Now Chrome doesn’t freeze when the user tries to set invalid cookies.
[*] Increased Chrome initialization timeouts. Now browser launch must go smoother on heavily-loaded PCs.
[*] In the Data Parse window, Range and Filtering tabs are swapped for the sake of ergonomy.
[*] Fixed editing of the match number in classic search when pasting a variable from the context menu.
[*] Now the minimized blocks of the C# code and general code are remembered when closing the window.
[*] Reduced consumption of proxy connections when working with HTTP Connection Pool for the alternative HTTP request method. Works for proxy packets limited in the number of connections.
[*] Fixed XML tag parsing.
[*] Hidden outdated settings of Settings → Instance.
[*] Fixed reCAPTCHA v2 solving on some websites.
[*] Fixed error description when specifying the UserAgent header in HTTP requests in an invalid format.
[*] Fixed time zone when setting it by hours and minutes.
[*] Fixed the ZennoPoster thread count.
[*] Fixed display of variable values in action captions in ProjectMaker.

ZennoPoster (13.05.2020)

[+] Added methods for emulating touch events in Chrome. CommandCenter.Tab now has the Touch property with a range of methods. The Touch property includes the following basic methods: TouchStart, TouchEnd, TouchMove, TouchCancel. It also comprises complex methods with overloads: Touch, SwipeIntoView, SwipeBetween, etc.
[+] Added request resending in Chrome. The instance.AutoRetry property enables resending, instance.AutoRetry5xxResponses enables resending for 5xx-code responses (instance.AutoRetry must be enabled). The instance.AutoRetryMaxAttempts helps adjust the number of attempts (1 to 10, 3 by default).
[+] Added a new text message service VAK-SMS.
[+] Added a new text translation service DeepL.
[+] Added a setting “Execute BadEnd if project terminates” to ZennoPoster’s tab “Task termination”.
[+] ProjectMaker now has the successful result search wizard. You can open it from the diagram’s context menu or from Project Maker → Edit.
[+] Now you can copy all variables from the static Variables block.
[+] Refreshed ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster menu icons.
[+] Encryption block is not removed when a project is saved as an xmlz file; instead, ZennoPoster 7 version is replaced with ZennoPoster 5.
[+] The Element Tree’s context menu now has the Data Parse item.
[+] Now during user action wait, ProjectMaker displays a panel with a prompt and button “Continue execution”.
[+] Added support of digest authentication in the GET request for the alternative HTTP request method.

[*] Project publication was fixed.
[*] Fixed C# code debugging in the several-window mode.
[*] Now ProjectMaker is minimized, maximized, and changes window size faster.
[*] Fixed functioning of a planner when selecting a specific time instead of an interval in the “When to repeat” block. From now on, the planner will work once for one certain moment, instead of working for a minute.
[*] Fixed mouse emulation freezing when the cursor reached the page edge.
[*] Fixed updating of the variable list in the Variable window when creating a variable in action properties.
[*] Fixed automatic settings definition in the Accept Email action.
[*] Fixed problem of long project storage when filling the history of recent projects.
[*] Now the instance window is always displayed on the front when waiting for user action.
[*] Fixed operation of ThreadStatic in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed operation of the clipboard in the C# code in ProjectMaker.
[*] In element handling actions, the setting “Wait for the element for no more than” now functions correctly if the waiting period is longer than 5 seconds.
[*] From now on, when debugging the C# code, the Stop button instantly terminates the project.
[*] Fixed ProjectMaker launch when the code editor can’t be initialized.
[*] From now on, ZennoPoster better handles secondary database processes, killing them in case of a freeze.
[*] Fixed freezes of alternative HTTP requests and freezes occurring when using the HEAD method.
[*] Fixed acquisition of DOM on some pages in Chrome.
[*] Now Chrome doesn’t freeze when the user tries to set invalid cookies.
[*] Increased Chrome initialization timeouts. Now browser launch must go smoother on heavily-loaded PCs.
[*] In the Data Parse window, Range and Filtering tabs are swapped for the sake of ergonomy.
[*] Fixed editing of the match number in classic search when pasting a variable from the context menu.
[*] Now the minimized blocks of the C# code and general code are remembered when closing the window.
[*] Reduced consumption of proxy connections when working with HTTP Connection Pool for the alternative HTTP request method. Works for proxy packets limited in the number of connections.
[*] Fixed XML tag parsing.
[*] Hidden outdated settings of Settings → Instance.
[*] Fixed reCAPTCHA v2 solving on some websites.
[*] Fixed error description when specifying the UserAgent header in HTTP requests in an invalid format.
[*] Fixed time zone when setting it by hours and minutes.
[*] Fixed the ZennoPoster thread count.
[*] Fixed display of variable values in action captions in ProjectMaker.

ZennoPoster (16.04.2020)

[+] Added a function to stop execution of a C# code. After you click the Stop button, if the code execution is not stopped within 5 seconds, you will see a prompt suggesting to interrupt the C# code.
[+] Coordinates for full emulation are calculated on the coordinates with reference to a tab rather than the whole page. This helps solve most of the problems related to full emulation.
[+] Added function Tab.FullEmulationMouseTabPosition returning the coordinates of a virtual mouse with a reference to a tab, i.e. visible page area.
[+] In case of a ZennoPoster crash or other problems with the saved task list, a task list restoration form is shown.
[+] Added support of brotli for an alternative http query mode.
[+] Added navigator.deviceMemory emulation in Chrome.

[*] Fixed Accept-Language emulation in Chrome.
[*] Fixed action writing in ProjectMaker when using Chrome.
[*] Fixed font hiding and showing in Chrome.
[*] Fixed localStorage functioning in Chrome. An error would cause a log out in Telegram.
[*] Fixed functioning of POST queries for an alternative HTTP query method.
[*] Fixed a problem when tasks would disappear from ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed occasional freezing of an alternative HTTP query method.
[*] Fixed order of headers in an alternative HTTP query method. Also, fixed order of headers when displayed in traffic monitor.
[*] Now, if Headers is enabled but Navigator disabled in a browser profile, UserAgent field is emulated. This is required to ensure HTTP query functioning.
[*] The Developer Tools button is hidden for Firefox.
[*] Now, in case of server connection issues at ProjectMaker launch, an appropriate message is shown instead of an “error creating main window” message.
[*] Fixed error of opening a file selection dialog in action settings, if the field contains an empty variable.
[*] Fixed freezing of ZennoPoster interface during auto-saving of a task list.
[*] From now on, you can’t create a list or table with a space in the tag.
[*] Now the tasks of the Task Manager in ZennoPoster don’t disappear from the overall task list.
[*] Fixed functioning of Instance.FormTitle for Chrome and Firefox.
[*] Fixed debugging of a C# кода when using methods Table: Clear, DeleteColumn, DeleteRow, DeleteRows, Bind, and List.SetItem.
[*] Removed setting “Reduced memory consumption for C#” that caused problems debugging a C# code.
[*] Added missing scroll bar in the Program Launch action in ProjectMaker.
[*] Now the number of an error string in a C# code is determined correctly.
[*] Fixed a problem when a virtual mouse cursor would occasionally disappear.
[*] Fixed causes of hotkey malfunctioning.
[*] When loading a profile of an inappropriate browser, a warning in the log is displayed. For instance, if you load a Firefox profile to Chrome and vice versa.
[*] Added a file selection button in the Solve Captcha action.
[*] Fixed default values of parameters window.screenLeft and window.screenTop for Chrome.
[*] Now the selected HTTP query method affects a C# code.
[*] Fixed functioning of full emulation methods without displaying content for Chrome.
[*] Fixed errors of browser tab syncing that led to website loading in a wrong tab.
[*] Fixed errors of syncing instance and ProjectMaker.
[*] Now text search finds a text in the Switch action.
[*] Fixed spelling errors in the xml format of a ZennoPoster task.
[*] Fixed renaming of projects in ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed functioning of text translation with the help of GoogleTranslateViaWebInterface.dll.
[*] Fixed possible reasons of ProjectMaker freezes at project or program closing.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.

ZennoPoster (02.03.2020)

[+] Chrome Developer Tools added in ProjectMaker.
[+] From now on, when a ZennoPoster task is finished by timeout, the Instance process is finished if it was used to prevent browser freezes.
[+] New properties Instance.FrameRate and Instance.AnimationFrameRate added to ZennoPoster API. Using them you can control computer resource usage on websites with heavy animation.
[+] Now ZennoPoster planner only launched after the program is fully loaded.
[+] Added support of cookie parameters SameSite and Priority in CookieContainer and Chrome. The parameters and saved and loaded in the profile and participate in all the cookie feed methods.
[+] In Settings → Other, added a setting “Limit max log file entry size”. The function is disabled by default. Users working with large volumes of data and not needing the full log are recommended to enable the limit as it will improve ZennoPoster performance and reduce memory load.

[*] Fixed numerous bugs that caused Chrome crashes and freezes. Now the browser works smoothly.
[*] Fixed IndexedDB operation in Chrome. Now signing in on websites (e.g. Tinder and Telegram) won’t crash.
[*] Chrome got more private. Most websites (e.g. LinkedIn now can’t see ZennoPoster).
[*] Google authentication is now more stable.
[*] Fixed full mouth emulation. This led to correct display in Yandex.Metrika on some websites.
[*] Fixed text highlighting on a page with FullEmulationMouseClick and FullEmulationMouseMove.
[*] Fixed generation of WebRtc mediaDevices for Chrome.
[*] Fixed Chrome freezing on websites with a chatbot.
[*] Fixed file downloads on several websites in Chrome.
[*] Fixed transfer of referer through the clickthrough cube leading to a Chrome page.
[*] Fixed date emulation. Some problem websites (e.g. smule.com) started to work properly.
[*] Fixed errors that led to a captcha appearing on CloudFare-powered websites.
[*] Fixed errors that led to a failure to load Variti-protected pages.
[*] Issues displaying pages when redrawing Chrome combo-boxes on several websites have been solved.
[*] ZennoPoster program settings are saved correctly when you have connection problems.
[*] Problem losing data when saving profile has been solved. The operation will fail if there are problems with getting data from the browser.
[*] Fixed manual download of files when waiting for the user’s action in the browser in ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed arrow relocation in ProjectMaker. Now the project correctly saves stated and adequately responds to project changes.
[*] Now an alternative HTTP request method can process invalid cookies.
[*] Fixed multipart operation in the alternative HTTP request method.
[*] Fixed GeoIP base loading.
[*] Now the Host header for HTTP requests is displayed properly in the traffic monitoring interface.
[*] Now proxy validity is checked in code HTTP requests. If the proxy is invalid, the request won’t be sent.
[*] Fixed processing of HTTP requests with invalid Content Type.
[*] Fixed operation of the automatic filter of the extended log for tasks in ZennoPoster.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.

ZennoPoster (29.01.2020)

[+] Updated Chrome 78 engine version.
[+] Improved WebGL and WebRTC emulation in Chrome.
[+] New setting Dns-over-proxy in Chrome browser config files (base_cr.exe.config and pminstance.exe.config in program directory). This option allows to avoid DNS leak via proxy and works as for http, as for socks proxies.
[+] “Detailed log” option is now applied immediately and not disabled at program restart.
[+] New action File→Wait for file.
[+] New action Directory → Wait for directory
[+] New action Text processing → Split text.
[+] New action Browser → Settings → “Wait for user action” which is similar to instance.WaitForUserAction method in C# API. Notification about waiting added as well as interface for manual actions improved in ZennoPoster.
[+] Action Directories→“Get list of files” now allows to select multiple masks using the character | .
[+] The option “Error at empty answer” in Text processing→Regex action.
[+] Updated vcredists in package with the program.
[+] Installer now sets optimal TCP/IP stack settings.
[+] Added setting Other → Compress Large Object Heap. Useful for processing large string data. For example, when auto search is enabled in the proxy checker.
[+] New macro {-Project.LastErrorComment-} and property project.LastErrorComment allowing to get error text or comment of last failed action.
[+] Improved list and tables unloading to hard drive. Now lists and tables can be initialized and processed even during unloading to hard drive.

[*] Problem authorizing in Google has been fixed in Chrome engine.
[*] Bug passing document.referrer when navigate to page from action has been fixed in Chrome.
[*] Issues with threads hanging have been solved in ZennoPoster.
[*] ProjectMaker freezing bug when browser is hanging has been fixed.
[*] Chrome browser hanging when clearing cookies has been fixed.
[*] Bug cookie passing through proxy has been fixed in Chrome browser (the bug raised in test version
[*] Bug loading localstorage in Chrome engine has been fixed. This could lead to authorization lost on a website and other problems.
[*] Fixed bug with URL updating in the ProjectMaker browser tab.
[*] Error message has been corrected in action block Browser>Settings→Set certificate in Chrome browser.
[*] Bug missing “Put to variable” field in Recognize ReCaptcha action properties has been fixed.
[*] Issues converting action blocks Text → Split, Text → Regex, Browser→Settings → Wait for user actions to C# code have been solved.
[*] Bug not cleaning list and tables temp files has been fixed.
[*] Changes in method instance.WaitForUserAction do not affect already published project anymore (the bug raised in test version
[*] Problem copying lists and tables, which not bound to file, from one project to another has been solved in ProjectMaker.
[*] Few errors debugging C# code have been fixed.
[*] Bug with Settings→Instance→Mute muting other processes has been fixed.
[*] Chrome drawing with small browser width has been corrected.
[*] Chrome browser freezes on certain websites or in popup have been fixed.
[*] Issues with HTTP requests on certain websites when using alternative method have been solved.
[*] Numerical designation for table columns when reading cells has been corrected.
[*] Issue with filename in lower case when downloading files via HTTP request or browser has been solved.
[*] Bug opening wrong tab in common code when debugging code in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Proxy format checking has been corrected.
[*] Error parsing XML containing invalid characters has been fixed.
[*] Content-Type is now displayed correctly for alternative HTTP requests in traffic monitor.
[*] Error restarting instance in new unsaved project has been fixed.
[*] Bug with spaces in alternative HTTP request headers has been fixed.
[*] Issue with cookie container when using alternative HTTP requests has been solved.
[*] Problem closing connections when using HTTP Connection Pool and alternative HTTP requests has been solved.
[*] Bug exporting input settings with wrong values of DropDown/DropDownMultiSelect settings has been fixed.
[*] Proper error is given when adding lines exceeding maximum number of rows in table.
[*] Searching in own code>C# and JS action has been corrected.
[*] Full date is now displayed in timezone error, not time only.
[*] Problem adding new namespaces for global variables has been solved.
[*] Issues freezing email processing when editing extended action properties have been solved.
[*] Bug with freezing at Set proxy action with enabled emulation settings has been fixed.
[*] Columns in monitor traffic window now can't be deleted unexpectedly.
[*] Fixed bug with HttpConnectionPool when working with proxies with the same IP but different ports.
[*] Fixed updating the GeoIP database.
[*] Other bugfixes and enhancements.

ZennoPoster (03.12.2019)

[+] Improved Chrome stability.
[+] Added GPU rendering in Chrome.
[+] Improved random number generator in all the cubes using randomizing.
[+] Added new action: Directory → Check Directory Existence.
[+] Action Go to Page now ends with an error if the page is not loaded in Chrome.
[+] Improved error notifications when running projects from the folder of purchases templates.
[+] Added new macro {-Project.PluginDirectory-} and properties project.PluginDirectory and project.PluginPath.
[+] Added obtaining collections of global variables in the code.

[*] Fixed reasons for ZennoPoster thread freezes.
[*] Fixed the problem that led to errors of the Action Designer and obtaining Dom in Chrome.
[*] Installing extension 50505*50505 that led to Chrome freezes is now forbidden.
[*] Fixed operation of HTTP proxies in the alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Fixed redetermination of the Host header when redirecting in the alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Now the current-hour macro is included in the drop-down list with TimeNow macros.
[*] Fixed the error of saving a template that was caused by certain symbols used in it.
[*] Fixed Switch action design.
[*] Fixed displaying of variables in the context menu “Set Value from Variable’’.
[*] Other improvements and fixes.

ZennoPoster (14.11.2019)

[+] Added reCAPTCHA v3 recognition to most services.
[+] The environment variable tab is now updated automaticaly, when navigating on page or switching to a tab in a browser.
[+] The option “Use CookieContainer” in the HTTP request action is now selected by default.
[+] Added a “Wrap lines in C# code by default” setting in the Settings → Editor block.
[+] Added an opportunity to pass an empty User-Agent to an HTTP request or not to pass it at all in the C# block. In order to pass an empty User-Agent, you need to set the UserAgent argument to “”, removeDefaultHeaders = true. If you don't want to pass a User-Agent at all, you need to set the UserAgent argument to null, removeDefaultHeaders = true.

[*] Instance hanging problem in ZennoPoster has been fixed (Instance.PrepareInstance errors).
[*] Issues disappearing project list in ZennoPoster has been solved.
[*] Bug reseting input settings has been fixed.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused the “Increase layout size to fit label” warning in ZennoPoster to block the program.
[*] Fixed a bug related to saving the “Text processing → Replace” action setting.
[*] Fixed variable replication, when copying the “Project in a project” action.
[*] Fixed the performance of project.Profile in CodeCreator.
[*] Other fixes and impovements.

ZennoPoster (31.10.2019)

[+] A Time column was added to the Traffic window, now you can also choose, which columns to display.

[*] Fixed header fetching, when using an alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Fixed the proxy ban check in Google, when using an alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Fixed the work of the CookieContainer in the alternative method of HTTP requests.
[*] Fixed index based table cell value updates.
[*] Fixed variable transfer, when copying the BotUI static block.
[*] Fixed the work of the action reCAPTCHA recognition through the CapMonsterCloud and 2Captcha modules through sitekey.
[*] Fixed socks proxy search in ProxyChecker.
[*] Fixed the work of macros, when specifying the path to a source code file in the General code static block.
[*] Fixed project.LogOptions.LogFile.
[*] Fixed the JSON parcing error related to the use of invalid characters.
[*] Group minimization in the Traffic window was fixed.
[*] Other bug fixes and enhancements.

ZennoPoster (17.10.2019)

[+] Added a function for selling bots with plugins.
[+] The reCAPTCHA recognition function now has the module CapMonsterCloud.dll.
[+] Added the 2Captcha recognition module.
[+] Added a function Instance.ClearTrafficWhenNavigate for enabling/disabling traffic clearing within a project.
[+] The text editing functions UrlEncode and UrlDecode and methods Macros.TextProcessing.UrlEncode and Macros.TextProcessing.UrlDecode now allow choosing the encoding type.
[+] Boosted macro processing.

[*] Fixed cookie processing in the alternative HTTP request method.
[*] Fixed updating the element tree in the automatic hiding mode.

ZennoPoster (02.10.2019)

[+] Optimized Chrome base launch in ZennoPoster.
[+] Now you can update TrafficItem content or wait for a request response. TrafficItem now contains Refresh, WaitResponse, and WaitResponseAsync methods.
[+] Instance settings now have a new checkbox: “Do not clear automatically stored traffic after navigate to the new page” (you will need to restart the app to apply the changes).
[+] Serbian flag added for ProxyChecker.

[*] Fixed saving and losing ProxyChecker proxy based.
[*] Improved operation of regular expressions in browser content policies.
[*] Fixed: occasional empty responses to requests for some websites through an alternative HTTP method.
[*] Fixed ReCaptcha2 solving waiting interruption.
[*] Fixed SMS service display in BotUI.

ZennoPoster (30.09.2019)

[+] Base starting timeout has been added in order to prevent CPU overloading on weak computers (see Program settings → Instance → Base starting timeout).
[+] The option to enable certificate checking has been added to Chrome browser (should be run with argunent –ignore-certificate-errors=false).
[+] Cursor operation in FullEmulationMouseMove has been enhanced.
[+] Proxy info used in http request is now shown in Traffic Monitor.
[+] BrowserProfile field can be taken via C# code using project.Profile.BrowserProfile method.
[+] Method ZennoPoster.SetMaxThreads has been added to ZennoPoster API allowing to set maximum number of threads in use.
[+] New option “Remove previous proxies excepting those which in live list” has been added to source settings in ProxyChecker.

[*] Problem with timezone emulation when accessing some websites, for example Avito, has been solved.
[*] Issue with Popup tabs operation in Chrome has been solved.
[*] Flash has been fixed in Chrome.
[*] Bug navigating to website by IP has been fixed in Chrome browser (running with –ignore-certificate-errors argument by default).
[*] Error in some cases when opening Action Designer in Chrome browser has been fixed.
[*] Bug getting DOM-code and Text of a webpage in Chrome browser has been fixed.
[*] Errors restarting bases frequently which were leading to slowing down ZennoPoster performance have been fixed.
[*] Auto-completing in search (Ctrl+F) by source, DOM code and text of a webpage has been disabled.
[*] Issue accessing project.Json object in new project has been fixed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Text in windows-1251 encoding is now sent properly in http request with multipart via alternative HTTP method.
[*] Issues displaying ico thumbnails in request info window has been fixed.
[*] Bug downloading file with wrong extension via alternative HTTP request sending method has been fixed.
[*] Errors leading to stopping proxy checking process have been fixed.
[*] Bug when auto-search sometimes did not work in ProxyCheker has been fixed.
[*] Bug cleaning project.Context at project “Restart” has been fixed.
[*] Issue initializing global variables in project when they are overwriting already existing variables has been solved.
[*] Other bugfixes and enhancements.

ZennoPoster (11.09.2019)

[+] Chrome Engine updated to ver. 76.
[+] Improved special symbol typing in Chrome.
[+] Alternative HTTP request transfer method added. Select the method globally (in Settings → Execution) or locally (in project settings).
[+] Remove default headers in HTTP requests in C# (removeDefaultHeaders).
[+] In case of an unsuccessful redirection, an error is logged.
[+] If an HTTP request is transferred with a non-existing file, an error is logged.

[*] Sending cookies upon resolving ReCaptcha3.
[*] Email acceptance auto-setting.
[*] Copying lists/tables.
[*] Copying an action ID from the log.
[*] Coding * in HTTP requests (use an alternative method).
[*] Looped redirection due to corrupted conversion of + in HTTP requests (use an alternative method).
[*] Instance’s identification of the memory used.
[*] Other minor bugs and imperfections.

ZennoPoster (30.08.2019)

[+] Enhanced emulation of special characters insertion in Chrome engine.
[+] Optimal profile setting for Chrome browser emulation on Windows were set by default for Chrome engine.
[+] Added tooltips for BotUI elements.
[+] In “Using directives and Shared code” action block the tab Shared code is set as first.

[*] Problem with Referer has been fixed on several websites in Chrome.
[*] Windows logoff problem at ZennoPoster work has been solved.
[*] Bug with taking proxy by instance from non-browser project has been fixed.
[*] Bug copying bound Lists/Tables when copying Operations with lists/tables actions to another project.
[*] Button for selecting file in Shared code has been recovered.

ZennoPoster (15.08.2019)

[+] An alternative proxy checking method was added. ProxyChecker now contains a “Use the .NET process for proxy checking” setting. The alternative method helps to avoid error 217 for affected systems and lowers the resource consumption when checking proxies.
[+] Support for the domain:port proxy format was added for the Infatica service.

[*] An action constructor error that was affecting several websites in Chrome was fixed.
[*] Translation errors in BotUI were fixed.

ZennoPoster (07.08.2019)

[+] Integrated new proxy-service Infatica.io.
[+] Improved clicks emulation in Chrome.
[+] Implemented Intl object emulation for possible profile locales.
[+] Added emulation of navigator.connection and navigator.battery in Chrome.
[+] Results of “Run program” operation now can be saved to variables.

[*] Proxy checking algorithm for HTTPS proxies has been improved.
[*] Bug with WebRTC IP emulation has been fixed.
[*] Issue with proxy rules in Task manager has been solved.
[*] Autosubmit for ReCaptcha2 has been fixed on olx.ua website in Chrome engine.
[*] Operation of Instance.FormTitle property has been corrected.
[*] Bug with missing projects after first ZennoPoster launch has been fixed.
[*] Emulation of window.screen in Chrome has been fixed (bug with not playing video on PornHub).
[*] LocalStorage operation in Chrome browser has been fixed.
[*] Errors missing or mismatching plugin/nested project are now displayed in ZennoPoster even in failing thread.
[*] Problem with audio emulation in Chrome has been solved.
[*] Operation of Tab.KeyEvent method has been fixed.
[*] Bug not saving list to non-existing file has been fixed.
[*] Operation getting number of lines from list has been fixed.
[*] Issue with plugins emulation in Chrome engine has been solved.
[*] Error emulating timezone and geolocation for some IP-addresses has been fixed.
[*] Telegram web-version now works properly in Chrome engine.
[*] Bug using double slash after {-Project.Directory-} macro in Instance.DownloadsPath method has been fixed.
[*] Problem with loading files initialization in Chrome browser (for example, avatar in Instagram) has been solved.
[*] Binary data display in Traffic Monitor has been corrected.
[*] Problems managing notifications in browser have been fixed.
[*] Other fixes and enhancements.

ZennoPoster (09.07.2019)

[+] Implemented super human emulation mode. It allows to bypass bot-detectors based on neuro-networks, for example Akamai Bot Detector.
[+] Improved work with popups in Chrome engine.
[+] Enhanced integration with CapMonster.Cloud.
[+] Enhancements in Diagnostic utility for fixing problems.

[*] Bug not opening context menu when working with iframes in Chrome has been fixed.
[*] Proxy autosearch has been corrected.
[*] “Follow the coursor” mode has been fixed.
[*] Issue with incorrect element displaying on some websites when changing size in Firefox has been solved.
[*] Bug with incorrect character encoding (&) in BotUI has been fixed.
[*] BotUI static block copying bug has been fixed.
[*] Execution log dysplaying has been corrected in Scheduler.
[*] “Debug thread error” with followed closing ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Bug escaping “?” character when adding URL into black list has been fixed.
[*] Problem parsing complicated JSON objects has been fixed.
[*] GetTraffic method operation in Chrome engine has been fixed.
[*] Issue uploading images in Chrome engines and instagram has been solved (mouse emulation should be used).
[*] Few fixes in UI.

ZennoPoster (18.06.2019)

New features:
[+] Integration with CapMonster.cloud.
[+] New options to configure connection settings in Chrome browser. (valid for proxies with connection limits).
[+] New article in help docs on how to use Flash in Chrome engine.
(flash is disabled by default because of security reasons).

Fixed bugs:
[*] Operation of throw new Exception() has been fixed in plugins.
[*] Problem saving images via CaptchaSaver.dll with incorrect file name has been solved.
[*] Issue resetting the settings “Show Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon” in ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster has been solved.
[*] Bug deleting data from BotUI has been fixed.
[*] Issue not displaying project saving window has been solved.
[*] Minor fixes in UI.

ZennoPoster (03.06.2019)

[*] Fixed: URL refresh in the instance search bar.
[*] Fixed: Muting in Chrome.
[*] Fixed: Project execution lag in ProjectMaker after instance restart.
[*] Fixed: Extra tabs no longer appear in Chrome.
[*] Fixed: Start, BadEnd, GoodEnd no longer disappear outside of the canvas.
[*] Fixed: Project maker no longer lags when displaying non printable characters in variables.
[*] Fixed: Certain combinations of C# code no longer cause the project to fail when opened.
[*] Fixed: CookieContainer parsing for Yandex.
[*] Improved: UI.

ZennoPoster (28.05.2019)

[+] Added adblock for the Chrome engine.
[+] Optimized logging for a large stream of messages.
[+] Added the ID of the action that caused the timeout to the logs.
[+] Added the ability to use DirectX to render the ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster UI (to use this function, add the -UseDirectX option).
[+] Minor UI and performance improvements.

[*] Fixed notext search in Chrome.
[*] Fixed regex elements search in Chrome (now works the same as Firefox).
[*] Fixed how the “Continue execution” button was displayed for the WaitForUserAction method.
[*] Fixed Preferences Speech Recognition in Firefox.
[*] Fixed the GetAllMembersList (XML and JSON) method in ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed the ZennoPoster.HideInstance method.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused BotUI to clear when renaming variables.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused the template editor in ProjectMaker to crash due to long text in the reference.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused the IF action to behave incorrectly when dealing with quotation marks.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect behavior of tables with a large number of columns (more than 701).
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect empty multipart requests to be sent in the ZennoPoster.HTTP.Request.POST method.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect replacement in the text when the macros does not exist.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect encoding in the response of the traffic window.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect behavior for the CodeCreator profiles.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect behavior when generating the name for the downloading file (Page.LastDownloadedFile).
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect behavior when checking the proxy by the DNSBL lists.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused incorrect behavior when try to delete own Id from rhe encryption block in the project.
[*] Minor bug fixes.

ZennoPoster (24.04.2019)

[+] Improved GeoIP database integration.
[+] Improved ZennoPoster Instances inter process integration.
[+] Added a button that disables “Automatic line height” in the log control, allowing for speed optimization and fixing ZennoPoster UI lag for a large output volume.
[+] Browser data from the profile no longer get lost in “browserless” projects.

[*] Fixed proxy integration that caused certificate failure in Chrome.
[*] Fixed CSS disabling in Chrome for certain websites.
[*] Fixed localStorage in Chrome (authentication data was reset on certain websites).
[*] Fixed variable loading from profile when adding non existing variables.
[*] Fixed element selection in the element tree.
[*] Fixed input data saving in plugins.
[*] Fixed ProjectMaker hang up on load in certain scenarios.
[*] Fixed a bug that caused blocked access to directories that are used for HTTP request downloads when using HTTP Connection Pool.
[*] Fixed Traffic Monitor when using FireFox without rendering.
[*] Fixed render errors in Traffic Monitor. Sometimes the response body appeared empty.
[*] Fixed macros execution. Sometimes it took unreasonably long to execute them.
[*] UI improvements.

ZennoPoster (10.04.2019)

[*] Fixed instance reloading in ZennoPoster.
[*] Fixed second time proxy selection in Chrome.
[*] Fixed audio fingerprint emulation in Chrome.
[*] Fixed input:text element lookup in Chrome.
[*] Fixed the “Table operations - Take a string - Save to list”.
[*] Other fixes and improvements.

ZennoPoster (09.04.2019)

[+] Errors processing regular expressions are now shown in Regex Constructor.
[+] New modificators - {CTRLDOWN}, {CTRLUP}, {SHIFTDOWN}, {SHIFTUP}, {ALTDOWN}, {ALTUP} and keystrokes - {CTRL}, {SHIFT}, {ALT} added to keyboard emulation.
[+] The field “checked” added to “Element properties” for radio and checkbox.
[+] Microsoft Translate API updated to version 3 (API version 2 will stop working on 4/30/2019).
[+] Improved operation stability of ZennoPoster.
[+] Group comments added to Search feature in template editor.

[*] Hotkeys operation when working on several monitors has been fixed.
[*] Inserting variables and snippets in C# action block window now replaces selected code fragment.
[*] Several bug-fixes in UI.
[*] Problem blocking access to directory selected as directory for downloading files for HTTP-requests has been solved (for mode with disabled HttpConnectionPool option).
[*] Bug getting proxy from proxychecker via “Get proxy” action block has been fixed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Errors after restarting instance in ProjectMaker have been fixed.
[*] Issue changing number of running threads in ZennoPoster has been solved.
[*] Bug adding list into non-existing column in table has been fixed.
[*] Issue with incorrect Accept-Language value in Firefox engine has been fixed.
[*] Bug sorting projects by status and other columns has been fixed in ZennoPoster.
[*] Operation of timeouts in HTTP-requests has been corrected.
[*] Issue with MouseMove emulation in Chrome engine has been solved (problem selecting fields).
[*] Issue loading favicon in Firefox has been solved.
[*] Bug repeating proxy output when getting proxy with deletion has been fixed.
[*] Firefox crash at setting limitations for proxy connections has been fixed.
[*] Bug with operation of FullEmulationMouseMove and other actions after restarting instance has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (28.03.2019)

[+] DevExpress components have been updated, which should improve UI responsiveness, and reduce the number of bugs in it.
[+] When an error happens while executing C# Code, ProjectMaker now shows the line that caused the error when possible.
[+] clientHeight and clientWidth emulation has been improved.
[+] Windowless browser has been improved. ProjectMaker now displays the browser window with reduced frame rate for debugging purposes. ZennoPoster does not display the window for optimization purposes, and in case you do not want to show what is happening in the browser window for some reason.

[*] FireFox window size setting method was fixed.
[*] ReCaptcha2 recognition action was fixed.
[*] CSS style disabling when closing all tabs in FireFox was fixed.
[*] The option to change the engine from FireFox to Chrome in the settings was fixed.
[*] Compile errors for C# and shared code were fixed.
[*] Time to next execution display in the time table was fixed.
[*] Automatic condition search for action constructor was fixed.
[*] Dropdown list input was fixed for Chrome.
[*] Small UI improvements.
[*] Data clearing was fixed in BotUI.

ZennoPoster (25.03.2019)

[+] Updated the Chrome Engine to version 72 with the latest security patches.
[+] User Interface optimizations.
[+] Chrome: Improved instance stability.
[+] Optimized how GET/POST requests work for the HTTPS protocol.
[+] Sending current cookies for solving RC2.
[+] The “Parsing Helper” now hasan option to search in all frames on the page.
[+] Improvements for how Page.LastAlertText works.
[+] Added the ability to make GET/POST requests with the current profile.
[+] BotUI: added an option to set placeholders from settings without editing the HTML.
[+] Improved handling POST requests with multipart/form-data.
[+] Fixed the “Receive E-Mail” block with extended proxy.
[+] Added cheapcaptcha.com to captcha recognition services.

[*] Fixes for HttpConnection Pool.
[*] Fixed the Copy/Paste shortcuts for copying actions between projects.
[*] Fixed email search in subdirectories of Inbox.
[*] Fixed the bug that caused the browser to crash when selecting the option “without showing the content”.
[*] Fixed bugs in the parsing helper.
[*] Creation of ExternalAssemblies directory after installation.
[*] Fixed bug with lowering code after uncomment.
[*] Unable to create New Variable of additional tab in BotUI.
[*] Fixed programmatic control of ZennoPoster (ITaskManagerService).
[*] Fixed projects without a browser in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed the Profile.UserAgentOsCpu macros.
[*] Fixed bugs in subproject instances.
[*] Chrome: Fixed setting values for page elements.
[*] Chrome: Fixed the instance reloading bug.
[*] Chrome: Restored the “Browser without showing the page content” mode. ProjectMaker still displays the page content for Chrome for debugging.
[*] Chrome: Fixed Ctrl + mouse wheel for zooming.
[*] Chrome: Fixed WebRTC emulation.
[*] Chrome: Minor improvements and QoL changes.
[*] Fixed bugs in BotUI.
[*] Fixed project diagram and its interface.

ZennoPoster (27.02.2019)

[+] Chrome Edition now works with new Chrome 72 engine.
[+] Optimizations for loading additional C# assemblies into ProjectMaker editor.
[+] AWM Proxy integration into Proxy-services.
[+] Option to save log filters in ZennoPoster.
[+] New variables now can be loaded to a project from saved profile.
[+] Max threads default value is now increased for new installations of ZennoPoster Pro.
[+] Subscription date for purchased projects is now displayed in ZennoPoster and ZennoBox.
[+] Threads performance has been optimized in ZennoPoster.
[+] ProxyChecker: DNSBL support and checking in black lists.
[+] Optimized file processing in HTTP-requests.
[+] Improved project diagram.
[+] Other enhancements and modifications.

[*] Wrong ReCaptcha2 detecting on a webpage has been fixed.
[*] BotUI processing and stability has been improved.
[*] Boundary has been corrected for HTTP-request action blocks and old C# HTTP-request methods.
[*] Accept-Encoding: br is now automatically removed from HTTP-requests.
[*] Issues in CookieContainer and Traffic monitor operation have been solved.
[*] Bugs opening projects created in ZP Chrome Edition in official ZennoPoster version has been fixed.
[*] Issue with disappearing references from GAC when connecting assemblies to a project has been solved.
[*] Bug sending files using ZennoPoster.HTTP.Request method has been fixed.
[*] Problem loading WebRTC mode from profile has been solved.
[*] Bug working with webcams has been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Errors emulating plugins have been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Making screenshots and search by picture have been corrected.
[*] Chrome Edition: Issues working with frames have been solved.
[*] Chrome Edition: Clicks emulation on few websites has been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Keyboard emulation has been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Instance window size has been corrected in ZennoPoster.
[*] Chrome Edition: Few interface fixes.
[*] Chrome Edition: Issues working with Flash have been solved.
[*] Chrome Edition: Headers emulation bug has been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Authorization and playing content in AppleMusic have been corrected.
[*] Other fixes.

ZennoPoster (30.01.2019)

[*] Fixed CookieContainer synchronization for session Cookie.
[*] When importing a project from ProjectMaker that project is selected in ZennoPoster.
[*] Minor fixes in canvas emulation in the Chrome engine.
[*] Minor fixes for launching the Chrome browser in ProjectMaker.
[*] Angular applications now load correctly in the Chrome engine.

ZennoPoster (28.01.2019)

[+] Optimized HTTP-requests operation due to reuse of connections, encryption sessions, etc., when it's possible. This allowed to reduce CPU usage significantly and ensure work stability. (The option “Use HTTP Connection Pool” is enabled by default. If you face problems working in new work mode, then disable this option to rollback to usual operation mode).
[+] Classic KeyCaptcha type (with rectangles) now can be recognized:
ZennoPoster.CaptchaSpecialRecognition(“KeyCaptchaRects”, instance, false);
[+] “This is captcha” action block now allows to load and recognize captcha from file.
[+] Quality of Canvas and WebGL emulation has been improved.
[+] Anonymity has been improved in Project Maker by means of the option for disabling layout with invisible elements (for example “Inspect elements” frame).
[+] Operation “Get column” in tables has been added allowing to export certain column from table to list.
[+] New method in C# API tab.GoBack() has been added allowing to perform BrowserBack operation in a project.
[+] New method in C# API project.GetProxy() has been added.
[+] New optional parameter storeCookie has been added to instance.ClearCache C# API method. By default it has “true” value, if “false”, then this method will also clear cookies. So, now you can execute one command instance.ClearCache(false) instead of two: instance.ClearCache(); instance.ClearCookie(). Less code - more fast and reliable work.
[+] Action “Clear cookie” now fails if cookies have not been fully cleaned by some reasons.
[+] Interface enhancements.

[*] Chrome Edition: Issue passing referrer has been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Bug inserting numbers into input fields has been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Problem with restoring cookies in profile has been solved.
[*] Chrome Edition: Issue searching HTML-elements by attributes containing numbers has been solved.
[*] Chrome Edition: Icons for actions created by Action Designer have been returned.
[*] Chrome Edition: Errors searching elements have been fixed.
[*] Chrome Edition: Operation of \n symbol has been corrected.
[*] Problem installing proxy in nested project in ZP has been solved.
[*] Issue opening context menu in PM browser has been solved.
[*] Few Interface fixes have been made.
[*] Problems running FireFox browser on few systems have been solved.
[*] Several bugs in Parse-helper have been fixed.
[*] Errors loading cookies with #HttpOnly_ have been fixed.
[*] Bug moving non-existing directory has been fixed.
[*] Operation of Cookie Container when cleaning cookies in browser has been corrected.
[*] HTTP GET/POST-requests action blocks are now executed with error when wrong proxy address is specified.
[*] GET-requests with parameters?v=&s=1 are now executed properly.
[*] Operation of macros {-Profile.HTTPAccept-}, {-Profile.AcceptLanguage-}, {-Profile.AcceptEncoding-} in GET/POST-requests have been corrected.
[*] Action Designer has been optimized for working properly on large web-pages.
[*] Other fixes.

ZennoPoster (27.12.2018)

[+] ZennoPoster command line interface and bat-file generation functionality was extended with new features.
[+] “Recognize ReCaptcha V3” action errors will be saved to project.GetLastError() (error message to project.GetLastError() .Exception.Message).
[+] Added the possibility to create a “Recognize ReCaptcha V3” action when the module name is passed as a variable.
[+] Proxy Checker: Memory usage was optimized.
[+] The Diagnostic tool was improved.
[+] (Chrome Edition) Socks4 support was added.
[+] (Chrome Edition) Mouse coordinates display in browser was added.
[+] (Chrome Edition) Interface speed was optimized.
[+] (Chrome Edition) Mini-sketch recording was added.

[*] CodeCreator: Static block display was fixed.
[*] Lists and tables no longer disappear when ProjectMaker is reopened.
[*] Switching between the regular and extended editors is now faster.
[*] The issue that caused CookieContainer to not save certain cookies has been fixed.
[*] The issue that caused Accept-Language header and Navigator.Language field to show the wrong language.
[*] Visible area screenshot was fixed.
[*] (Chrome Edition) The “Recognize ReCaptcha” action in the CapMonster2 tab was fixed.
[*] (Chrome Edition) Writing errors were fixed.
[*] (Chrome Edition) The Chrome browser was fixed to display correctly (It sometimes would not show on the first try).
[*] (Chrome Edition) File upload was fixed.
[*] (Chrome Edition) The underscore symbol input has been fixed.
[*] (Chrome Edition) The site https://csgocasino.ru/ and several others now load correctly.
[*] (Chrome Edition) Socks5 proxy error chrome-error:/chromewebdata/ after clearing cache was fixed.
[*] (Chrome Edition) Tabs now close correctly (the popup that closes automatically via JavaScript).
[*] (Chrome Edition) Cookies now display correctly in Chrome's traffic monitor.
[*] Small UI improvements.

ZennoPoster (13.12.2018)

[+] Chrome engine (full list of changes).
[+] ReCaptcha v3 is now supported in recognizing recaptcha action block.

[*] Issues with full mouse emulation in VK have been solved.
[*] Bug not saving text with spintax to variable in BotUI has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (06.12.2018)

[+] The algorithm for solving ReCaptcha2 in a tab has been updated.
[+] The built-in Anti-Captcha.com module has been updated to API version V2.
[+] The language selection control has been added to BotUI.
[+] The conversion of Action “Text Processing-Regex” to C# code has been implemented.
[+] The diagnostics tool has been optimized for systems with many ZennoLab products.

[*] The installer has been fixed for several systems where it did not work priorly.
[*] The bug that caused a project to run with incorrect proxy settings, crashing ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] ReCaptcha2 recognition has been updated to use server addresses from settings.
[*] A bug in Project.GetLastError() in ProjectMaker debug mode has been fixed.
[*] The behavior of ZennoLab.AudioMute.exe has been corrected for several systems.
[*] The bug that caused traffic in ProjectMaker to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed.
[*] The behavior of the “Executed” mode for settings in the extended editor has been corrected.
[*] The behavior of the minimap window has been corrected.
[*] User Interface improvements.

ZennoPoster (20.11.2018)

[+] Onboarding in PM and ZP.
[+] UI enhancements in ProjectMaker.
[+] Conversion to C# for parsing action blocks.
[+] Operation “Remove column” for table processing.

[*] Issue with post request modifying in browser has been fixed.
[*] Bug updating CookieContainer when disabling browser via action block with “Use current browser profile” has been fixed.
[*] Memory leak problem at email processing and error deleting email from server has been solved.
[*] Issue escaping special characters in plugin settings has been solved.
[*] Bug with empty ResponseBody in GetTraffic method has been solved.
[*] Issue changing data in Ajax request has been solved.
[*] Bug opening unknown tabs has been solved.
[*] Action properties resetting has been fixed.
[*] Problem loading mixcloud.com website has been solved.
[*] Bug in FtpChmode has been fixed.
[*] FTP connection now can be renamed.

ZennoPoster (10.10.2018)

[+] Improved mobile device emulation.
[+] Added window.orientation property for mobile device emulation.
[+] Added automatic TouchEvent enabling/disabling (disabled for desktop useragents, enabled for tablet and mobile).
[+] Added orientation type emulation (Instance.ScreenOrientation), orientation angle is adjusted automatically. Moreover, browser profiles will automatically apply orientation.
[+] Added a way to report incorrect Recaptcha2 recognition by Rucaptcha and other services.
[+] Lowered https page loading time in browser, removed extraneous requests.

[*] Fixed Airsocks integration for proxy with authentication.
[*] Fixed various page parsing bugs.
[*] Fixed a profile saving bug that caused domains to be cut off in supercookies.
[*] Fixed a bug that caused an action to disappear when it was being changed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed HTTP request authentication for Youtube.
[*] Fixed a sorting bug in the GetTraffic method.
[*] Fixed various small UI bugs.

ZennoPoster (11.9.2018)

[+] Parse-helper for getting data from webpages.

[*] Issue encoding @ symbol in HTTP-requests has been solved.
[*] Bug downloading file via C# GET-request when specifying wrong encoding has been fixed.
[*] Issue returning values from plugins has been solved.
[*] Problem with incorrect C# compilation error displaying has been solved.
[*] Bug applying changes in Common Code with delay for C# code has been fixed.
[*] Issue with large action designer block size on small screens has been solved.
[*] Few UI bugs have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (22.8.2018)

[+] Saving variables to profile using C#.

[*] Bug not opening settings in Task Manager has been fixed.
[*] Issues with default exit in Switch block have been solved.

ZennoPoster (20.8.2018)

[+] New feature for saving variables with data to profile.
[+] Default settings for adding proxy source in built-in proxychecker.

[*] Bug removing variables used in plugin when cleaning unused variables has been fixed.
[*] Issue with empty execution log in Task Manager has beensolved.
[*] Program settings restoring and saving has been recovered.

ZennoPoster (02.8.2018)

[+] User plugins for ProjectMaker.
[+] When copying actions from project to project in Project Maker values are also copied by default.
[+] Forced interrupting project feature in ZennoPoster. Now you can set timeout for project execution, and, if it's exceeded, freezing threads will be closed automatically.
[+] ProxyChecker now allows to load proxy sources in more than 20 threads.

[*] Error renaming list to existing name has been fixed.
[*] Issue emulating WebGL image hash has been solved.
[*] ProxyChecker stability has been improved.

ZennoPoster (19.7.2018)

[+] New nationalities in profile: UK, France, Germany and Spain.
[+] List and tables can now be named at creation.
[+] Exclusions for methods ZennoPoster.Db (parameter throwException, false by default).
[+] Optimizations for list and tables when working w/out syncing with files.
[+] New option to disable project saving while debugging it and playing “From start”.

[*] The bug with Hotkeys reassignment after restarting the program has been fixed.
[*] Issues muting sound on websites including pages with Flash content have been solved.
[*] Few errors at step-by-step C# code debugging have been fixed.
[*] Text of error messages appearing at project publishing has been corrected.
[*] Problem setting separator for lines and columns in tables via C# code has been solved.
[*] Bugs in post/get requests have been fixed.
[*] Issues in cookie container have been solved.

ZennoPoster (28.6.2018)

[+] Enhanced project publishing with uploading to UserArea option.
[+] Resource monitor allowing to accelerate compiling and starting project in zennoposter as well as make project execution more stable when there is a lack of system resources.
[+] Cookie Container support in HTTP GET/POST and other requests, Now cookies can be synced with browser and POST/GET requests.
[+] Scroll to element method for virtual mouse - FullEmulationMouseWheel(IHtmlElement he, int topOffsetToElementCenter = 50, int leftOffsetToElementCenter = 50).
[+] Enhanced UI sensivity in ZennoPoster.
[+] Implemented Airsocks proxy provider.
[+] Implemented SockHub proxy provider.

[*] Issues working with tables have been solved.
[*] Problems using sms-acktiwator.ru service have been solved.
[*] Bug saving emulated WebRTC IP in profile has been fixed.
[*] Bug displaying changed field values in Profile has been fixed.
[*] Freezing problem during project execution when loading browser profile has been solved.
[*] ZennoPoster.HTTP.RequestBytes now accepts contentType = “multipart/form-data”.
[*] FullEmulationMouseMoveAboveHtmlElement freezing problem when scroll is blocked on a webpage has been solved.
[*] Bug searching answer field for ReCaptchas when there are several similar elements on a webpage has been fixed.
[*] Method Contains in IZennoList class has been improved.
[*] Switch operation has been corrected in ProjectMaker.
[*] Authorization form has been enhanced.
[*] Bug not opening input settings has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (25.5.2018)

[+] Enhanced auto-update of purchased bots in ZennoPoster/ZennoBox.
[+] Improved browser emulation in relation to specific JS features.
[+] Option for WebRTC emulation when setting up proxies.
[+] Back connect proxies are now automatically supported.
[+] Enhanced fonts emulation.
[+] Project editing history which allows to roll back to one of previous change point.
[+] Improved project names displaying in log.
[+] Operation for taking line containing text/matching regex in list and table processing actions.
[+] Ability to pass request body for HTTP DELETE method.
[+] Options for debugging “Common code”.
[+] ProjectName property in LastError class.
[+] ContentDocument property for iframe elements to work with frame document.
[+] Few UI optimizations.

[*] Sound issues when running ZennoPoster have been solved.
[*] Bug ignoring Http.ResponceType in ZennoPoster.HTTP.RequestBytes methods has been fixed.
[*] Problem in HTTP methods working with socks IPv6 proxies has been solved.
[*] Error finding ReCaptcha2 sitekey value on several websites has been fixed.
[*] Bug checking system bitness in project without browser has been fixed.
[*] Notifications when checking proxy sources with enabled Javascript execution have been corrected.

ZennoPoster (20.4.2018)

[+] Improved JS Features emulation for not FireFox browsers (related JS Features checkbox in automatic profiles emulation).
[+] New operation with lists - get number of lines matching certain conditions.

[*] Browser error aboutNetError has been fixed.
[*] Problem with redirects in HTTP POST/GET requests has been solved.
[*] Bug dropping “Execution count” value to default has been fixed.
[*] Bug selecting wrong code in C#code debug has been fixed.
[*] Issues emulating mimeType with empty extensions have been solved.

ZennoPoster (10.4.2018)

[+] Browser profile generating feature has been updated. Now profile is generated basing on real data.
[+] New class ZennoPoster.Http, for creating HTTP request, such as, PUT, DELETE, PATH, etc., has been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] New method EvaluateScript for page document has been added. This allows to execute JavaScript bypassing CORS.
[+] BotUI: Custom elements now can be created in page code.
[+] BotUI: New option to import old InputSettings.
[+] New KeyCaptcha type is not supported.
[+] Absolute paths are now supported for uploading files via (S)FTP(S).

[*] ReCaptcha2 auto-submit now can be performed on website with complex structure of nested frames.
[*] BotUI: Bug with variables mess-up has been fixed.
[*] PM crash when program is running with enabled detailed log has been fixed.
[*] Issue minimizing page dom window when opening it in PM has been solved.
[*] Bug with not working bat files after updating program version has been fixed (bat files need to be recreated once in new version).
[*] Problem with window.name has been solved.
[*] Bug specifying wrong line in error message when compiling own code has been fixed.
[*] Bug resetting execution count to default value in Task manager has been fixed.
[*] Issues with anti-virus wrong detection have been solved.
[*] Issue uploading images to cloud.google.com/vision and imgur.com has been solved.

ZennoPoster (2.3.2018)

[+] Search for elements by CSS-selector has been implemented. Related methods QuerySelector and QuerySelectorAll have been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] ZennoPoster UI responsiveness when it's running large number of tasks and threads has been improved.
[+] Global timeout for parsing with regular expression has been added. Now your project won't stuck in zennoposter at endless parsing if your regex is wrong.

[*] Issues with unexpected program notifications when loading purchased templates have been solved.

ZennoPoster (22.2.2018)

[+] New feature for publishing project [Beta]
[+] Improved user privacy. Now the software does not keep customer's e-mail in registry, writing user ID instead. This allows to avoid stealing user data.
[+] Autoupdate of project version [Beta]
[+] Emulation of all possible WebGL parameters.
[+] Browser notifications processing. You can now handle site notifications, allow or block them. Notification message can be read using macros {-Page.LastNotificationTitle-} and {-Page.LastNotificationText-}
[+] ReCaptcha2 can now be recognized via sitekey directly on CapMonster without emulating services.
[+] BotUI: The option to set proxy for project and selecting proxy rules.
[+] BotUI: The option to move elements by grid using Arrows holding Ctrl modifier.
[+] BotUI: Font selection in label element.
[+] The option to capture screen of visible page part from action has been added.
[+] Optimized threads running in zennoposter. Now tasks are running faster when large number of projects added to ZennoPoster.
[+] Improved logging with displaying project name which error occured in. This is very convenient when you use a lot of nested projects.
[+] Extended SetValue method with new optional parameter for writing additional text to existing content.
[+] Extended GetTraffic for getting request and response body. Traffic analyzing is more effective now.
[+] New sms-service sms-acktiwator.ru.
[+] Extended EvaluateScript method, for websites with broken eval method. If you call an alternative method for executing the script, it will attempt to execute code without eval method.

[+] Bugs with connection by sFTP have been fixed.
[+] Possible data leak through Firefox Resources Reader has been fixed.
[+] C# code editing while executing project has been corrected.
[+] Bug cleaning history in Firefox 52 has been fixed.
[+] Issue setting sertificated in Firefox 52 has been solved.
[+] Bug catching OpenFileDialog for flash uploads has been fixed.
[+] ZennoPoster.IpTools.GetTimezone method has been corrected,
[+] Problem saving changed WebGL data to Profile has been solved.
[+] Issues with keyboard emulation when using Google search and pressing dot.
[+] Bug manually closing instance window on Windows 7 has been fixed.
[+] PM crashing bugs on Windows 7 with certain Net.Framework version have been fixed.
[+] Bug not creating new variable in InputSettings has been fixed.
[+] Bug hoovering coursor on list blocks in PM has been fixed.
[+] Issues opening Code Creator on certain computers have been solved.
[+] BotUI: Multiselect has been corrected.
[+] BotUI: Eelement selection and editing have been fixed.
[+] BotUI: Saving values in input settings field has been fixed.
[+] BotUI: Tab switching has been corrected.
[+] BotUI: Html code garbage has been removed.
[+] BotUI: Problems with pointer-events: none have been solved.
[+] BotUI: Code alignment is now possible.
[+] BotUI: Adding <script> to onclick button is possible only with onclick handler.
[+] BotUI: ElementId attribute for checkBox has been corrected.
[+] BotUI: Notification at manual code editing that edited element should have ID from numbers has been added.
[+] BotUI: Numeration of object ID's when working with several opened projects has been corrected.
[+] BotUI: Issues with animation when using animate.css have been solved.
[+] BotUI: Problem switching tabs with symbols “:” or “.” in title has been solved.
[+] Corrected documentation.
[+] Minor UI optimizations.

ZennoPoster (23.1.2018)

[+] Extended WebGL emulation with preferences.instance.WebGLPreferences
[+]toString() emulation for JavaScript objects depending on UserAgent of emulated browser. Related property in API - bool Instance.UseToStringEmulation { get;set; },
[+] Proxy initially considered as live are now can be removed by lifetime, see parameters in option “Remove old proxies from live list when loading”in proxy source settings.
[+] New sms-service smska.net.
[+] New sms-service 5sim.net.
[+] Log optimizations.

[*] Problems running FireFox 45 browser on some systems have been solved.
[*] Bug not removing unused variables has been fixed. .
[*] Issues launching browser in demo-version have been solved. .
[*] File upload window operation when performing manual actions in FireFox 52 has been corrected.
[*] Bug corrupting project when using ReCaptcha2 action block has been fixed,
[*] Minor bugs executing javascript have been fixed.
[*] Bug removing files when wrong directory is set in FTP action block has been fixed.
[*] Fixed hung during debug in ProjectMaker.
[*] Few minor fixes in UI have been made.

ZennoPoster (28.12.2017)

[+] WebGL parameters emulation. Documentation here.
[+] AudioDevice parameters emulation. Documentation here.

[*] Bug with BotUI freezing when editing button object in BotUI (PropertyGrid control) on Windows 10 (1709).
[*] Bug loading additional fonts from profile has been fixed.
[*] Proxychecker freezing bug when checking proxies has been fixed.
[*] Few minor UI bugs have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (26.12.2017)

[+] Improved fonts emulation. New property has been added to ZennoPoster API instance.FontsFolder, which allows to add fonts without installing them in system.
[+] Methods for working with timezone in IANA format have been added (supported in FireFox 52+): instance.GetIanaTimezone and instance.SetIanaTimezone
[+] ReCaptcha2 form search when recognizing captcha via services has been improved in standard action block.

[*] Hotfix: timezone emulation bugs have been fixed.
[*] Webgl2 emulation has been added to Firefox45.
[*] ProjectMaker crashing bug when running BotUI on 32-bit system has been fixed.
[*] Bug updating element properties when inspecting elements has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (21.12.2017)

[+] New browser engine Firefox 64-bit.
[+] Settings to connect proxy services.
[+] AWM-proxy service.
[+] Virtualsms.ru service.
[+] Webgl and webgl2 contex in Canvas emulation.
[+] Improved TimeZone emulation..
[+] Accelerated UI operation in PM when working with large projects.

[*] Issues hiding navigator object fields have been solved. .
[*] Program stability has been improved.
[*] Starting browser problems have been solved.
[*] HID.exe errors have been fixed.
[*] Issues copying BotUI elements have been solved.
[*] Image distortion bug when emulating Canvas has been fixed.
[*] Issues getting DOM code of a page ({-Page.Dom-}) have been solved.
[*] Bug removing file binding when copying operation with list/tables has been fixed.
[*] Project autosave problem when there are no free spaces at local drive C has been solved.
[*] Error serializing parameters has been fixed.
[*] Errors recognizing ReCaptcha2 via RuCaptcha and Antigate services have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (21.11.2017)

[+] Optimizations for browser bases start and running have been made.
[+] Standard KeyKaptcha support has been recovered (requires CapMonster license for proper work)
[+] New option to disable log notifications when using multi-browser has been added to program settings (Settings→Debug→Show notifications about not matching browser version)
[+] C# methods for switching browser version have been added to zennoposter API (void Instance.Launch(BrowserType type, bool useProfile)).
[+] Stability improvements have been made.
[+] Interface optimizations have been performed.

[*] Bug cleaning non-used variables in BotUI has been fixed.
[*] Issue Importing input settings in BotUI has been solved.
[*] Text displaying has been corrected in BotUI..
[*] Issues using macros in static blocks in Code Creator have been solved.
[*] Bug crashing Firefox 52 browser when cleaning browser cache for certain domain has been fixed.
[*] Bug not saving proxy sources at program restart has been fixed.
[*] Few interface fixes have been made..
[*] Errors working with services Sms-reg.com and GetSmsOnline have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (27.10.2017)

[+] New button types have been added to BotUI, as well as options to manage zennoposter templates.
[+] Interactive settings for buttons are now available in BotUI.
[+] BotUI design has been improved.
[+] Recognizing ReCaptcha 2 via Death By Captcha service is now possible.
[+] Improvements in proxy blacklist have been made (sorting blacklist and import-export).
[+] The parameter throwException for BulkMailDownload method has been added allowing to generate exceptions when errors occur during mail processing.
[+] Firefox 52 engine performance has been optimized.

[*] UI Fix: Few interface errors have been fixed.
[*] Authorization errors processing has been improved (Get Auth Credentials error).
[*] Issues using proxy when recognizing ReCaptcha2 in projects without browser have been solved.
[*] When file is moved to source path program log shows warning to avoid missing files by mistake
[*] Issues with plugin emulation in Firefox 52 engine have been solved. .
[*] Bug uploading file via popup on such websites as such as www.photodex.com has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (9.10.2017)

[+] Regex history has been added to Regex Contructor.
[+] Sheduler has been updated. It now allows to repeat templates with more that 24 hours interval.

[*] Bug with Javascript on page execution has been fixed.
[*] ReCaptcha2 action issue workign with invisible recaptcha2 on search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly website has been fixed.
[*] Bug saving profile via C# when browser is disabled has been fixed.
[*] Issues with Action Designer at specific interface windows position have been solved.
[*] Bug not increazing microfonts in notes has been fixed.
[*] “Show instances” button operation has been corrected. .

ZennoPoster (22.9.2017)

[+] Multi-browser functionality has been implemented. In addition to FireFox 45 ESR, we've added new FireFox 52 ESR engine
[+] New operation “Run instance” has been added. Using it you can switch browser version inside a project, if needed.
[+] Button element has been added to BotUI for more convenient editing.
[+] New parameter for displaying date in template exeuciton log has been added to zennoposter.

[*] PM hanging when displaying notification about new available version has been fixed.
[*] Threads stop running problem after working some time has been solved.
[*] Issue loading projects and assemblies from network resources has been solved.
[*] Bug ignoring “,” symbol when loading *.csv table has been fixed.
[*] Issue uploading photos to Google services via proxy has been solved.
[*] Bug clicking input field on Hotmail has been fixed.
[*] Problem loading tables from files has been solved in Code Creator.
[*] Scroll positioning has been corrected when working with project minimap.

ZennoPoster (6.9.2017)

[+] Emulation of GetRects fingerprint has been added - getClientRects. Related C# properties have been added to API: instance.ClientRectWorkMode, instance.ClientRectSeed.
[+] IndexedDB controlling has been implemented into ZennoPoster. Related C# methods have been added to API: instance.LoadIndexedDb, instance.SaveIndexedDb.
[+] Sorting fractional numbers is now supported in tables.
[+] Assemblies compiled for .NET 4.5 version are now supported and can be loaded into zennoposter..

[*] New option “Run bases sequentually” has been added to Program settings>Instance tab. It can be used on computers with powerful hardware if threads are starting too fast and cause system hanging.
[*] The bug missing or mixing up proxies with 5+ threads for one process parameter in program settings has been fixed.
[*] Incorrect browser behavior in ProjectMaker when switching from non-browser project to usual project with browser has been fixed.
[*] Program stability has been improved. Issues leading to program freezing on some computers have been solved.
[*] Bug selecting data in browser w/out content mode has been fixed.
[*] Threads stopping has been optimized.
[*] Problems with layout sizes in BotUI have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (18.8.2017)

[+] Audio fingerprint emulation has been added. Unique fingerprint is generated at project start and saved in profile.
[+] Emulation of output audio devices has been added to WebRTC.
[+] Projects now can be run simultaneously in Task Manager. (Groups of tasks have been added, Projects in group can be run simultaneosly, groups of tasks are executed one by one.)
[+] Virtual mouse drag&drop feature has been added. Related C# methods have been added to Tab class in APi - FullEmulationMouseDragAndDrop(int fromX, int fromY, int toX, int toY) and FullEmulationMouseDragAndDrop(HtmlElement fromHe, HtmlElement toHe).
[+] Blacklist for proxy sources has been added in buil-in ProxyChecker in ZennoPoster.
[+] Folder selection has been added in BotUI.
[+] The option to delete processed e-mail has been added.

[*] Problems in WebRTC emulation when reloading page have been fixed.
[*] Issues working with Google translate via web interface in Text Processing>Translation action block have been solved .
[*] Bug loading files via flash uploader has been fixed.
[*] Issues with RSS sources in proxychecker have been solved.
[*] Displaying proxy field for CapMonster.dll module in Recognize ReCaptcha2 block properties has been corrrected.
[*] Bug opening Yandex.Mail with enabled timezone emulation has been fixed.
[*] Bug with audio adapter noize at program start has been fixed.
[*] Program stability has been improved.
[*] Issues with autocomplete in action properties fields have been solved.
[*] Problem sorting tasks by time in ZennoPoster has been solved.

ZennoPoster (03.08.2017)

[+] New action Get folders list in directory has been added.
[+] Text input when ReCaptcha2 asks user to enter text to continue working has been added.
[+] New option to disable autocomplete in action block input fields has been added if autocomplete causes inconvenience..

[*] Project stuck problems have been solved.
[*] Instance freezing bugs have been fixed.
[*] Issues with invisible recaptcha2 on several websites when recognizing it trough antigate and rucaptcha. services have been solved
[*] Issues recognizing recaptcha2 Vkontakte through anitgate and rucaptcha services have been solved.
[*] Minimum number of attemots for recognizing ReCaptcha2 through services has been increased in rc2 action block, so that workers on services have time to solve it.
[*] Few issues with virtual mouse have been solved.
[*] Bug with not working right mouse click in PM browser has been fixed.
[*] Bug with first opening BotUI settings in ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] Issues executing Javascript code in BotUI have been solved.
[*] Bug opening language menu in BotUI has been fixed.
[*] Content dissappearing problem in first BotUI tab when opening new tab has been solved.
[*] Issue writing BotUI errors to log has been solved.
[*] Bug removing list and table files when working with them simultaneously in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Problem of ZennoPoster long time closing at high usage has been solved.
[*] Problems with proxies in nested projects have been solved.
[*] Issues with registation on few Polish websites have been solved.
[*] Memory leak bug in ProjectMaker when working with lists and tables not bound to file has been fixed.
[*] Interaction with Proxifier software has been optimized.
[*] Problems displaying http get/post requests in Traffic window have been solved.
[*] Project recovering has been corrected.
[*] Few minor bugs in UI have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (29.6.2017)

[+] BotUI localization facilities have been added. It is now possible to create bot interface on different languages and no needed to create separate projects for customers from different countries.
[+] ReCaptcha2 action block now supports captchas with auto-submit.
[+] ReCaptcha2 action block now works on page with several captchas where only visible catpcha should be recognized.
[+] Audio/video devices now can be enulated in WebRTC. For it the value WebRTCMode.Emulate should be set to Instance.WebRTCWorkMode property. To get list of devices available in the system, new method Instance.GetWebRTCDevices(), which returns element collection WebRtcDeviceItem, should be used. Instance.ShowWebRTCDevice method allows to enable devices, Instance.HideWebRTCDevice method - to disable them from list. To create device, you should fill in WebRtcDeviceItem fields: type, name and device ID. Device identifier usually has the following format {} {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. All WebRTC settings - operation mode, devices and addresses can now be saved in profile. When you physically change the device list, you should click “Restart” in ProjectMaker, or start a new database in ZennoPoster.
[+] New feature to work with fonts, which available in browser, has been added (without emulating in Flash yet). To get fonts list, the method Instance.GetFonts() should be used. Fonts can be enabled using Instance.ShowFont method and disabled with Instance.HideFont method. If you enable a font, which is not actually exists in your system, it won't be shown, but will be saved in current fonts list of instance. When the font will be added to you system, it will be displayed in browser. Fonts list can be saved to profile, if you didn't edit fonts list, default list will be saved. To emulate fonts you should enable “Dedicated process” in project settings, as emulated list can't be devided to instances.
[+] Few UI improvements have been made (action search option added, fast action block creation can be set up for hotkeys in ProjectMaker).
[+] New option in program settings - Settings→Execution→ Save files safely (enabled by default) has been added. This allows to avoid corrupting lists and tables when computer shuts down unexpectedly . This option slows down data processing and can be disabled if it is not required.

[*] Operation of instance.AddToTitle method has been corrected.
[*] Issues with ChangeRequest and ChangeResponse methods in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker not working, when Traffic window is displayed, have been solved.
[*] Bug misleading \r and \r\n in Regex Constructor has been fixed.
[*] Bug corrupting Proxifier profile has been fixed.
[*] False error bug when adding watermark to image has been fixed.
[*] Problems in Chinese JsdatiCaptcha captcha service operation have been soilved .
[*] Issues when extended e-mail processing editor unexpectedly closed have been solved.

ZennoPoster (13.06.2017)

[+]The option to process and save HSTS Super Cookie in browser profile has been added to both api method and action block. HSTS Super Cookie is cleaned with all cookies. Similar methods as for working with standard cookies, have been added: void instance.SaveSuperCookie(string path), byte[] instance.SaveSuperCookie(), void instance.LoadSuperCookie(string path), void instance.LoadSuperCookie(byte[] cookie), void instance.SetSuperCookie(string cookie), string instance.GetSuperCookie(string domain = default(string)).
[+] New action block for recognizing Recaptcha2 via services Anti-captcha, RuCaptcha. Imagetypers and Capmonster has been added. Now you can add this block to your project, it will find recaptcha2 on webpage and recognize it via service. New action allows to recognize standart ReCaptcha2, ReCaptcha 2 Invisible and use GET/POST requests to recognize captcha via services Anti-captcha, RuCaptcha. Imagetypers.
[+] Elements multi-select is now supported in BotUI.
[+] Actions history (Cancel/Repeat) is now possible in BotUI.
[+] Moving controls by arrows on keyboard is now possible in BotUI.
[+] Hotkeys Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for copying/pasting elements have been added to BotUI.
[+] New element properties clientwidth and clientheight have been added to ActionsDesigner, related properties HtmlElement.BoundingClientWidth and HtmlElement.BoundingClientHeight have been added to zennoposter API. They can be called using HtmlElement.GetAttribute and return BoundingClientWidth and BoundingClientHeight. Old width and height attributes now display ScrollWidth and Scroll Height.
[+] Special buttons to open InputSettings/BotUI have been added to ZennoPoster application.
[+] The option to copy message text from log have been added to log context menu.
[+] Threads processing have been optimized. Now they are running more faster.
[+] Timezone emulation has been improved.
[+] Newtonsoft.Json dependencies have been removed. If you need to load certain version of this assembly, this can be made without editing config files.

[*] Connected mic and webcam now are not shown when disabling WebRTC.
[*] Several issues working with Proxifier have been solved.
[*] Bug with disappearing empty project from ProjectMaker when opening another project has been solved.
[*] Issues with socks5 proxies with authorization working at high number of connections have been solved.
[*] Bug displaying variable in context menu of C# code block has been solved.
[*] Problem with garbage files growing at project crash or working with nested project has been solved.
[*] Issues loading several dependencies from the same assembly have been solved.
[*] Bug not deleting non-breaking space via Trim has been fixed. .
[*] Problem running PHP projects from CodeCreator in ZennoPoster has been solved.
[*] Few bugs in UI have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (29.05.2017)

[+] Manual editing of HTML-code has been added BotUI
[+] Performance has been improved BotUI.
[+] Content of request and response now can be replaced using the following methods.
ChangeRequest and
[+] Connections processing has been improved.
[+] Slight improvements in UI have been made.

[*] Import of input settings via bat-file has been fixed.
[*] Errors with copying of table block between projects has been fixed.
[*] Link from PM browser address bar is not copied by right click.
[*] Problem with creating huge amount of temp files has been fixed.
[*] Problem with restarting instance in ProjectMaker have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (12.05.2017)

[+] HtmlAgilityPack dependencies have been removed.

[*] Browser crash when working with popups has been fixed.
[*] Bug opening browser in nested project has been fixed.
[*] MicrosoftTranslate API is now supported again.
[*] Issue with“InputSettings” and “Bot UI” added to project at the same time has been solved .
[*] Few UI bugs on small resolution screen have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (05.05.2017)

[+] New static block BotUI has been added.
[+] The option to execute JS script in “In all tabs” has been added.
[+] The option “Do not switch focus from other processes (some websites may not work properly)” has been added. This allows to avoid screen blinking and active focus loosing problems when working with ZennoPoster. Note that your templates should be checked whether they work correctly with this option as some websites require active focus for browser (for example VK).
[+] New option “Open browser if required” has been added to C# method “ProjectInProject”.
[+] Network connections processing has been improved. .
[+] New filter “Cloudflare proxy” has been added to ProxyChecker. If websites are not behind cloudflare, then IP cloudflare won't work as http proxy. This filter will allow to decline attempts to work with such websites.
[+] Few minor UI improvements have been made.

[*] The issue sending empty picture instead of captcha when working in Browser w/out content mode in PM has been solved.
[*] Problem with right mouse click in dropdown list has been solved.
[*] Bug with instance reload in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Issues not closing context menu have been solved
[*] Problem of incorrect operation at red exit after executing nested project has been solved.
[*] Bug updating profile in CodeCreator interface has been fixed.
[*] Bug not adding first line from list to first column of the table when importing list to table has been fixed.
[*] Issue that extra empty line appears in the list when deleting empty line from list has been solved.
[*] Problem selecting birth year using profile macro when registering on some sites has been solved.
[*] Updating profile field in PM interfaces when loading profile manually from Human/Profile tabs in top toolbar has been fixed. .

ZennoPoster (20.04.2017)

[+] Summer time is now considered for automatic timezone emulation.
[+] Number of downloaded e-mails now can be changed in E-mail processing action. This allows to decrease project execition time and reduce traffic.
[+] New method FullEmulationMouseWheel for emulating virtual mouse scroll has been added.
[+] New method instance.StopDownloads() for stopping background downloads has been added.
[+] Program stability has been improved.
[+] Enabled “Line numbering option in C# block” is now remembered..
[+] Diagnostic tools have been extended.

[*] Bug in ProjectMaker scrolling two windows at the same time has been fixed.
[*] Issue not getting proxy from proxychecker in project without browser has been solved.
[*] Bug focusing element by right mouse click on it has been fixed.
[*] Bug duplicating headers in response to GET-request with redirect has been fixed.
[*] Errors converting database action to C# code have been fixed.
[*] Few minor bugs in UI have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (23.03.2017)

[+] New sms service give-sms.com has been added
[+] New method GetTraffic for getting last navigated urls has been added..
[+] New method PageScale for setting up page view scale from code has been added.
[+] Methods GetBrowserPreference и SetBrowserPreference for configuring browser settings from code have been added.
[+] Automatic system time emulation has been improved

[*] Transparent images are now rotated correctly without loosing transparency.
[*] Issues loading certain websites have been solved.
[*] The bug loading pages on Yandex.WebMaster when emulating timezone has been fixed.
[*] The error selecting default timezone in standard action block has been fixed.
[*] The issue with mouse emulation in automatically created tab has been solved.
[*] Infinite scroll bug when using virtual mouse has been fixed.
[*] The bug processing redirects in HTTP GET/POST requests has been fixed.
[*] The problem sending element to Action Designer when element properties were not displayed and element was not focused in Elements Tree has been solved.
[*] The issue prrocessing SPAM folder when downloading e-mails from GMAIL has been solved.
[*] The bug not changing project.Proxy value via instance.SetProxy method has been fixed.
[*] The bug loading profile w'out proxy and not removing current proxy has been fixed.
[*] The bug not updating project.Proxy value when returning from nested project has been fixed.
[*] The issue with “Remove previous proxies” option in source settings not removing proxies from live list has been solved.
[*] Documentation for the program has been edited and corrected.
[*] Few minor bugs in UI have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (13.03.2017)

[+] New methods SetWebRTCAdresses and GetWebRTCAdresses for emulating IP via WebRTC have been added. They allow to set the IP which you want to show to websites via WebRTC.
[+] The option for getting e-mail settings automatically have been updated in E-mail processing action. Now it shows the message “Could not receive e-mail settings” for domains with unknown auto-settings.
[+] ZennoPoster software have been included into WhiteList of Kaspersky antivirus software. Now exe files of our software won't be wrongly treated as viruses in Kaspersky. Note that the option Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) should be enabled in Kaspersky settings. KSN - is cloud storage of WhiteList data, and if this is not enabled, or you don't have active internet connection, Kaspersky won't get information about running exe file.

[*] The problem when ZennoPoster crashes during long work has been solved. If the problem repeats in this version, please run Diagnostic.exe and send us report.zip. After that, to avoid the problem, please enable the option “Show notifications only in log” in program settings,
[*] ProjectMaker crash bug when inspecting element has been fixed
[*] ProjectMaker interface freezing problem when opening action properties with long text has been solved.
[*] Bugs related to Comment field control in action properties, such as writing text to comment instead of text field,  inserting text using Ctrl+V, Ctrl button hanging and operation of other hotkeys, have been fixed.
[*] The bug downloading file through complicated Javascript redirect has been fixed.
[*] Not necessary operations in program interface, which could delay UI performance, have been removed.
[*] The bug with not working Add tags/Delete tags buttons in Element Tree has been fixed.
[*] Issues processing 32-bit images when changing image size or cropping have been fixed.
[*] Interface layout of few actions properties has been corrected.
[*] Memory leak in CheckingProcessor process at low usage has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (02.03.2017)

[+] The option to emulate geolocation by IP has been added. Now when installing proxy you can enable “Emulate Timezone” and “Emulate geolocation” parameters. ZennoPoster will identify related geolocation by IP-address and set required values for parameters.
[+] Work with cookies in profile has been improved.
[+] New sms-service simsms.org have been added.
[+] New sms-service getsms.online have been added.
[+] The option to display browser zoom if it differs from 100% has been added.
[+] Additional checks for existing assemblies have been added in order to ensure proper program work.
[+] New methods for working with IP (to get GeoPostion and TimeZone) have been added. See docs here.
[+] The Method SetProxy has been improved and now includes Geo-location and Timezone emulation.

[*] The bug with freezing context menu in PM panel windows has been fixed.
[*] The bug with default form and document number in Action Designer has been fixed.
[*] The issue not saving action comment in action properties has been solved.
[*] The with instance hanging after restarting it in nested project has been solved.
[*] The issue with wrong project file associations has been solved.
[*] Few IntelliSearch problems have been solved.
[*] The bug when PM closes at opening profile tabs Human/Browser has been fixed.
[*] Few bugs in UI ProjectMaker have
[*] The problem with proxy sources going dead has been solved.
[*] The problem with frame disabling has been solved.
[*] The issue disabling windows error reporing in program settings has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (16.02.2017)

[+] Protection block has been updated. Since this version, you can select lowest ZennoPoster version, where your project can be executed. This allows to increase compatibility and ensure safety of projects.
[+] Virtual mouse operation has been optimized to improve reading and viewing element emulation.
[+] Virtual mouse pramaters now can be adjusted from code.
[+] The option to access document properties from C# code has been added, see new methods document.ReadyState and document.Referrer.

[*] The problem of high CPU usage on some machines has been solved.
[*] Memory leak bug at high ZennoPoster workload has been fixed.
[*] Some optimizations for speeding up nested projects opening have been added.
[*] Few minor issues in UI have been solved.

ZennoPoster (10.02.2017)

With the new release we have two important news items for you!

Taking into attention many user requests, we have added virtual mouse feature. This feature allows to emulate human behavior on a website, for example, proper cursor moving, reading titles, articles, viewing pictures. For the first release, we have made it available in C# snippets.
This is how it looks in WebVisor see here.
Virtual mouse move methods see in the article.
We are going to develop this feature further in next versions to make it smarter and easier-to-use.
We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Also, in new build, we've migrated to new .NET Framework version. It will allow us to develop our product faster and efficiently!
For proper work the program requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 and higher.

This means that next versions of ZennoPoster won't be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, because Microsoft has stopped supporting them year ago and won't update their workbench.

[+] Mouse move emulation has been extended.
[+] PM UI now allows to stick projects on Start page.
[+] Memory usage for JSON and XML processing has been significantly reduced.
[+] CPU usage during projects execution has been optimized.
[+] Log view has been optimized.
[+] SetTimeZone method has been optimized, it now enables timezone emulation automatically. Default Timezone value can be returned using TimezoneWorkMode property.
[+] New method instance.Reload() has been added to ZP API allowing to restart instance from code.

[*] The bug focusing browser window has been fixed. Keyboard emulation operation has been improved.
[*] Issues with project view in PM interface have been solved.
[*] The bug with blurred action blocks displaying in project editor has been fixed. .
[*] Timezone emulation has been corrected and now works properly on such websites as instagram.com, textnow.com, etc..
[*] The bugs loading profile and its further editing from code have been fixed.
[*] The bug when Input Settings opening blocked program UI has been fixed.
[*] PM lags when working with Actions Designer and selecting field for uploading has been fixed.
[*] The bug with not working Start/Stop operation for large number of selected projects has been fixed.
[*] The bug with non-active address field when adding proxy source has been fixed.
[*] HardwareConcurrency field default value has been corrected.
[*] The bug displaying old profile data in Human/Browser tabs in PM after loading new profile has been fixed.
[*] Few minor bugs in PM UI have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (25.01.2017)

[+] Diagnostic tools have been improved.
[+] Animation of project execution in ProjectMaker has been improved.
[+] Proxy autosearch by google/bing has been optimized. Now it consumes much less CPU.

[*] The problem with instance hang at running has been solved.
[*] Memory leak bug when processing e-mails has been fixed.
[*] Enabling WebRTC has been fixed.
[*] Click problem in Yandex,Direct has been solved.

ZennoPoster (19.01.2017)

[+] DevExpress components have been updated, Due to this, interface sensitivity and responsiveness have been increased as well as interface localization has been improved.
[+] The feature to emulate time zone for Javascript has been added. It can be used from action Browser ➙ Settings ➙ TimeZone or related method SetTimezone in program API.
[+] Regex Constructor interface has been improved and now includes tabs.
[+] New option to display parsing time has been added to Regex Constructor. This allows to create fast parsing regex.
[+] Sending captcha to services has been improved. Non-valid pictures won't be sent to services.
[+] New method of forced memory cleaning in instance has been added. More details here.
[+] Project file is now selected automatically when opening project directory.
[+] Optimizations to speed up memory loading and usage. have been made.
[+] Canvas blocking has been improved.
[+] Instance cleanup after finishing project execution has been improved.

[*] The issue minimizing ProjectMaker window has been solved.
[*] Interface lags/freezes have been fixed in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker.
[*] Issues causing slow ZennoPoster closing have been solved.
[*] The bug loading worpress.com has been fixed.
[*] The bug loading files manually into instance by WaitForUserAction has been fixed.
[*] Instance displaying when executing project in it has been improved.
[*] Project recording in CodeCreator has been corrected.
[*] The issue accessing globalsettings from Appdomain when executing OwnCode has been solved.
[*] The bug when proxy sources going dead within long time on high-loaded systems has been fixed.
[*] The bug rechecking live proxies when working with large proxy base has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (28.12.2016)

[+] New Installer allows to install several ZennoPoster versions on one computer. Different products can be registered to different accounts and installed on the same computer. If installer prompts you to install .NET Framework 2.0/3.5, please allow it, as this is one time operation. In case automatic installation on server has failed, you can find the instructions for manual installation here - https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn482071.aspx
[+] UI processing has been sped up in ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster.
[+] Program performance has been improved.
[+] Canvas emulation has been improved. Emulation should be enabled before visiting webpage, not after opening it.
[+] New feature to execute Javascript when creating webpage window (DOMWindowCreated) has been added. You can re-define any Javascript object before first request to website.
[+] Arrows of active action are now highlighted.
[+] Moved arrows are now highlighted.
[+] The error message “Project does not contain Input Settings”, when user does not have rights to run project, has been replaced with correct message.
[+] The option to disable notification in log about successful project completion has been added (Settings➙ Other ➙ Logging settings ➙ Show notification about successful project completion in log.
[+] Getting proxy from proxychecker action now works in PM as well as related option in C# code.
[+] CSV files processing has been improved.
[+] The option “Remember cursor position in C# block”. has been added (Settings ➙ Editor). Current line is remembered by default, and code will be opened at this line, but if enable this setting, code will be opened at last cursor position.

[*] Bugs causing ZennoPoster interface lags/freezing have been fixed.
[*] Bugs causing ProjectMaker interface lags/freezing have been fixed.
[*] Browser crash bug on several websites have been fixed.
[*] Errors causing instability in ZennoPoster operation have been fixed.
[*] Browser issues working on Yandex.Direct and Vimeo sites have been solved.
[*] Issues displaying floating layout in social network Vkontakte and other websites at low display resolution have been solved.
[*] Delays at mouse move emultation have been removed.
[*] “Follow the cursor” option has been fixed and returned to context menu.
[*] Problem loosing cookies after long time work has been solved.
[*] Search e-mail bug when processing e-mails via POP3 if server sends e-mails in incorrect order has been fixed.
[*] The bug causing base..exe processes to hang when using nested projects has been fixed
[*] The problem debugging nested projects which require to run browser has been solved.
[*] The bug causing endless initialization of base.exe has been fixed.
[*] Issue downloading files with too long names has been solved.
[*] Some extra settings have been removed from globalsetttings.settings.
[*] The issue extending project drawing when recording project has been solved.
[*] Dialog message when opening project by double clock is not shown any more,
[*] Operation of buttons (Restart, Play and Stop) in Advanced Editor has been corrected.
[*] The bug not saving “Show instances” status when re-opening program has been fixed .
[*] Problems loading/saving profiles on asian Windows locales have been solved.
[*] The bug with operation Take DOM ➙ Parsing ➙ one match ➙ Random. has been fixed
[*] THe bug with regions in C# code has been fixed.
[*] Errors converting actions to C# code have been solved.
[*] Ctrl+Y hotkey operation has been corrected.
[*] Context menu in instance has been removed.
[*] The bug parsing cookies from several websites at redirect in HTTP POST / GET requests has been fixed.
[*] Few interface issues have been fixed.
[*] Now ZennoPoster identifies working environment at startup and determines whether GPU can be used to speed up graphic drawing or not.
If ZennoPoster detected GPU incorrectly, you can always enable it manually in program settings. (Settings ➙ Instance ➙ Use GPU to speed up drawing.)
Enabling this option without existed GPU can lead to incorrect program work.
[*] The bug with operation Data ➙ Directory ➙ Path to file when it returned empty path for non-existing file and executed successfully has been fixed. If you have this action in your projects, you should mark it as Optional to use it in old and new versions.

ZennoPoster (10.11.2016)

[+] Emulation of Geo-location has been added.
[+] E-mail processing now allows to use proxy.
[+] Connections processing has been optimized in browser.
[+] ProjectMaker interface responsiveness has been optimized.
[+] Browser anonymity has been improved (improved clearing ETag, Http Auth and TLS Ticket).
[+] Improvements in ProjectMaker UI - Now it is possible to move arrows if several arrows lead to the same point.
[+] Improvements in ProjectMaker UI - Displaying of resulted variable/list/table on action block has been improved.
[+] Improvements in ProjectMaker UI - “Do not return value” is enabled by default in Own code→C# action.
[+] Availability of ProxyChecker now depends on ZennoPoster release date. If ProxyChecker updates are paid and expire later than ZennoPoster release date, than ProxyChecker functionality will be available in ZennoPoster.

[*] Problems processing e-mails have been solved.
[*] Issues running PM on weak computers have been solved.
[*] Error exporting Input settings has been fixed when the field Help was missing at export.
[*] The bug launching Flash and other plugins processes, if they are not required, has been fixed.
[*] Fixed browser crash on some sites.
[*] Issues writing HTTP Auth credentials has been solved.
[*] ProjectMaker lags have been fixed.
[*] The bug with keyboard emulation in ProjectMaker writing long text has been fixed.
[*] Inspect element errors have been fixed in zoomed out browser (less than 100% size view).
[*] Camrip when displaying action blocks in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] The bug setting proxy via Browser menu has been fixed. Now the macro {-Project.Proxy-} returns correct proxy after setting proxy manually.
[*] Switch displaying problems have been solved.
[*] The bug when Traffic Monitor stopped working after instance restart has been fixed.
[*] Problems escaping symbols in extended spintax have been solved.
[*] Error getting last element from random results at Text processing→Regexp operation has been solved.
[*] The bug copying actions from other project with non-existing variables has been fixed.
[*] Fixed bug in C# debug with blocks project.Json and project.Xml.
[*] Fixed proxification of instance child process via Proxifier.

ZennoPoster (17.10.2016)

[+] Scrolling has been added to static panel. It works if panel contains large number of blocks.
[+] Processing multi-line title with parameters is now supported in Input Settings.
[+] CPU usages has been reduced, WMI Process Host does not consume a lot of resources anymore.

[*] The issue with right click in popup not working after several opening/closing the popup has been solved.
[*] Interface lags/hangs have been fixed in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker.
[*] The bug displaying Traffic monitoring window has been fixed.
[*] The issue saving and loading session cookies on several sites has been solved.
[*] Interface error when selecting separator in table has been solved.
[*] Resetting tags in Actions Constructor when changing form # has been fixed.
[*] Displaying issues when using MouseMove methods in PM have been fixed.
[*] The bug with element waiting not working in IntelliSearch have been fixed.
[*] The bug not displaying facebook comments widget on some websites has been fixed.
[*] The bug displaying browser content in ZennoPoster with enabled “Browser w/out content” option in project settings has been fixed.
[*] Incorrect arrows drawing has been fixed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Issues working on Odnoklassniki.ru website have been solved.
[*] The bug displaying borders around elements has been fixed.
[*] Issues when restarting instances in nested projects have been solved.
[*] Issues using Proxifier on some systems have been solved.

ZennoPoster (23.09.2016)

[*] Html element search speedup
[*] Fixed high CPU usage with small amount of working threads.
[*] Reduce memory usage on facebook site. Bug reported to mozilla to be fixed in future releases of FireFox.
[*] Fixed keyboard emulation during debug in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed button “Copy to regex builder”.
[*] Fixed some problems with action designer.
[*] Fixed scroll to top issue when Highlighting element.
[*] Fixed issue in removing duplicates from table with blank lines.
[*] Fixed issue with double cookie and cache cleaning.
[*] Fixed issue with removing lines from the list.
[*] Fixed CodeCreator debug issue.
[*] Fixed table viewer for tables with \n

ZennoPoster (21.09.2016)

[+] Browser engine has been updated to 45 ESR version.
[+] New options Traffic policy and Traffic monitor have been added giving the opportunity to manage browser traffic. Using these options browser can be configured to accept traffic from white domain list and block traffic from black domain list. This allows to decrease resource usage, increase speed and stability of your projects. The new feature also makes possible to monitor browser requests without special third-party tools, such as Fiddler.
[+] ProjectMaker browser has been dedicated to separate process and now ProjectMaker.exe works on 64-bit systems as 64-bit application.
[+] Special tools and macros to work with JSON and XML have been added.
[+] The option to trace project execution in ZennoPoster has been added.
[+] The feature to set pause after action with element has been added to advanced action settings.
[+] Displaying of action properties and static blocks panel has been adopted to small size screens.
[+] Lists, tables and other objects now can be added from Static panel context menu.
[+] Static blocks now can be moved by drag&drop.
[+] Control character has been added when viewing lists and tables.
[+] The option to clear lists and tables from static block context menu has been added.
[+] The option to use char array as separator in tables has been added (there can be set several separator or selected set of character, which will be used as separator).
[+] Loading and saving profile operation has been improved.
[+] The ability to combine options when creating bat-files has been added.
[+] The option to open project in ProjectMaker from ZennoPoster has been added, as well as add projects from ProjectMaker to tasks in ZennoPoster (in context menu of a project in ZennoPoster and context menu in project tab in ProjectMaker).
[+] Types of notifications (information, warning, error) have been added to action “Notification”.
[+] By double click on message in PM log, cursor is moved to action in nested project if it is opened.
[+] The ability to add comments to project variables has been added. Variables table allows to select columns to display in header context menu.
[+] The button “Default” has been added to Input settings allowing to reset settings to default values.
[+] New action “Canvas” has been added to Browser>Settings. It enables modes for processing Canvas fingerprint: “Allow”, “Emulate”, “Block”. If “Allow” is enabled, Canvas will work in standard mode. “Block” mode allows to blocks execution of main methods of Canvas object. If “Emulate” is enabled, then every instance will use special unique key saved in profile, which makes canvas fingerprint unique for every instance.
[+] DropDownMultiSelect type of input settings has been improved. Now you can set it as usual DropDown.
[+] Base opening operation has been improved in ZennoPoster.
[+] Tag field in actions with html elements now allows to input several tags with “:” separator, for example, div;span;td “;”.
[+] The macro {-TimeNow.Day-} has been added.
[+] Aborting captcha recognizing is now possible when debug is stopped.
[+] New columns “Instance in use” and “Show instances” have been added to task list in ZP.
[+] ZP has been optimized for controlling threads. Now threads count is controlled dynamically to reach max number of threads.
[+] Action “This is captcha” now allows to save answer and source image to selected folder for later module training.
[+] Few improvements of search in project option has been added.
[+] New C# methods for working with JSON and XML have been implemented: project.Json and project.Xml
[+] Several options for debugging code have been implemented into “Own code C#” action, such as breakpoint, step by step debug, viewing and setting values for local variables, quick checking and getting exception messages.
[+] The option to add more parameters has been added to Translate action, for example, key change (key=your key). The same is for C# functions. ZennoLab.InterfacesLibrary.ICommonTranslateServiceInterface has been changed, so if you added your own translation modules, they should be corrected.
[+] “Processing text” action now can be converted to C#.
[+] The option “Move lines” have been added to “Own code C#” action.
[+] New methods have been added for the class ZennoLab.Macros.TextProcessing:

  • String PrepToJavaScriptEval(String)
  • String ToChar(String)
  • String ToLower(String, String)
  • String ToUpper(String, String)
  • String Trim(String, String)
  • String Trim(String, String, String)
  • void ToList(String, String, String, IZennoPosterProjectModel, IZennoList)
  • void ToTable(String, String, String, String, String, IZennoPosterProjectModel, IZennoTable)
  • String Replace(String, String, String, String, String, String)

[+] New method for setting cookie has been added: instance.SetCookie(String).
[+] Methods for editing cell styles in Exel tables via C# code have been added:

[+] New methods have been added for getting random element(s) from list and table using filter with format Ranges

[+] The option “Delete for domains matching regex” has been added to clear cache and cookie actions. This allows to clean cache and cookies only for certain domains. New argument has been added to corresponding C# methods:

[+] The method project.GetLastError() now returns Exception thrown in last error action.
[+] The checkbox “Detailed log for auto-search” has been added to ProxyChecker, which enables writing autoSearchLog.txt in Logs folder in program directory.
[+] The property project.Environment has been added to “project” object in C# code. It contains information about your computer.
[+] New optional parameter considerScroll has been added to the following methods from ZennoLab.CommandCenter.Tab

The value “true” enables scroll on page for calculating coordinates.
[+] The set of Navigator object fields available for Show/Hide has been updated, as well as autosetting fields depending on user-agent.
[+] Mime types have been added to plugins emulation. The property List<PluginMimeType> MimeTypes { get; set; } has been added to ZennoLab.CommandCenter.PluginItem, as well as the type. ZennoLab.CommandCenter.PluginMimeType, which describes mime type. Besides, return from ZennoLab.CommandCenter.PluginItem.ToString() method has been changed. We ask you to check it, if you use it in your projects.
[+] The following method has been added to ZennoLab.CommandCenter.Tab:

The method emulates horizontal and vertical mouse scroll and works only for browser with content.

Bug fixes
[*] The bug loading file list to FTP has been fixed (earlier only first file from list could be loaded).
[*] Keyboard emulation when switching tabs has been corrected.
[*] Interface bug, when database request result could not be saved to variable, has been fixed.
[*] Error loading projects have been solved.
[*] So-called “CamRip” problem in PM editor, when fonts are blurred, has been solved.
[*] Horizontal scroll operating has been corrected in project editing window.
[*] Scaling issues in browser window have been solved.
[*] Problems processing modal popups have been solved.
[*] Displaying mouse emulation coursor has been corrected.
[*] The problem of authorization window constant appearing in ProjectMaker when working with HTTP proxies has been solved.
[*] The issue copying variables when moving JavaScript action to another project has been fixed.
[*] Bugs causing program to hang when checking proxies have been fixed.
[*] The option to set threads count from bat file by task name has been corrected.
[*] Carriage character processing has been retrieved in regex tester and “Show special characters” checkbox has been added.
[*] The mode “Applied” has been corrected for “Cookie” filed in HTTP GET/POST requests action.
[*] Class attribute field in action properties window is now multiline.
[*] The bug of saving cookies from previous execution in instance has been fixed.
[*] Method String ZennoLab.Emulation.Emulator.MouseClick(String, MouseButton, MouseButtonEvent, int, int, bool) has been corrected.
[*] Sorting columns in task list has been corrected in ZennoPoster.
[*] Issue editing Source rule in ProxyChecker has been fixed.
[*] Ctrl + Z hotkey operation bug has been fixed.
[*] Problems receiving e-mails via encrypted connections have been solved.
[*] The issue of freezing C# code editor when entering code has been fixed.
[*] Bugs parsing proxies from JavaScript sources have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (19.05.2016)

[+] New tab “Hotkeys” has been added to program settings. Now you can modify all hotkey combinations.
[+] Action “E-mail processing” now supports imap folders allowing to download e-mails from selected folders by imap. Corresponding option “imapFolderNames” for selecting imap folders has been added to ZennoPoster.MailConfirm method.
[+] Action Own code>Javascript now allows to execute script at page loading (by DOMContentLoaded event). Script can be executed one time, every time and every time on certain domain.
[+] The checkbox “Don’t return value” has been added to action “Own C# code” allowing to execute code without returning result.

Bug fixes
[*] The bug with wrong size action properties window of SMS-services action has been fixed. Now all fields are displayed properly.
[*] Html-element waiting timeout in actions GET, SET, RISE, Captcha is now ignored when exit by red line is set or this action is unnecessary.
[*] Program stability has been improved.
[*] The issues with HTTP authentication cleaning have been solved.

ZennoPoster (12.05.2016)

[+] Sms-services (SmsVK, SmsReg, SmsActivate) have been implemented allowing to bypass verification by sms.
[+] Text processing functionality has been extended allowing to use translation services (Baidu, Google, Yandex, Bing).
[+] New service articleforge.com, which allows to generate web page content automatically, has been added.
[+] New option for working with source webpage code has been added. Using it you can filter code by tags (action Tab>Data - Process only selected tags).
[+] Project search feature now allows to perform searching by notes.
[+] Special timeout for waiting element load for actions with html-element search (GET, SET, RISE, Captcha) has been added (tab More). Thus, you won’t need to set pauses before these actions.
[+] The action “Own code C#” now allows to Comment and Uncomment code lines via context menu.
[+] When adding action to group in PM Editor, the group extends only to bottom.
[+] Tutorial pop-ups for static blocks are now displayed immediately in PM.
[+] New methods Tab.DropFile(string filepath, int x, int y) and HtmlElement.DropFile(string filepath, int x=-1, int y=-1) allowing to drag&drop files have been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] The method Tab.FindElementByAttribute(string tags, string attrName, string attrValue, string searchKind, string number) now can accept ranges instead of numbers, for example “random1(1,12-15,35-end)”.
[+] New macros [login] and [password], which return login and password for proxy, have been added to Output tasks in proxychecker, as well as [auth], which returns login:password@ string, if authorization is required, or emty string, if authorization not required. Default proxy format has been also changed to [auth][ip]:[port] in output tasks.
[+] GeoIP base auto-update feature has been added in order to correctly detect country of proxy,
[+] Inserting snippet option has been added to CodeCreator application.
[+] The option to separate database request result to variables has been added to database operations.
[+] Spintax syntax has been extended Extended spintax
[+] Adjust image quality option has been added to “Image processing” action.
[+] The option “Continue executing active tasks automatically after restart” has been added.
[+] The methods project.Profile.Save(string path, bool saveProxy = false, bool savePlugins = false, bool saveLocalStorage = false) and project.Profile.Load(string path) for saving and loading profiles have been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] New type “Password” has been added to Input settings.
[+] New option “Match variables with the same names” has been added to “Project in project” action for auto matching variables with the same names not included into user matching table.
[+] The options “Parse RSS text” and “Parse RSS links” have been added to proxy source settings. This allows to search proxies in text and links in RSS feed. Found sources will be automatically added to sources list with RSS label.
[+] New check box “Add local network addresses” has been added to proxy source settings.
[+] Source address field now accepts time macro {-TimeNow.Date[DateFormat]-} similarly to using it ZP.
[+] The option “Consider non-anonymous proxies as dead” has been added to proxychecker settings.
[+] New option “Set threads number” has been added to bat file creation form.
[+] Directory for purchased projects has been added to ZP settings. Program restart is required for changing this option.
[+] New operations UrlEncode and UrlDecode have been added to Text processing action.
[+] New macro {-Project.LastExecutedActionId-} and the field project.LastExecutedActionId returning ID of last executed action in the project have been added.
[+] New macro {-Project.LastExecutedActionElapsedTime} and the field project.LastExecutedActionElapsedTime returning duration (ms) of last executed action in project have been added.
[+] New methods DrawAsBitmap and DrawPartAsBitmap for HtmlElement, which return Bitmap type result, have been added.
[+] New operation “Add list” has been added to Table processing action allowing to insert lines from list to selected column in table starting from first line.
[+] New methods ZennoLab.Macros.TextProcessing.UrlEncode(string) and ZennoLab.Macros.TextProcessing.UrlDecode(string) have been added to text processing options.
[+] New option “Delete empty and space lines” has been added to delete line operation when processing lists and tables.
[+] Browser now allows to navigate on FTP resources.
[+] New setting “Open not closed projects” has been added to ProjectMaker. Such projects will be opened automatically at next program run.

Bug fixes
[*] Few errors when converting action to C# code have been fixed.
[*] Regex for parsing proxies with authorization has been corrected. This fixed the issue of missing first proxy in proxies list if it’s proxy with authorization.
[*] The problem restarting instance, which works in browser without content mode, has been solved.
[*] The operation “Select sublist” has been corrected.
[*] The problem in PM Editor not saving changes in action properties after they were closed has been fixed.
[*] The bug adding extra slash to path when copying lists and tables has been fixed..
[*] The bug loading sources with enabled JS has been fixed.
[*] The issues processing input settings when some settings were not displayed have been solved.
[*] Issues saving and loading local storage have been solved.
[*] The issues with browser work in PM when switching to “Do not use browser” mode have been fixed
[*] Some issues processing cookies in HTTP requests have been solved.
[*] The bug processing Cyrillic symbols in additional RuCaptcha parameters has been fixed.
[*] The bug resetting cursor when changing max # of threads in task settings has been fixed.
[*] The bug scrolling projects list when switching categories has been fixed.
[*] Problems working with group of proxy sources have been solved.
[*] Issues working with binary-types in SQL have been solved. Now this data returned as Base64 string.

ZennoPoster (24.02.2016)

[+] Operation “Media” has been added to browser settings. It allows to enable/disable media content on web page (tags <video>, <audio>).
[+] New option “Use original url” has been added to HTTP requests action. When it enabled, escape symbols will be untouched.
[+] The option “Save local storage” has been added to saving profile operation. Besides, corresponded methods instance.LoadLocalStorage(string path) and instance.SaveLocalStorage(string path) have been added allowing to load and save local storage to text file.
[+] Operation “Select sublist” from list processing action now includes the same filters as in “Delete lines” operations.
[+] Operation “Files for uploading on server” now can be used for flash components in dedicated process. In recording mode, the action block “Files for uploading on server” will be created automatically with “Dedicated process” flag.

Bug fixes
[*] Issues with long url and file names when downloading files using HTTP requests has been solved.
[*] The bug synchronizing file names generation in HTTP requests has been fixed.
[*] Issues with certificates has been solved in ZennoPoster.
[*] The bug excluding columns when saving regex parsing results to table has been fixed.
[*] The problem of appearing Proxifier errors when updating its profile frequently has been solved.
[*] Processing symbol %2F bug in page url has been fixed.
[*] Issues conflicting with Kaspersky antivirus during installation and running the program have been solved.

ZennoPoster (26.01.2016)

[+] Operations with database have been added.
[+] C# methods for working with database have been added ZennoPoster.Db.
[+] Delay when showing/hiding toolbar in PM Advanced Editor has been resolved.
[+] New method project.ExecuteMacro(string), for processing macro in text and returning text with processed macros has been added.

Bug fixes
[*] The bug processing boolean values in input settings has been fixed.
[*] Few code generating errors have been solved.

ZennoPoster (21.01.2016)

[+] Group regexes have been added to Text processing and Tabs>Data actions allowing to parse several results at once. In actions properties you will be able to select match #, when saving to variable, or save results to table, optionally excluding some range of columns.
[+] Regex Constructor has been modified. It now displays results by groups allowing to select required results and copy them to clipboard.
[+] Asynchronous captcha recognizing option has been added. It can be enabled in additional settings of captcha recognizing action (the tab More). After that associated waiting recognition action will be added.
[+] New optional parameter asyncRecognize has been added to captcha recognizing methods of ZennoPoster class. Using this parameter methods will return recognition ID that you should use as parameter of the new method ZennoPoster.WaitCaptchaRecognition(string).
[+] New mode “Browser w/out content view” for project operation has been added. The mode allows to disable rendering, reduce memory and CPU usage. It currently works as beta, without plugins (flash, etc.).
[+] The setting “Open browser if necessary” has been added to “ProjectInProject” action. If browser in main project disabled, but nested project works in browser, then browser will be enabled while executing “ProjectInProject” action.
[+] The option to add certificate has been added to “Browser settings” action.
[+] Proxifier utility is now supported, related “Use Proxifier” checkbox has been added to project settings. ZennoPoster works with Proxifier 3.29+ versions.
[+] When recording action in PM, new group will be created in visible part of project scheme if possible.
[+] Transliteration is now supported in own code, related method Macros.TextProcessing.Translit(String) has been added.
[+] New additional parameter throwsException has been added to ZennoPoster.MailConfirm method. Its default value is false. If you set true value, this method will throw standard exceptions from ZennoLab.CommandCenter.Exceptions.Mail namespace when error occurs.
[+] Program dependencies from AForge have been removed.
[+] The button to update start time to current has been added to Task manager in ZP.
[+] E-mail processing action allows to insert variable macros in extended mode.
[+] Operations with list “Add from list” and “Select sublist” allow to insert macros into list title field.
[+] Logging settings have been added to C# code. The property project.LogOptions.LogFile allows to set path to project execution log file and the property, project.LogOptions.SplitLogByThread enables auto-separation log by threads, when setting this property value as true, log file will be named as “Path2file.N.extension”, where N is execution thread id.
[+] Two new options have been added to operations with tables: Sorting by columns and Remove dublicates by columns.
[+] Variable processing action now allows to process large numbers.
[+] The feature to add “Mirror” effect to image has been added to Image Processing action. Related methods have been added to ZennoPoster API for using in C# code.
[+] InnerText method has been added to HtmlElement class in ZennoPoster API.
[+] IEnumerable interface has been added to HtmlElementCollection allowing to go through collection in a loop.
[+] The option “Sort project variables alphabetically” has been added to project editor in PM.
[+] Methods Add(name, value), Delete(name) and Clear() have been added to project.Context.
[+] Method ZennoPoster.HttpPost now can be reloaded with content parameter taking array of bytes as value. Besides, when specifying content type application/octet-stream, you can select file path in content parameter or in related field in HTTP post action (in this case the request will be added to the binary representation of this file).
[+] Emulation of window.screen object parameters “top”, “left”, “availTop”, “availLeft”, “colorDepth” has been added. To change these parameters you should pass the argument “pref” with corresponding values “screen_top”, “screen_left”, “screen_avail_top”, “screen_avail_left”, “screen_color_depth” to the method Instance.SetScreenPreference(ScreenPreference preference, int value).
[+] Methods Instance.SetScreenPreference(ScreenPreference preference, int value) and Instance.SetWindowPreference(WindowPreference preference, int value) have been updated and now can be reloaded taking number instead of string as first argument.
[+] Emulation of “navigator.doNotTrack” field has been added. For emulation by means of Instance.SetHeader, which takes string value, the first parameter “http_user_agent_donottrack” required to be set.
[+] The option “Display non-latin characters correctly for .csv files in Exel” has been added.
[+] New setting “Delete proxy from live list immediately at check failure” has been added to proxy source settings in ProxyChecker.
[+] PM now allows to import all input settings, not only values.
[+] New option “If it is possible sort content as numbers” (checkbox) has been added to operations with lists and tables.

Bug fixes
[*] The bugs opening nested projects have been fixed.
[*] The issue reloading instance in Lite version has been solved.
[*] The bug when recently modified actions properties not applied has been fixed.
[*] The bug inserting text to flash forms has been fixed.
[*] Several errors converting actions to C# code have been fixed.
[*] The issue missing tips from “Shared code” in “C# code” action in some cases has been fixed.
[*] Issues recording project in CodeCreator has been fixed.
[*] The bug processing cookie in http request at redirect has been fixed.
[*] The issues identifying and working with active tab have been solved.
[*] The bug unchecking Ad checkbox when restarting project has been fixed.
[*] Error updating project by symbolic link has been fixed.
[*] Javascript authorization action is now disabled when recording project.
[*] Error opening proxies list from anonymous source has been fixed in ProxyChecker.
[*] Counting next proxy checking time in ProxyChecker after taking proxy from live list has been corrected.
[*] Sorting columns error in “Get line” operation with table has been fixed.
[*] Issues recognizing captcha with checked “last captcha” and unchecked “Stick captchas” options have been solved.
[*] The bug displaying wrong number of threads when stopping task in ZP Task Manager has been fixed.
[*] The bug in ImageProcessingResizeFromFile methodw when setting “percents” instead of “pixels” has been fixed.
[*] The bug with empty current project proxy when disabling browser has been fixed.
[*] Not working proxy parameter bug in FTP connection settings has been fixed.
[*] The bug copying variable from project input settings has been fixed.
[*] Few bugs in PM project editor have been fixed.
[*] The issues loading nationalgeographic.com website have been solved.
[*] Removing line breaks bug in multipart data header of Http Post request has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (15.10.2015)

[+] Scale “75%” setting has been added to captcha recognition action.
[+] Balance parameter has been added to captcha-services settings.
[+] C# method ZennoPoster.CaptchaRecognition for processing audio files has beeen added. Now ZennoPoster + CapMonster can recognize audio captchas, for example audio recaptcha
[+] “Default - unsuccessful output” option has been added to Switch action.
[+] “Mandatory use of all these parameters” option has been added to Random action.
[+] DateTime macro has been extended - now you can set your own date/time format in the following way: {-TimeNow.Date[Format]-}. More details about date/time format see here: Custom Date and Time Format Strings, Standard Date and Time Format Strings.
[+] UnixTime macro has been added - {-TimeNow.UnixTime-}.
[+] Search and text replace options have been added to C# code editor, as well as the ability to save selected text to snippet file.
[+] Text font and size parameters for C# code have been added to ProjectMaker program settings.
[+] The option “Update fields” has been added to element properties window. It allows to update element properties, as well as element tree.
[+] Search option in project editor has been improved. Searching is performed in user comments at start and then in other content. Also, checkbox “Search in all opened projects” has been added allowing to perform searching in all currently opened project in PM.
[+] The ability to delete default rules has been added to ProxyChecker. (Deleted rules can be restored if necessary).
[+] Error field has been added to “E-mail processing” action. It displays error message of processing e-mail action.
[+] New macro {-Environment.CurrentUser-} has been added.
[+] Profile variables are now displayed in Environment tab of Variables window.
[+] “Reset sorting” option has been added to Variables window.
[+] Captcha recognition action now displays error message in PM and ZP log when authorization data fields are empty. This doesn’t work for C# code.
[+] “C# code” action now allows to keep scroll position.

Bug fixes
[*] Bugs working with ranges have been fixed.
[*] The bug clicking items in dropdown menus has been fixed.
[*] The bug setting boundary parameter for HTTP POST has been fixed.
[*] Special symbols are now supported in HTTP POST requests.
[*] Issues clearing up proxies have been solved.
[*] Problems receiving captcha from several websites have been solved.
[*] The bug cutting captcha answer from rucaptcha.com has been fixed.
[*] Issues converting variables in some actions using “Convert to C#” option have been solved.
[*] The bug using remote_dns parameter via socks proxy has been fixed.
[*] The issue displaying LastAlertText in wrong encoding has been fixed.
[*] Text presence checking feature has been corrected and now works properly with several spaces in text.
[*] PM does not create actions blocks when setting values from profile and variables to fields in disabled Record mode.
[*] The bug accessing nested projects at “Execution” access level in PM has been fixed.
[*] Issues with cookies on groupon and few other websites have been solved.
[*] The bug copying lists and tables from one project to another has been fixed.
[*] Operation of Export and Import buttons in project input settings has been corrected in PM.
[*] The problem of executing nested projects from C# code has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (16.09.2015)

[+] Working with ranges options have been extended.
[+] “Image processing” feature now supports transparent images added as watermark. Transparent areas of image won’t be filled with white color.
[+] Emulation smoothness has been improved when inserting symbols into webpage fields (for emulation with large delays).
[+] New setting “Remember number of last opened projects” that allows to control number of last opened projects on start page in PM has been added.
[+] Animation that allows to show/hide program windows in ProjectMaker has been disabled in recording mode.
[+] The parameter “Exit by failure, if list is empty” has been added to operation with list “Select sublist”.
[+] “Convert to C#” feature in project editor now allows to convert variable macros.
[+] Options “Set value from profile”, “Set value from variable” and Intellisearch are now available even when recording mode is disabled in PM.
[+] Errors processing in program log has been improved, error messages became more clear.
[+] “E-mail processing” action will be aborted at first attempt when entering incorrect authorization data.
[+] GeoIP has been updated in ProxyChecker.
[+] Action “If” error message is now displayed in ZP log.
[+] BypassCaptcha service has been added.
[+] Proxies loading from Javascript sources has been sped up.
[+] New property project.Path has been added for using it in C# code, it is the same as project.Directory, but with terminating \ in the end.
[+] New C# method HtmlElement.Reload has been added allowing to reload not working properly Flash objects.
[+] New C# method ZennoPoster.InterruptTask has been added for interrapting tasks.
[+] New C# method ZennoPoster.ValidateEmail to validate email address.
[+] Proxy service luminati.io is now supported.

Bug fixes
[*] CSS disabling issue has been solved.
[*] The bug filling fields on a webpage, such as Login, Name, etc. has been fixed.
[*] Authorization in social networks bug has been fixed.
[*] Operation of taking text from a webpage has been corrected. Scripts and any other garbage won’t be taken.
[*] Issues downloading files have been fixed.
[*] Ctrl+V operation bug has been fixed.
[*] Few memory leak bugs have been fixed.
[*] Muting sound bug in ProjectMaker and in browser instance has been fixed.
[*] The bug working with socks5 proxies with authorization has been fixed.
[*] Getting instance.ActiveTab.Handle bug has been fixed.
[*] Freezing bug when using the property instance.ActiveTab.Title has been fixed.
[*] Issues working with cookie has been solved.
[*] Wrong extension bug when downloading files using HTTP requests has been fixed.
[*] Issues operating in browser with disabled Adblock plugin have been fixed.
[*] Error processing html element events that not included into current event list (for example paste) has been fixed.
[*] The bug cutting/pasting several groups of action blocks in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] The bug of unbinding lists and tables from tasks has been fixed.
[*] The problem removing unused variables when working with nested project has been fixed.
[*] Saving lists issue when editing them via C# code using the indexer has been solved.

ZennoPoster (20.08.2015)

Bug fixes
[*] ProjectMaker and base.exe crashing bugs at file upload have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (19.08.2015)

[+] FireFox engine has been updated.
[+] ZennoPoster now allows to recognize ReCaptcha2 and KeyCaptcha in tight integration with CapMonster2.
[+] New paramaters has been added to “Image processing” action allowing to set indents for watermark.
[+] Input settings editing window now allows to use multi-select and drag-n-drop operations.
[+] “Set value from profile” and “Set value from variable” items has been added to context menu in html-element search field.
[+] The option “Not wait for closing” in “Run program” action has been added allowing to work simultaneously with third-party program.
[+] New method instance.AddToTitle has been added allowing to add title text to instance window.
[+] Enumeration of NavigatorField has been extended, new methods ShowNavigatorField and HideNavigatorField accepting any text values of fields have been added.
[+] The option to abort task has been added to Task Manager.
[+] System.Threading namespace is enabled for C# code by default.
[+] The item “Convert to C#” has been added to context menu allowing to get C# code for some actions.

Bug fixes
[*] The issue with “Keep aspect ratio” parameter when changing image size in “Image processing” action has been fixed.
[*] The bug with dynamic binding lists and tables to files has been fixed.
[*] ZennoPoster crashing bugs at intensive proxy checking have been fixed.
[*] Memory usage accross instances has been optimized.
[*] Limitations for running bases has been corrected considering projects that have 1 thread per base.

ZennoPoster (22.07.2015)

[+] FireFox engine has been updated.
[+] Built-in ProxyChecker in ZennoPoster has been updated to version 3.0. If you purchased ZennoProxyChecker software, its functionality will be available in ZennoPoster as well. There is no need to run two applications at the same time anymore.
[+] PM now allows to interrupt text entering while debugging project.
[+] Now it is possible to save plug-ins set into profile.
[+] Instance window can be reduced to the size less than 1024×600.

Bug fixes
[*] Operation stability has been improved.
[*] Few bugs disabling ads have been fixed.
[*] The problem entering characters with big delay has been solved.
[*] Memory leaks on machines running Windows 7+ even at work stoppage have been fixed.
[*] Memory leaks when processing POST and GET requests arised on few machines have been fixed.
[*] The issues processing POST and GET on machines with incorrect DNS settings have been fixed.
[*] Program freezing problem at project debug when processing POST and GET request and pressing Stop button has been fixed even if connection to proxy is currently freezed.
[*] The bug comparing multiline data with empty line in logic action IF has been fixed.
[*] Trash folder overgrowth issue has been fixed.
[*] Channel tester operation has been recovered.
[*] Issues reassigning variables in PM at recursive call of project has been fixed.
[*] GetLastError method operation in PM at unsuccessful execution of nested project has been fixed.
[*] The bug of creating invisible connections when combining two action groups has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (04.06.2015)

[+] ZennoPoster running has been accelerated.
[+] Proxy sources checking process has been accelerated.

Bug fixes
[*] Text input emulation bug has been fixed.
[*] Issues which caused instance crashing in have been fixed.
[*] Recognition of digit captchas via JsDati module has been corrected.
[*] Focus loss problem at manual captcha recognition has been fixed.
[*] The bug uploading long name files via HTTP GET/POST requests has been fixed.
[*] POST requests with redirect has been fixed.
[*] Multiple files uploading has been fixed.
[*] The issue passing CSS settings to new browser tabs has been fixed.
[*] Action If operation has been corrected when comparing text with symbols “!=” and “==” with emplty string.

ZennoPoster (22.05.2015)

Bug fixes
[*] Instance freezing bug when processing captchas has been fixed.
[*] Error compiling C# macros in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Error sending C# coded HTTP-requests with empty header in AdditionalHeaders has been fixed.
[*] The bug processing multipart request in HTTP POST has been fixed.
[*] Error generating names for files downloaded using HTTP-requests has been fixed.
[*] Error executing {-Page.LastAlertText-} macro has been fixed.
[*] InputSettings operation in PM in not saved project has been corrected.
[*] Issues debugging nested projects step by step have been fixed.

ZennoPoster (15.05.2015)

[+] FireFox engine was updated.
[+] The option to disable ads loading has been added.
[+] New action “Image Processing” has been added. Read the details about it here: Image Processing.
[+] The static block “Using directives” allows to write shared code for all C# macros.
[+] New parameter DropDownMultiSelect in Input settings has been added. The paramater is a multiple-selection list, description structure is the following: “Name {Value1|Value2|Value3|…}”.
[+] The option to select folder in FileName input setting has been added. For it you should write “{folder}” in setting description.
[+] New option “dedicated process” has been added to project settings. It creates separate process base.exe, where projects is executed. The same can be done if you set “Threads count in one process” = 1 in program settings, but just for one certain project, not for all.
[+] The option to backup ZennoPoster settings has been added in Setting → Other.
[+] Project Editor operation speed has been increased.
[+] ProjectMaker memory usage has been reduced.
[+] POST/GEST requests module has been completely renewed. Now it works faster and more stable.
[+] Detailed logs for e-mail, HTTP and FTP have been added in Execution settings. They enable creation of mailLog.txt, httpLog.txt and ftpLog.txt in Logs folder.
[+] New macro {-Page.LastDownloadedFile-} has been added, it contains the path to last file uploaded by browser.
[+] The flag “Create file if it doesn’t exist” has been added in binding file to lists and tables action.
[+] New recognition module has been added for recognizing captcha via RuCaptcha.com.
[+] Tab loading timeout setting has been added to status bar of browser window.
[+] The option “Reset fails when adding attempts” has been added in task settings of ZennoPoster.
[+] Threads priority management has been improved. New option “Threads with higher priority interrapt request of instances from threads with lower priority”.
[+] The option “Check now” has been added in ProxyChecker allowing to set highest priority for checking selected source.
[+] ProxyChecker now allows to add anonymus proxy list without binding it to source or file.
[+] New input setting CaptchaModules, which contains the list of all captcha recognition modules has been added.
[+] HTTP GET/POST-requests action blocks now automatically add http:// if necessary.
[+] The item “Copy variable value” has been added to context menu in ProjectMaker.
[+] The macro {ESC} has been added to action “Keystrokes emulation”.
[+] Now it is possible to handle javascript plugins collection of Navigator object. For it use the following methods: GetPlugins HidePlugin ShowPlugin

Bug fixes
[*] The bug specifying № of line with error when compiling code in ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] The bug in MySQL.dll driver which led to memory leak in ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] CPU and Memory usage when starting project in ZennoPoster has been reduced.
[*] Memory usage when checking proxy has been reduced.
[*] Stability of CheckingProcessor process has been improved.
[*] ProxyChecker performance stability has been improved.
[*] Issues in Project Editor when debugging projects have been fixed.
[*] Issues with russian profile encoding have been fixed in non-russian versions of ZennoPoster.
[*] Testing error after program installation has been fixed.
[*] The problem of unabling to get attribut value in Actions designer has been solved.
[*] The bug updating variables list when copying actions has been fixed.
[*] The bug with separator in not bound to file tables has been fixed.
[*] Operation of “SetValue” action has been corrected.
[*] The bug of processing “Project in project” action when it is optional.
[*] Copying static blocks from project to project has been fixed.
[*] Task scheduler log creation has been corrected.
[*] The issue focusing selecting project in ZP has been fixed.
[*] Operation of Tab.KeyEvent method has been correct allowing to use names of characters from the following listing: System.Windows.Input.Key.
[*] Displaying of resulted variables, lists and tables has been corrected in action captions.
[*] The bug deleting connections from Switch action when moving one of connections has been fixed.
[*] List of attributes updating in Actions designer when switching element has been corrected.
[*] The problem checking local socks proxies has been solved.
[*] The bug copying actions in ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Keeping registry issue has been fixed in action “Javascript prompt”.
[*] The button “Delayed drawing” is active while executing project in ProjectMaker.
[*] The bug performing “Reload instance” action when executing project w/out browser has been fixed.

ZennoPoster (06.03.2015)

[+] The item “Clear consecutive fails” has been added to bat file settings, as well as related method ZennoPoster.ClearFails to C# code action.
[+] The option to copy OwnCodeUsings from one project to another has been added.
[+] Text field in settings of Table processing action when adding rows and cells has been changed to multiline.

Bug fixes
[*] The issue of getting lines from table and insterting them into list has been fixed.
[*] Problems loading russian domains in browser have been solved.
[*] The bug of POST multipart/data request operation when posting empty file has been fixed.
[*] The bug of processing e-mails when loading them into ZP and deleting from mailbox has been fixed.
[*] Scheduler performance has been improved.
[*] The bug of saving lists and tables with irregular separator has been fixed.
[*] The bug of captcha recognition window freezing has been fixed and alert informing about brocken captcha, when it was not loaded, has been added displaying the picture “Bad captcha”.

ZennoPoster (26.02.2015)

[+] The option to select separator for csv table has been added in Table settings.
[+] The item “Replace” has been added into context menu for action blocks, it is active when clipboard contains action block.
[+] The option “How to download file + header” has been added to HTTP GET/POST requests, it can be useful when file download settings are defined by cookie.
[+] Memory usage for HTTP GET/POST requests has been reduced.
[+] ZP now adds default headers Accept, Accept-Language, Accept-Encoding to HTTP GET/POST requests.
[+] Profile window has new tab which displays current values of profile fields.
[+] More detailed logs have been added for action Process Mail. Now by logs you can identify why an e-mail has not been received.
[+] Log for Scheduler has been added. Now you can check what were executed and when.
[+] Scheduler now displays time of next program start.
[+] Matches from Regex action are now displayed in log.
[+] IntelliSense function now can be used in Atribut field of Actions designer.
[+] When creating variable for loop, ZP sets its both current and default values as 0.
[+] Word wrap setting has been added in “View page text” form.
[+] The option to insert proxy adress as protocol://login:pass@ip:port has been added for GET/POST requests.
[+] Size of proxy source settings window can now be adjusted by user.
[+] Property Project.TaskId which allows to get ID of current task in ZP has been added.
[+] Module CapMonster2.dll has been added, it allows to recognize captchas directly using CapMonster2 service.
[+] C# and JavaScript code action properties windows now has vertical scrolls.
[+] Property instance.UrlManipulation has been added. If it returns true value, ZP allows to use instance string.
[+] Method instance.WaitForUserAction(timeout) has been added. When calling this method, ZP is forced to display instance window during the time which set in timeout setting. Project execution can be continued by pressing “Close” button in the window or after timeout expiration.
[+] The option “Always display alerts in log” has been added.
[+] For methods ZennoPoster.HttpGet and ZennoPoster.HttpPost added additional parameter DownloadPath to change default path to download files.

Bug fixes

[*] Import of input settings with tags have been added.
[*] Certain encoding can be selected for sending data via HTTP POST request.
[*] HTTP GET/POST requests now identify and extract gzip archives correctly.
[*] When selecting several actions, selection of single action is not available.
[*] Error loading the same purchases into ZennoBox and ZennoPoster has been fixed.
[*] Issues which causes broken catchas image have been fixed.
[*] Issues moving arrows between action blocks in PM have been fixed.
[*] Profile load action has been corrected. Now after loading profile, its changes are displayed correctly in C# snippets.
[*] The issue selecting new projects when adding them to ZP has been fixed.
[*] Some issues with tips for macros have been fixed as well as incorrect operation of Ctrl+Space command in editors.
[*] Scheduler performance has been corrected in ZP.
[*] Detailed log has been corrected, now it is more convenient to copy info from log.
[*] The bug passing proxy to nested project when debugging project in PM has been fixed.
[*] Software performance on several sites has been improved.
[*] Variables Page.LastAlertText and Page.LastAlertTitle are restored to empty values when pressing “Restart” in PM.
[*] The bug merging list lines after deleting dublicates has been fixed.
[*] The bug deleting e-mails via Imap when using ZennoPoster.BulkMailDownload has been fixed.
[*] Issues binding lists and tables in nested projects have been fixed in PM.
[*] Debug errors caused by Switch action operation have been fixed.
[*] The problem with execution of nested projects on non-active equipment has been solved.
[*] The bug with “Stop” button operation when switching from nested project has been fixed.
[*] Issues generating code in CodeCreator from Actions designer have been fixed. (It may require to reset settings of code generating to default.)
[*] Loading proxy issue when loading profile has been fixed.
[*] Variable macros in code comments are now ignored during actions validation.

ZennoPoster (25.12.2014)

[+] Auto-matching variables by name feature has been added in “Project in project” action.
[+] On the main panel of ProjectMaker added a button “Delayed drawing of the execution process”.
[+] Alerts can be closed by clicking on any place of it.

Bug fixes
[*] Processing of debug control buttons when working with nested projects has been corrected.
[*] Instance processing in nested project has been corrected.
[*] The bug when loading blank nested project has been fixed.
[*] Matching variables list in “Project in project” action is now updated when deleting variables.
[*] Issues working with network files have been fixed.
[*] Problems when blocking projects have been solved.
[*] Actions Designer now works with locked elements which properties are unavailable.
[*] Scrolling of projects names issue on the record tab of the ProjectMaker has been fixed.
[*] Some fixes in table and list viewer.
[*] Support of “Delete” key has been added in project editor ProjectMaker using which you can delete groups and blocks from project.
[*] Manual captcha recognition form processing bug has been fixed, it could not be shown in few cases.

ZennoPoster (22.12.2014)

[+] Project in project has been added as beta feature. Action that allows to nest another project to current one. Read more here: https://wiki.zennolab.com/doku.php?id=en:project_in_project
[+] The item “Remove unused blocks” has been added in static block menu. It removes unused tables, lists and ftp-connections.
[+] Blank project creation feature has been added. For it you should save your project into root ZP directory as BlankProject.xmlz.
[+] Dragging connections by tip of arrow feature has been added in PM.
[+] InputSettings comments now support simple HTML.
[+] Interruption of “Pause” and “Mail processing” actions during execution in ZennoPoster has been improved.
[+] Connections recreation for “Switch” action has been added.
[+] The option to check input data consistency to correct doubled text has been added.
[+] Logic of Actions Designer has been improved.
[+] The item “Set value from variable” has been added in context menu of C# code.
[+] ZP saves window size now after restart.
[+] Template name has been added in ZP input settings header.
[+] Auto filling of resulted variable selection field feature has been added.
[+] Instance global setting “Timeout initializing objects” has been added. This allows to reduce display time of download indicator yellow status (we recommended not to change this settig on weak computers).
[+] Global setting “Display alerts only on log” has been added. If you have several projects, it is convenient to turn off all alerts at once.
[+] Informational alerts while working with lists and tables which inform about adding elements containing delimiter have been added.
[+] Icons for toolbar buttons in ZennoPoster have been added.
[+] The option to pass typeid for RuoKuaiCaptcha service using additional captcha recognition parameters has been added.
[+] Options to sort labels in ZP and rename labels in the list of categories have been added.
[+] Space for icons has been increased in the Advanced Editor in the Quick Access Toolbar.
[+] “Maximize” button has been added in regular expressions constructor.

Bug fixes
[*] Software stability has been improved.
[*] Crashing when entering data on several sites has been fixed.
[*] Errors when getting captcha from several sites have been fixed.
[*] Fixed authorization on sites via OpenID (Google, etc.)
[*] Fixed popunder work on some sites.
[*] Bugs in view of elements tree and their properties have been fixed.
[*] The bug with COM object that could not be used when separated from its underlying RCW has been fixed.
[*] Proxing DNS requests via socks problem has been fixed (now you can uncomment related string for pref (“network.proxy.socks_remote_dns”, true) in xulrunner.js).
[*] Validation of endless task execution button in ZP has been fixed.
[*] The problem processing date on computers with custom date format has been fixed. Now ZennoPoster runs properly on computers with custom date and time settings.
[*] The problem binding tables and lists using C# code has been fixed.
[*] Custom headers operate properly now in all tabs.
[*] Proxies with the same IP, but different ports are now considered as uniqe in the list of live proxies.
[*] Additional checks for URL have been fixed.
[*] Captcha input window closes when pressing “Start”.
[*] Input settings reset bug when modifying project has been fixed. Now settings won’t reset if modifications do not affect input settings.
[*] Wordai work has been corrected.
[*] Incorrect deletion of all rows from table bug has been fixed.
[*] Recreation of connections between actions has been fixed.
[*] The following bug in editor has been fixed: if there was only one action in selection - it wasn’t inserted into groups.
[*] Scroll bug in resulted variable selection control has been fixed.
[*] Switch action view has been corrected.
[*] Actions search in advanced editor has been fixed.
[*] Display of empty frames bug in actions group has been fixed.
[*] Operation of the flag “First row - headers” in table settings has been fixed.
[*] Scrolling in combo-box of Actions Designer with atribute names has been fixed.
[*] Tabulation in action properties in PM has been corrected.
[*] Errors when opening “Program start” settings have been fixed.
[*] When opening projects in PM, the program now switches to “Actions recording” tab.
[*] Column name auto-substitution in table processing action “Get line” has been fixed.
[*] Problem with incorrect processing of action “If” at base.exe crash when comparing numbers has been solved.

ZennoPoster (05.11.2014)

[+] Browser engine was updated to version 24.8.
[+] Context menu in PM now has new option “Repeat in loop” which helps to create easy loops within a project without additional actions.
[+] Errors and warnings for optional actions or actions which handle errors, are not shown in the log.
[+] Added 2 API methods CreateBot & UploadBotContent. More info here: https://wiki.zennolab.com/doku.php?id=en:devlicense:api
[+] New option for Input settings: comment field, which allows to display plain text wherever you need.
[+] “Help” icon for Input Settings elements: You can use simple html mark-up, like <b> and <i>.
[+] Support for *.xlsm tables.
[+] Ability to save current proxy to profile file.
[+] Extended “Delete rows” action in Table processing action group.
[+] Ability to turn off the sound of instances (Windows Vista and later).
[+] Ability to edit default values ​​for input settings in the preview mode in ProjectMaker.
[+] Ability to copy GAC references between projects.
[+] New settings “Reserve bases” and “Timeout for inactive bases”. These settings allow you to adjust the number of bases in inactive state in order to save RAM.
[+] Action “Run Program” now has an ability to run programs in stealth mode.
[+] New logic in mail processing action with auto-detection settings: If authorization fails, action will display text error and offer to enter data manually.
[+] Improved editing window for Input settings.
[+] Autofocus on “Start” block after project is opened.
[+] New button in ZP interface for infinite executions of project.
[+] When you copy actions from another project new dialogue will be displayed that allows you to choose whether you want to replace variables' values or not.
[+] Project.Context now works as dynamic instead of object type.
[+] “Keys” property for project.Context, which returns a list of all keys.
[+] Variables in project are enumerated new, Keys property also was added to them.
[+] File selection option to load profile for POST and GET actions.
[+] New visual interface for Switch action.
[+] To increase the processing speed of POST and GET requests.
[+] New method instance.SetUserHeader(string headerName, string value) to add custom headers to browser requests.
[+] Ability to go to the column in action “Own C#”.
[+] Automatic renaming of variables, lists and tables in C# code if you rename them in PM.
[+] Option “Track status of instances” to display additional parameters in statistics.
[+] Added option “Do not fill the cache of action's settings”. This will help you to load Projectmaker faster.
[+] Setting for number of attempts in POST and GET actions.
[+] Setting for lists and tables to keep blank file with UTF8 encoding.
[+] New option “Show result variable's name in the description of the action”.
[+] New option “Run unfinished projects at the start” after ZennoPoster unexpected close.
[+] Added additional inspection for C# and JavaScript code to highlight possible problems.
[+] New method for Emulator class: IsWindowExists method performs the check if window exists.
[+] Ability to draw new connections between actions without deleting of old ones.

Bug fixes
[*] Change the default values ​​for variables mark project as “changed” and highlighted in projects tabs. In this case next execution in “Restart” mode with save project with these changes.
[*] Fixed random crashes of PM when you click project restart.
[*] Fixed subscriptions in ZennoBox.
[*] Fixed flickering yellow indicator on some sites which represents awaiting for downloading of new data.
[*] Fixed scheduler in ZP.
[*] Images are taken directly from the browser cache, and not re-rendered for captcha action. This should fix problem with captcha sniper or similar software.
[*] Fixed hanging of bases while using drag & drop.
[*] “Restart” action in PM reset current browser settings to default ones based on settings of projects.
[*] Fixed software' work on systems with Hindi localization and some other eastern locales.
[*] Fixed problem with corruption of settings file, after which it was needed to reinstall software.
[*] Fixed handling cookies in POST and GET requests.
[*] Fixed binding lists with C# in ZP.
[*] Fixed “No label” bug in ZP when you add several projects at once.
[*] Fixed deleting of actions in PM.
[*] Fixed closing tabs in PM, after closing the tab remains blank with “page” name.
[*] Fixed initialization of lists and tables.
[*] Changes in the C # code was not saving when the project starts from the specified action while code editor window still open.
[*] Fixed handling the Delete keystroke in ZP: previously attempt to delete any text from text inputs like “# of executions” forced dialogue to delete project.
[*] Projects created in CC which doesn't use instance is no longer create an instance in ZP.
[*] Fixed work of GET and POST actions with ports in URL.
[*] Fixed opening an excessive amount of bases.
[*] Fixed Alert action.
[*] Fixed bugs in recording mode in PM.
[*] Fixed the redundant execution of macros.
[*] Fixed recording of AllowPopup setting.
[*] Fixed Input settings errors in ZP for projects that were created in old builds.
[*] Fixed handling of CpuClass, OsCpu, Platform, Product, ProductSub profile fields when saving and loading profiles.
[*] Fixed crash of PM on loading google documents.
[*] Action Switch is marked incorrect if it contains rows with the same values​​.
[*] Fixed display of some sites that looks differ comparing to standalone browsers.
[*] Fixed a crash of PM when using KeyEvents in C# code.
[*] ZP displays in fullscreen mode if it used it until was minimized to tray.

ZennoPoster (25.08.2014)

[+] Support for domains with non latin characters in Get and Post requests. (e.g. “bücher.com”, “мойдомен.рф”, “παράδειγμα.δοκιμή”)
[+] Added the ability to import Input settings via a bat file.
[+] Option to ignore frame loading is added. You can switch it off to avoid affecting busy state.
[+] Ability to minimize ZennoPoster to tray.
[+] New overloads for methods SendErrorToLog, SendInfoToLog, SendWarningToLog the last parameter is responsible for displaying a message in ZennoPoster.
[+] New options for Logs in ZennoPoster: you can edit time limits and maximum number of entries in the log.
[+] ProjectMaker was speed up.
[+] Http Get and Post actions: improved option to choose profile file.
[+] Added an optional parameter to the method ZennoPoster.GetProxy to return proxy in the canonical format (protocol://login:pass@ip:port)
[+] New C# methods: ExportInputSettings and ImportInputSettings in class ZennoPoster to work with input settings.
[+] Email processing and Pause actions can be interrupted in ZennoPoster.

Bug fixes
[*] DrawToBitmap method. In rare cases, it was impossible to save an image or get a captcha on huge pages because of the scrolling.
[*] Some stability fixes were made.
[*] Emulation of select elements on page. Disabled options are not used from now on.
[*] Wrong encoding detection for files for some encodings and it can be disabled.
[*] Looping with incorrect authorization data for private proxies and javascript authorization windows.
[*] .bat files work correctly now.
[*] Selecting and copying of Switch action in Projectmaker.
[*] Downloading files in Projectmaker.
[*] Errors in CodeCreator.
[*] Fixed search of elements on the page.
[*] Update of the URL in the address bar.
[*] If you are using your own characters in Random action, other flags are not available from now on.
[*] Escaping special characters was added when using the “Search for text on the page” function.
[*] Fixed working of SFTP without proxy.
[*] Fixed opening of InputSettings from the already added projects to the ZennoPoster.

ZennoPoster (11.08.2014)

[+] New Developer’s licenses, which allow you to sell bots with zero commission, sell subscriptions, use the API to create your own stores. Cost is $150 for 6 months.
[+] Added the ability to sell projects via user area not only for ZennoBox, but for ZennoPoster too.
[+] Added new mirror servers in the United States and China, if you can not connect to the primary server, ZennoPoster automatically switch to the nearest available mirror.
[+] Proxycheker’s servers were relocated to 3 different data center (USA, Germany, Russia) for high availability and reliability.
[+] Ability to select actions using the framework and through Ctrl + Click in Projectmaker. Selected actions can be moved / cut / copied / deleted / inserted. Actions will keep their connections.
[+] New in Input settings: tabs and dropdowns.
[+] Added the ability to import and export for input settings.
[+] Added the ability to connect profiles for Http Get and Post actions.
[+] Global variables are marked differently when declared in the project and outside of it.
[+] New option for List processing - Delete rows action - delete all lines that doesn't fit regular expression.
[+] Browser’s version was updated to the latest 24 FireFox ESR.
[+] Added the ability to automatically find and clean up unused variables in the project.
[+] Added the ability to manage templates with bat files and C# ZennoPoster class by template’s name, without unique id.
[+] Added the ability to quickly insert snippets from the Snippets folder in C # action.
[+] Added property project.Context for storage and exchange of objects between C # snippets, this feature is useful when you work with database to keep connection to it.
[+] Added method project.Profile.RegenerateLogin (String) to generate logins.
[+] Added method HtmlElement.ScrollIntoView () to scroll to the specified html element.
[+] Added method IZennoTable.Clear () to clear the contents of the table with code.
[+] Added method IZennoTable.Bind (String) to bind a table to the file with code.
[+] Added method IZennoList.Bind (String) to bind a list to a file with code.
[+] Added methods IZennoList.AddRange (IEnumerable <string>) and IZennoList.AddRange (IZennoList) to add to the list of array data.
[+] Added several Chinese anticaptcha services.
[+] When copying actions from one project to another, all variables, lists and tables used in the actions are copied into the project too.
[+] Added option for the action “Text Processing - ToUpper”, “The first character” - uppercase only the first character of the text.
[+] Changed minimum value for delay emulation = 15ms, the maximum is increased to 10000ms (10 seconds).
[+] Actions that use non-existing variables in the parameters stand out as wrong.
[+] New switches in ProjectMaker’s browser: “Load styles (css)” and “Load plugins in the same window.”
[+] When you open already added projects in ZennoPoster you will see alert about it.
[+] New options in context menu in ProjectMaker: “Close” and “Close all except this one.”
[+] Added automatic numbering of columns in table processing action.
[+] “IF” action was optimized and fixed.
[+] Added new option for context menu of tasks ZP “Reset failures in a row.”
[+] Added “Show in log only” option in Alert action.
[+] Captcha recognition modal window may be closed in ProjectMaker without solving captcha.
[+] New option for proxy checker: check for any URL.
[+] New interface for proxy checker.
[+] New proxy source’s setting: “Assume all proxies from this source alive” - proxy immediately goes to alive list without checking. They will have higher priority and will goe to alive list before proxies from other sources.
[+] “Rescan” option in proxy source’s settings has two options now - “The minimum interval since last check” and “Minimum interval after usage”
[+] Proxy sources that were found by “Auto search” functions appear in sources list only after confirmation that they are valid.
[+] New option in proxychecker: “Check proxies only once.” It’s good for checking large public sheets.

Bug fixes
[*] Drag & Drop function, now it works on all sites.
[*] InputSettings - you can use fields with the same name from now on.
[*] Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y hotkeys in the C # code editor.
[*] Breakpoints bug in CodeCreator.
[*] Window for selecting a directory in FTP directories action didn’t appear.
[*] Some bugs with SFTP.
[*] Fixed some bugs with Yandex mail
[*] Email processing when you used the same email several times in 1 project.
[*] Context menu in ProjectMaker.
[*] HTTP - Save as file now works properly.
[*] Keyboard emulation in plug-ins (such as flash).
[*] Size of controls in Http Get and Post actions.
[*] Closing of Switch action in advanced editor of PM is fixed.
[*] Display of alive proxies list in proxy checker.
[*] Window for manually entering captchas.
[*] Recording mode when testing “Search by picture” function is recognized normally.
[*] Manual referrers are working properly if you change them within a project more than once.
[*] PreviousSibling method’s problems for C# action.
[*] Counter of failures in row.
[*] Input settings are saved properly if ZennoPoster crashes.
[*] Multithreaded downloading of files working properly.
[*] Proxy Checker: error with duplicate proxies was fixed.
[*] GeoIP database was updated.

ZennoPoster (26.04.2014)

[*] Cookies bug (when profile is saved and instance restarts).
[*] Problem with opening ZennoPoster.exe, on some Windows Server 2008 machines.

ZennoPoster (17.04.14)

[+] FireFox engine was updated to 24 ESR version.
[+] Option to run projects without a browser. Ideal for API services and work with docs. ( Project settings → Don't use browser).
[+] Option to disable CSS.
[+] New xpath methods to find elements with C#.
[+] SOCKS 5 with authorization support.
[+] Option to change the encoding of page.
[+] Ability to get text of javascript alerts via {-Page.LastAlertText-} and their headers via {-Page.LastAlertTitle-}.
[+] PluginContainer may work as a separate process now.
[+] Fields of browsers's navigator now depend on the browser which will be emulated. But these fields can be changed manually as well.
[+] GeoIP database was updated.
[+] Interface of ZennoPoster became faster.
[+] Improved warnings and errors in log.
[+] Ability to specify a custom type of Post requests.
[+] Ability to get name of active tab via C#: return instance.ActiveTab.Name;
[+] Added ability to copy protection block between projects.

[*] Incorrect display of logs after deleting project in ZennoPoster.
[*] Incorrect display of instances after a long time of work.
[*] Naming files for ResourceDownloader.
[*] “Timeout GetResult expired” error in ResourceDownloader using JS.
[*] According to numerous requests, client's email was removed from headers of ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster.
[*] Search by picture for flash elements was fixed.
[*] Problems with loading frames on some sites.
[*] Problem with uploading videos to YouTube.
[*] Problem to play videos on Vimeo.
[*] Problem with photos upload on Yahoo.
[*] Problem with headers.
[*] Bug with incorrect definition of file's type for downloading.
[*] Email processing bug when variables were used as login and password.
[*] Popup problems on some sites is fixed.

ZennoPoster (27.02.14)

[+] A diagnostic utility for obtaining information when problems occur was added. (Diagnostic.exe file or Settings → Other → Diagnostics )
[+] Email processing window is resizable now: you can user full screen mode from now on.
[+] Automatic height for table lines in parsing results for email processing.
[+] Variables window in ProjectMaker saves it’s location, size, sorting order and filtering settings.
[+] Logic action “IF” has a multi-line text form for easy editing.
[+] “Save all” (projects) button was added.

[*] CPU usage in ZennoPoster was optimised if а lot of projects are added / threads are used.
[*] “Unknown error when downloading licenses” bug is fixed.
[*] Double click on actions is more accurate now: it could change position of action inside the group previously.
[*] Minor fixes.

ZennoPoster (27.12.13)

[+] Added ability to view content of lists and tables.
[+] After opening a project variables, list & tables are initialized by default values.
[+] Added feature to move between fields of action properties using Tab key.
[+] New CAPTCHA services added: http://ripcaptcha.com and http://uuwise.com/
[+] Added settings of code generation and editor of CodeCreator.
[+] Added support of active mode for FTP.
[+] Added static block to declare additional using directives for “Own C# code”.

[*] Reduced memory consumption during continuous operation of ProjectMaker.
[*] Increased stability of ProjectMaker, ZennoPoster and threads.
[*] Fixed bug of getting data from lists and tables while debugging “Index was out of range”.
[*] Fixed bug of initialization SFTP connection. To work with a server it is enough to have an SSH access there.
[*] Fixed error deleting directories via FTP with a complex hierarchy of subfolders.
[*] Check availability of text on the page, now generates valid regular expression. Accounted for the line breaks and tabs.
[*] In the Advanced Editor of ProjectMaker text fields in action settings occupy all available space.
[*] Fixed C# macros ZennoLab.Macros.FileSystem.FileGetLine(s) when a line is deleted from the file extra blank lines are not generated.
[*] Fixed some issues of Drag & Drop.
[*] Fixed some bugs that occurred on. NET Framework 4.5.1
[*] In CodeCreator fixed problem with broken macros in paths of lists and tables.
[*] In CodeCreator fixed problem of code generation and execution of download file code.
[*] In CodeCreator sometimes is not shown the form “Search and Replace”.

ZennoPoster (18.10.13)

[+] Added option Record → “Insert project directory macro automatically ”. While recording {-Project.Directory-} macro will be used automatically if file placed in the same directory or its subdirectory where the project is.
[+] Added method instance.GetCookie, now you can get cookies for POST/GET requests using just 1-line c# snippet: return instance.GetCookie(“example.com”, true);
[+] Added “critical” priority for tasks in ZennoPoster.
[+] Decaptcher module returns error codes correctly, instead of Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.
[+] Added helper class ZennoLab.CommandCenter.PhpHelper to syncronize threads in php projects of CodeCreator.
[+] Ability to edit input settings added to the task manager tab.
[+] Added check of incompatible software installed.

[*] Fixed HTTP POST for casу with multipart/form-data and loading of binary files.
[*] Fixed error when was impossible to change settings for several proxy sources. [*] “Unpacking error” fixed.
[*] Fixed some errors of php code execution.
[*] Fixed error of providing wrong UserAgent using SSL Handshake via http proxy. It works properly if 1 thread set per base. Do not worry end server never saw real user agent, only proxy in some cases. You can work as you work before.
[*] Running of internal program goes by bad end in case of failed run.

ZennoPoster (10.10.13)

[+] Now you can add notes to projects: click right mouse button on the white space, “Add note”. Double click is to edit note’s text.
[+] Multi-line comments in groups of the editor.
[+] Mouse coordinates are shown in the ProjectMaker.
[+] Windows 8.1 supported.
[+] Added properties project.Name and project.ProxyRules of variable project in C# macros.
[+] You can create one bat file for control of multiple projects. To do this select multiple projects and click “Create bat”.
[+] You can create one bat file to start or stop all projects simultaneously (for those not added to scheduler). To do this use command -all instead of -ids.
[+] Added option “Advanced log” - display columns with the ability to filter.
[+] Action “Captcha recognition” and “Check for text presence” now get added to the projects even when recording is switched off.
[+] Added option for disabling GPU in debug mode if browser blinks in debug. (Settings →Debug).
[+] ZennoPoster added to the white list of major anti-virus bases. Now it should go smoothly with installation and using ZennoPoster with your anti-virus.
[+] New auto-search option added to ProxyChecker. Now you can set it to check auto-found proxies on Google ban, speed, https, etc.

[*] “Debug thread terminated” issue fixed. There were problems to save projects in case it happened.
[*] Sometimes compatability mode wasn't set that lead to ProjectMaker and threads crashes.
[*] In the ActionDesigner of CodeCreator viewing elements they not highlighted with a frame.
[*] Action FTP did not handle failed exit sometimes.
[*] When you close ProjectMaker more RAM released.
[*] In ProjectMaker settings of proxy wasn't saved in HTTP → Get.
[*] Field “Encoding” in GET/POST now supports variables.
[*] Debug works properly with projects where you recognize captchas with CapMonster module in C# macro.
[*] Taking one match while scraping of DOM now works correctly. It took the latest match always previously.
[*] Bug fixes of installer for Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012.
[*] Greatly reduced memory consumption when working with e-mail, RAM released now correctly.
[*] Fixed and improved speed of ProxyChecker when removing proxies.
[*] Fixed bug of nulling xls table and circle reloading of empty xls file.

ZennoPoster (15.08.13)

[+] Buttons added “Regex designer” and “Context recognition” in CodeCreator (if you don’t see these buttons, go to %APPDATA%\ZennoLab\ZennoPoster\5, and remove there CodeCreator folder).
[+] Improved log output for the English version, no more trash in the log.

[*] Fixed JS authorization bug in ProjectMaker debug.
[*] Fixed bug that leaded to hungs of launching project execution.

ZennoPoster (10.08.13)

[+] Added setting FTP operations timeout (Settings → Other)
[+] Added a setting to disable the auto-scroll the log when you hover over it (Settings → Other)

[*] Fixed a bug with saving the project after renaming tables, lists, and variables.

ZennoPoster (07.08.13)

[+] Now alert messages will be added to the log.
[+] In case of project errors user’s comment (if there is) will be added to the log.
[+] Method added Tab.MouseMove that allows emulate mouse move in current tab.
[+] Method added Tab.MouseClick that allows emulate mouse click in current tab.
[+] Table of element properties changes its size properly using all space available. All other actions containing tables change size the same way.
[+] Position of the panel shortcut buttons are saved after restart.
[+] In the project player settings you can increase the size of alerts.
[+] Small improvments.

[*] Reduced memory consumption of ZennoPoster.
[*] Corrected IntelliSearch behavior in debug and record.
[*] ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster work prperly using the same file with list or table.
[*] Fixes related to usage of HTTP POST and multipart/form-data.
[*] Selecting a folder for downloading files applied to action GET/POST.
[*] C# macro tester didn’t work if external assemblies were connected (not from the GAC).
[*] Some fixes of CodeCreator while using PHP code.
[*] Buttons comment/uncomment for PHP in CodeCreator did not work properly.
[*] Reset separator when merging rows in the list no longer occurs.
[*] Fixed the bug that stopped synchronizing a table attached to a file in case of the dynamic binding to the file.
[*] Fixed error with click emultaion on falsh buttons.
[*] Fixed bugs that could lead to the collapse of the values of variables while editing the project.
[*] Optimized CPU consumption.
[*] Fixed crash of FTP in case of disconnection. Now it returns an error.
[*] Setting values of drop-down boxes using profile work properly with disabled IntelliSearch.
[*] Big CAPTCHA no longer overlaps the text input field when entering manually.
[*] When you delete a variable from the “Auto”, the selected category is not reset.
[*] Fixed loss of focus from the project editor in debug mode.
[*] Small fixes.

ZennoPoster (10.07.13)

(+) Added feature to control stop criteria using bat file.
(+) Restart behavior moved to the program main settings.
(+) Ability to reference any assembly in C# macro, not only from GAC.

(*) Hotfix some bugs in (not open scheduler form, missing zlib1.dll library)
(*) Added small icons for debugger menu “Restart”, “Execute next action”, “Run to breakpoint”, “Stop”
(*) In action settings “Table processing” → “Save to variables”, variables table now is fully resizable.
(*) Saving of position and size of layouts in the advanced editor.
(*) Action text→ to table don't corrupt table settings anymore.

ZennoPoster (09.07.13)

(+) There are new buttons now in debug - “Restart”, “Run action”, “Run to breakpoint”, “Stop”.
(+) Task manager improved.
(+) Clicking “Restart” in debugger there is confirmation window .
(+) Optimized performance and memory consumption when working with large projects in the editor.
(+) Improved speed of debugging when working with large projects.
(+) Changable windows size in the advanced editor.
(+) Added keyboard shortcuts in ProjectMaker: http://wiki.zennolab.com/doku.php?id=en:projecteditor
(+) Adding actions in the advanced editor improved when drag or paste from context menu. Action wouldn’t be added before if there is an action already where the cursor.
(+) On the top of ProjectMaker start page added current version info and check for updates.
(+) Clear debugging dialog “Continuie from the cursor or from the last action”
(+) C# macros run in ProjectMaker optimized.
(+) Autosave timeout can be configured in settings.
(+) Minor improvements.

(*) Fixes for “Follow the cursor”. Browser's window stays stable, the selected position is not reset, and the frame goes with a delay so you can go to the properties of an element or element's tree.
(*) Lists of attributes were added to action's designer for Get and Set operations.
(*) Scheduler removes the trigger file after checking all tasks.
(*) In “Browser → Files to upload” action hints didn't appear.
(*) In the Advanced Editor new variables could not be added.
(*) Profile processing actions works properly now without starting of the project from the beginning.
(*) Fixed a bug in bulk mail downloading, dates of some letters were incorrectly determined, which is why they did not download.
(*) CaptchaSaver module creates a folder to save the picture, if it's not exist.
(*) ContextRecognizer tester is available again.
(*) Fixed debug php in CodeCreator in some cases.
(*) Minor bugfixes.

ZennoPoster (21.06.13)

(+) Added “Follow the cursor” in the browser context menu.
(+) Alerts improved - you can select a theme and location on the screen..
(+) Recovery system for open projects in case of program crashes.
(+) “Pause” action displays the pause value in action comment.
(+) Small improvements.

(*) Fixed failure to save projects working with large projects.
(*) Fixed projects processing errors.
(*) Fixed errors of debug hangs.
(*) Preview and refresh of list and tables are sensitive to macros in file names.
(*) For tag “Option” set and get Value work properly now.
(*) If variable is not found during macro execution you will get the message that the variable not found.
(*) Windows of variables in recording/debug mode always opening by double click.
(*) Saving of profile from code added. Added methods ToString() and FromString(string).
(*) If project was open from Windows Explorer by double click it would not run with “Restart” in РМ
(*) Fixed errors of loading files via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
(*) Fixed wrong displaying of references from GAC.
(*) If a new variable created in table processing - take line, this variable was not displayed until debug started.
(*) Fixed errors of “Own code” compilation in ZennoPoster, having place on some systems.
(*) In case of changes with InputSettings status of project saving set correctly.
(*) Fixed layout of forms in case of enlarged fonts in the system.
(*) Variable windows is always on top.
(*) Fixed ProxyChecker errors leading to stop of checking.
(*) Fixed ProxyChecker errors leading to ZennoPoster crash.
(*) Reduced CPU usage when adding new proxies.
(*) Small fixes.

ZennoPoster (24.05.2013)

(+) In most of input fields are now available single context menu to insert values of current variables if it's not empty.
(+) Drawing coordinates of drag and drop in debug mode.
(+) Option to clear logs when you debug template from the beginning.
(+) “Delayed action rendering” debug option. Use it to debug huge templates + templates with internal loops.
(+) Documentation for C# macros was updated.
(+) Added option to autofocus the line where error occurs during debug of C# code.
(+) In recording/debug mode you can add a panel with static blocks (Right click - Show static blocks).
(+) Feature to rename tasks in scheduler.
(+) Confirmation window on attempt to delete project in ZennoPoster.
(+) Hotkeys to delete (Delete) and rename (F2) projects in ProjectMaker.
(+) Feature to edit scheduler's settings of several selected projects.
(+) Logs were improved.
(+) Added 'Copy variable' button in 'Tables processing - Take line' action.
(+) Option to set default work area settings in ProjectMaker.
(+) .xmlz and .zpproj files are associated with ProjectMaker and CodeCreator in Windows.
(+) In recording/debug mode you can double click action in order to open action's settings if they are hidden.
(+) Auto-connection of divided action groups. Right click - Add new group. It lets you keep logic of your projects.

(*) Fixed C# errors on PCs without Windows SDK.
(*) Project directory's variable was replaced by real path in table's settings.
(*) It was impossible to close software until debug stop.
(*) C# macro tester works properly on multi tests.
(*) GET/POST requests fails in case of long idle.
(*) Settings of IntelliSearch actions could be displayed not correctly.
(*) Uniqueness of names for Ftp connections was not checked.
(*) Element's tree was improved.
(*) Ribbon's settings are saved after ProjectMaker closed.
(*) Lists and tables are loaded on the fly when you change settings.
(*) It's possible to delete emails through IMAP now. If email provider supports XLIST (like Gmail) messages are moved to Trash folder otherwise they are removed permanently.
(*) Instances for huge projects didn't appear in ZennoPoster when you clicked 'Show instances' button.
(*) Infinite error in log file related to Excel tables fixed.
(*) Lost static blocks.
(*) Lists and tables rebind to file after changing their settings, not after closing settings window. If the settings are not changed, the data is not changed too.
(*) No more focus shift after calling the action designer.
(*) Stop of debug interrupts HTTP GET / POST actions correctly.
(*) More meaningful errors for captchas recognition actions instead of: Unable to cast object of type 'bla-bla-bla' to type 'ZennoLab.InterfacesLibrary.CaptchaRecognition.ICo mmonCaptchaModuleInterface'.
(*) Navigate on a URL from a mail is recorded after the email processing.
(*) Settings of proxy sources were changed. It might have fixed re-prompt to proxy.
(*) Errors related to action's positions on during recording were fixed.
(*) Scroll disappeared in action's settings sometimes.
(*) Static blocks are again modeless dialog boxes, and do not block simultaneous work with action settings.
(*) Static blocks disappeared on changing ProjectMaker window's size.
(*) Drag&Drop emulation improved.
(*) Minor bug fixes.

ZennoPoster (13.05.2013)

(+) Recording and debugging of projects are tightly integrated, now you don't need to start all over again in case of any error! After recording, you can start debugging a project and if there are errors change the project directly while debugging, and then continue debugging on. You can continue debugging from any action, switch between editor and recording at any time, etc. This improvement significantly accelerated project development and support!
(+) Debugging progress shown directly in the project, you always see where and how debugger has come and where it is now. You can also deploy the editor on the entire monitor for advanced configuration of the project.
(+) Proxy auto-search has been added in ProxyChecker! Just run proxy search and ProxyChecker will find and check proxy automatically! No needs to specify sources, customize something, - simply click one button and in 5 mins you will get plenty of proxies with necessary features
(+) New feature of browser context menu “Inspect Element”, shows element in elements tree and shows all its attributes. This will help to better navigate the arrangement of elements on a web page.
(+) Added task manager, now you can collect a few tasks and configure their execution based on time or event. For instance, external program creates a file, ZennoPoster checks its existence and starts a task to perform. Or you run a dozen of projects and they are executed in sequence - each next after the previous one.
(+) You can view and edit current profile. Not only profile login, password etc are editable, but browser headers as well. It allows for example to record a project for mobile version of site.
(+) In most of input fields are now available single context menu to insert values of profile or current variables.
(+) Added Drag&Drop support. You can drag and drop elements using search for them in DOM text, by coordinates and even search by picture. It is getting more and more popular in many web sites.
(+) Added feature for JavaScript execution on a current page, and not in isolated from the web page JavaScript engine.
(+) CodeCreator adapted to the new version of ZennoPoster, previous version projects work properly without editing.
(+) CodeСreator became more similar to the standard development environment.
(+) Added export to Visual Studio (to write php in Visual Studio you have to install Phalanger. http://phalanger.codeplex.com/). Added feature of packaging CodeCreator projects and exported to Visual Studio projects to special format vsproj. This format stores only the data necessary to execute project in ZennoPoster without possibility of editing. All created in Visual Studio projects have to be packed in vsproj format.
(+) Action properties open much faster.
(+) Actions displaying improved and now it is easier to navigate in them. Action displays more useful data.
(+) Small bug fixes, added 3rd party OCR captcha ImageTyperz.
(+) Lots of small improvements.

ZennoPoster MP (13.03.13)

(+) You can set instance action timeout (Start→ ZennoPoster settings → Instance).
(+) Email processing actions are automatically record in CodeCreator.
(+) Proxy without live check goes to the available proxies faster.

(*) Fixed some threads hangs.
(*) Fixed not launching CodeCreator.
(*) Some bugfixes in CapMonster.
(*) Fixed some reasons of failing interface of ZennoPoster with read cross.
(*) Minor bugfixes.

ZennoPoster MP (06.03.13)

Finally CodeCreator adopted to the new version of the ZennoPoster

New in CodeCreator:

(+) .NET Framework 4.0 support
(+) New Phalanger [ (January 2013)] (PHP 5.0) support fully managed code including PHP plugins.
(+) Phalanger installation is not required any more.
(+) ZennoPoster MP project format support.
(+) Support of ZennoPoster MP features like Profile, IntelliSearch, InputSettings etc.

(+) New project structure
- Ability to rename project items
- Storing images in resource file
- Storing external links in the project

(+) New code editor & project properties
- Quick action panel (Cut, Copy, Paste etc.)
- Code navigation. Extended search form.
- Editing project properties.
- Editing lists, tables, project variables & input settings.
- Editing of project resource files.
- Highlight of the unsaved code changes.
- New panel look during code debugging.

(+) Buttons added
- “Manual CAPTCHA enter” during debugging.
- “Pause” during debugging.
- “Save as”, saving project copy.
- “Compile”, pure compilation of the project.

(+) Code generation was improved.
(+) ZennoPoster automatically finds all externals references. No more copying to the ZennoPosters’ directory.
(+) Converting old zpproj format to the new one.

Bugfixes in CodeCreator:
(*) No debugger hangs during step by step debugging.
(*) ZennoPoster executed project with error if the project return value less than zero.
(*) No need to restart ZennoPoster if you changed project during execution.
(*) Pause in record works properly.
(*) IntelliSense works for all assemblies from GAC.
(*) PHP project compilation error on some systems fixed.
(*) “Create check of text presence” works properly.

Changes in ZennoPoster & CapMonster
(+) Default settings were taken out to the file xulrunner.js
(+) Regexp use in Set → SelectedItems. (keyword Regex: )
(+) Search in all documents on the page (-1).
(+) Option to search in all forms on the page by default (-1)
(+) JavaScript tester show the error and where it happened
(+) Frame of original Firefox, for element highlighting (allows you to use hardware acceleration in ProjectMaker
(+) When switching properties in action designer, value of the selected item is used
(+) Handling redirects of GET requests
(+) Opportunity to change instance size
(+) Task becomes active immediately after the addition to ZennoPoster
(+) Notification when entering the name of a new variable that already exist
(+) Wrong recognized captchas request sending for ImageDecoders.com
(+) Check proxy on ban by Spam House
(+) Improved CapMonster learning algorithm

(*) Critical core FireFox fix. Probably anonymity problem should be completely solved (the original FireFox browser still has problems working with proxies).
(*) Improved SOCKS support no need to restart instance after socks changing.
(*) No way to create a rule in ProxyChecker for Google
(*) With Turkish Windows locale was an issue finding elements (possibly happened with other locales)
(*) URL was not refreshed after redirect in ProjectMaker.
(*) Memory leaking handling assemblies in ZennoPoster + slow down over time. (on some projects)
(*) Action of authorization was not configured after project recording
(*) A negative number in the display of threads
(*) Correct support of html5 video + audio
(*) Speed of settings opening was accelerated on 30%
(*) Accelerated and fixed taking of outterhtml of html element
(*) No more unnecessary navigates (flashing boot) when taking properties / selecting element
(*) Fixed to not save settings of ZennoPoster when serialize/deserialize dates
(*) Error with Good/Bad Ends, that could lead to crashes of ProjectMaker
(*) Fixed bug with cookie leads to the impossibility of registering on some sites
(*) If list has Regex separator, then Match is used instead of Split
(*) File bound to a list more than once is not updated in ZennoPoster
(*) Increasing count of threads
(*) Fixed saving a file of table which is not bound to the file
(*) Setting of Content-Type didn't work for HTTP POST different than urlencoded
(*) Macros were not executed in fields user agent and cookie of get, post requests
(*) With images disabled in project CAPTCHA wasn't sent to recognition, unless CAPTCHA was in the main document
(*) Installed many options by default, that could potentially reduce the anonymity
(*) Fixed small bugs lead to CapMonster freezing.
(*) Minor bugfixes

ZennoPoster MP (19.01.13)

(+) Ability to edit protection settings for all opened projects. (ProjectMaker → Settings → Editor → Tools).
(+) Ability to open several projects at a time.
(+) New anticaptcha service: ImageDecoders.com (they gave us ready to be used module for ZennoPoster, so you can try it ).

(*) Hotfix of debug problems.
(*) Minor bugfixes.

ZennoPoster MP (17.01.13)

[+] New function: Instance reload. You can set manual reload of instance in the middle of your template. (Browser's settings - Instance Reload). This will let your big projects to free system' resources to prevent memory's leak.
[+] New ProxyChecker's options to find Google-passed proxies.
[+] New commands for Windows automation.
[+] “New” will appear as first option in action's settings where you choose variable to save final result to.
[+] Improvement of anonymity for default settings.
[+] Option to set cookies and user agent for GET/POST requests.
[+] Ability to paste text in list: it will be formatted automatically. Depends on separator in list's settings.
[+] Setting for max. height of variable's and log's window.
[+] project.GetLastError() function to get information about last error in project.

[*] Freezing of debug without ability to stop it properly.
[*] Bugs with tables that weren't bind to files and “add rows with empty cells” problem.
[*] “Save/Load Profile” action didn't save/load login and password.
[*] You can leave “Set proxy” action blank. PM will count it as validaction.
[*] Alt+F4 works correctly now for closing setting's of static blocks (bottom pannel).
[*] {PGUP} {PGDN} worked like {UP} {DOWN}.
[*] Global variables work correctly in C# code now.
[*] Bug with usage of non-standart .NET framework's libraries in GAC for your own C# code.
[*] Several localization's errors.
[*] Minor bugfixes.

ZennoPoster MP (06.12.12)

[+] Option which disables the creation of cleaning Cookie action at the beginning of the project (ProjectMaker → Settings → Recording Projects).
[+] Option to show instances for a single project (right click on project in ZennoPoster).
[+] By demand, Action IF can be placed anywhere in ActionGroup.

[*] Fix 4.3.5.  Popups are not working correctly.
[*] Fix 4.3.5. Iframes are not working correctly..
[*] Threads stuck after continuous operation through GET / POST
[*] Download via GET request.
[*] Minor bug fixes.

ZennoPoster MP (26.11.12)

[+] Windows 8 compatibility (experimental).
[+] Loading speed of instances and debug increased.
[+] Memory usage for instances and proxychecker decreased.
[+] Option to copy lists, tables, input settings from one project to another.
[+] Files download via HTTP GET action
[+] Access to last 30 changed versions of tasks.dat file, you can roll back to the previous version, if for some reason scheduler's settings were corrupted.
[+] CapMonster’s learning algorithm was sub-corrected.
[+] Option to download multiple emails at once for processing (ZennoPoster.BulkMailDownload).
[+] FTP: option to upload directory without creation of the main directory (ZennoPoster.FtpUploadDirectory).
[+] FTP: Ability to create a directory (ZennoPoster.FtpCreateDirectory).
[+] FTP: Chmod (ZennoPoster.FtpChmode).
[+] Updated FileGetLines and FileGetBlocks C# macros: it’s possible to return more than 1 line, like 10 random lines from a file.
[+] C # function for random text TextProcessing.RandomText (analog for old Random.Text macros)
[+] “Cancel” button was added to dialog window that shows after when you try to close program.
[+] You can set 1 as a number of max. executions until instance’s restart.

[*] Russian profiles: some browser headers were on English.
[*] Blinking pictures on some sites.
[*] Account credentials for some sites were saved when private proxies were used..
[*] Tables that have empty cells.
[*] Fixed function ZennoPoster.GetNewInstance.
[*] Some bugs in mail processing module were fixed.
[*] Some possible reasons for instances lockups were fixed.
[*] False errors InternalProtection & Debuger found were fixed.
[*] The problem with keystrokes emulation when the text has line breaks.
[*] February 30 is no longer generated.
[*] ZennoBox wasn’t able to load large projects.
[*] Action settings’ window did not respond to closing attempts in debug mode.
[*] Some changes to lists and tables didn’t load.
[*] Auto-select of variables which were created in Table processing action.
[*] In the editor, action’s settings that are not in the focus could be closed only after 2nd attempt.
[*] Bat files that were created in Zennoposter showed the success result as 1 instead of 0.
[*] No screenshots were removed when actions were deleted from projects.
[*] Load Profile action didn’t change instance’s {-Profile.Name-} variable.
[*] Determination of number of rows in lists and tables with empty lines was fixed.
[*] Fixed the cause of CheckingProcessor.exe termination on some machines.
[*] Minor fixes.

ZennoPoster MP (25.10.12)

[+] C# macros support.
[+] Added back labels for proxies and rule to select by using labels.
[+] Added duplicative request to check proxy.
[+] Added Useragent for checking request. Due to this proxy checking is more precisely.
[+] Added feature to set page loading time-out by using variable.
[+] Added feature to copy lists, tables, input settings.
[+] Added “Open project directory” in context menu of project in ZennoPoster.
[+] Added “Open project directory” in context menu of project in ProjectMaker (right mouse button click on the project tab).
[+] Added feature “Leave empty file” for tables and lists.
[+] Behavior of open settings in the editor now is like of usual windows, it is convenient to work with a few open settings simultaneously.
[+] Added a window for creating a bat file with option “Reset count of successes”.

[*] Fixed bug of using filepath in input settings.
[*] Fixed bug of taking a line from .csv with removing, due to which all line breaks had been removed and all lines had been placed in on line.
[*] Fixed bug of using global variable like filepath for a list due to which list property had stopped opening.
[*] Fixed bug due to which variables had not copied when table processing action had copied.
[*] Added settings of Wordai in ZennoPoster (didn’t work in 64 bit systems).
[*] Fixed bug “Active tab of instance is not found” after long pause and long email processing.
[*] Fixed bug due to which list binded to a nonexistent file is not stored on your hard drive.
[*] Fixed bug due to which after 5 mins of work changes stopped saving of lists and tables in files.
[*] Fixed bug of table processing due to which sometimes last changes of output variables.
[*] Fixed bug due to which links disappeared when table processing had used.
[*] Fixed bug of redrawing of action group.
[*] Fixed bug of offset elements in the editor when debugging.
[*] Fixed bug oа setting age value in profile.
[*] Fixed bug of NavigationTimeout inheritance while using popups.
[*] Fixed bug of cookies cleaning in the middle of a project. HTML5 Local Storage is cleaned correctly.
[*] Fixed bug of “Run own program” when “Write EXIT CODE” option is not used.
[*] Fixed bug of processing IMAP folder with 0 messages while email processing.
[*] CapMonster now is fully 64-bit application, it will eliminate the errors related with a lot of memory used.
[*] Real IP-address of proxy now is unique.
[*] Fixed a few bugs due to which CheckingProcessor.exe might have be frozen or eaten a lot of sources.
[*] Fixed bug due to which when bat file is added “Add attempts” option is ignored and always “Add 100 attempts” is used.
[*] Minor bug fixes.

ZennoPoster MP (01.10.12)

[+] Ability for creating *.bat files.
[+] New action: WordAi Spintax (http://wordai.com/)
[+] New button: Remove all proxies in “Sources” tab.
[+] Ability to remove all proxies from the pool of alive ones.
[+] Manual comments for Action designer on recording tab.
[+] Local proxies like “127.0.01 : port” will be downloaded and checked.

[*] Problem when deleting of autovariable affects other variables from main list.
[*] Sometimes connections disappear in debug mode and on saving/opening point.
[*] HTTP and GET requests doesn't work in ZennoPoster and Projectmaker at the same time.
[*] Scrapebox doesn’t work while Projectmaker is running.
[*] Bug with sliders in ZennoPoster settings.
[*] Sometimes an additional blank element in Switch action appear in debug mode.
[*] There’s no warning that Pause action is not configured before 1st debug attempt.
[*] Long comment for groups displays out of group’s boundaries.
[*] Minor bug fixes

ZennoPoster MP (21.09.12)

[+] Browser engine was upgraded to FireFox 15. It works faster and uses less RAM now (up to several times).
[+] ProxyChecker detects tunnel proxies’s country correctly. Based on real IP and not IP of the tunnel.
[+] All settings for email processing can be set via variables (including ssl and pop3/imap)
[+] You can use topinbrowser and leftinbrowser attributes for correct work of mouse emulation clicks.
[+] New setting for ProxyChecker: number of threads per process. You can set it to low if you use paid proxies.
[+] IntelliSearch becomes smarter.
[+] Word processing - Replace function was extended.
[+] List processing - Sublist: you can delete lines with this action now.
[+] New global setting for monitoring changes of files. You can set it in ZennoPoster’s Other settings and all changes in files will be used by instances automatically.

[*] New status for projects: waits for proxy. If there are not any proxies that can be used for particular project, it will not start.
[*] Sometimes base.exe processes stopped to response and used up to 100% of CPU.
[*] Errors with email processing which happened while the same email was used twice or more times.
[*] Input Settings errors (ProjectMaker/ZennoPoster).
[*] Player on soundcloud.com didn’t work, new setting was added to Browser’s settings action: Load plugins in the same window.
[*] Clicks on flash buttons didn't work if instance’s window wasn’t active.
[*] List processing – Add line - Rewind caused error.
[*] IntelliSearch couldn't find search field on several sites.
[*] Intellisearch saved not all recorded entries to database. This caused “Element is not found” error.
[*] Bind to file action didn’t work with custom separators in list’s settings.
[*] Problems with .csv tables that contain “ (quotes) and ; in cells.
[*] Bug with multiselect.
[*] Table processing - Get rows count action didn’t work properly if table was empty.
[*] AntiGate.com recognition module didn’t work on some machines.
[*] Yahoo.com mail - click on Settings caused popup.
[*] Files weren’t deleted automatically when last line/row was taken.
[*] Table processing - Take line action didn’t work properly if table had headers in 1st row.
[*] Proxies were scraped from sources even if the last ones were disabled.
[*] Proxy sources which contained non-latin characters didn’t work properly.
[*] Custom emails that use custom domains caused 404 error in email processing action.
[*] GEO location of profile didn’t work sometimes.
[*] Memory leaking at the end of project’s run.
[*] Folder’s explorer showed duplicates on machines Windows XP.
[*] Speed test for ProxyChecker was improved.
[*] Other small bugfixes.

ZennoPoster MP (28.08.12)

This is a new feature that allows you to sell your project to users who do not have ZennoPoster.
ZennoBox is almost like ZennoPoster Pro but with some limitations.
It is limited to specific projects, which user will buy from you and (or) other sellers. Read more

[*] Input settings for your projects. Read more
[*] Tables are no more limited to initial number of columns. Columns will be added to project's table even if they were not presented in original file.
[*] From actions' context menu you can delete incoming and outgoing connections now.
[*] Updated database for ProxyChecker's GeoIP.
[*] Maximum number of threads for the Standard version is editable now (the value can be from 1 to 5).
[*] Added a “back” button in Record tab in ProjectMaker.
[*] You can use a word “end” for the last match number where you need it.
[*] Spintax engine works much faster + it can handle incorrect spintax, even if there are unclosed brackets.
[*] You can insert variables in CAPTCHA recognition action to set anticaptcha service you want to use.
[*] Now instance in debug process uses the same browser profile, which was used on recording step. If you need to randomize UserAgent, you need to enable this option in your profile's settings.

[*] Download from adwords, torrents etc. was fixed.
[*] FCKEditor works now.
[*] If source file synced with your table/list was changed, ZennoPoster will ask you if you want to update data and read all changes. If list or table is attached to file without synchronization, data will be updated next time the project starts.
[*] Many memory leaking bugs in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker were fixed.
[*] Empty files named by macroses are not stored anymore in program's folder after project's execution.
[*] “Save to file” action is working properly now.
[*] Using variables in path to table/lists' files caused falling of debug process.
[*] Error “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value.” is not occur anymore when you try to read empty file.
[*] FTP action had successful execution result even if errors occurred.
[*] While applying filters, ProxyChecker incorrectly counted the number of affected proxies.
[*] While applying filters, if you decided to cancel them, they were applied anyway.
[*] After applying filters, ProxyChecker didn't recalculate the number of proxies in database.
[*] Global variables did not work when they had numbers as a value.
[*] History of manual captcha inputs no more stored after debug is finished.
[*] In action designer, a change of “form” and “document number” dumped fields “full tag” and “attribute name”
[*] Search in action designer was improved.
[*] It was impossible to set / get attributes (innertext, value, onclick, etc.) for exotic elements, such <tr> <option> <u>.
[*] Cookies were cleaned while search and adding via action designer were performed.
[*] IntelliSearch was optimised. It uses less memory now.
[*] You can add “search by picture” actions, when recording of the project is paused.
[*] Deleting of auto variables affected variables from the first tab.
[*] Error “no active tab in the instance” should no longer appear.
[*] You do not need to focus to another field after editing variables now. They will be saved properly without it.
[*] Invalid spintax is no longer generates construction ”{-String.Spintax“ in your texts.
[*] You can add new global variables via “Variable processing” action.
[*] Breakpoints are working properly now (were passed sometimes)
[*] FTP uploading action were limited to 50 files for some hosts.
[*] If you select multiple proxy rules, ZennoPoster will choose any of them, not only proxy, which meets all of the rules.
[*] Taking proxies without deleting works properly now and takes random proxies from the pool.
[*] Downloading messages (email processing) now works one by one, rather than all at once. Required by many email providers.
[*] Display of HTTP and GET request form was fixed.
[*] Tables that were bound to empty files or virtual tables which were not synced to any files always had 1st line empty.
[*] Minor fixes.

ZennoPoster MP (31.07.12)

Bug fixes
[*] Fixed long run debug.
[*] Debugging does not work simultaneously with the working ZennoPoster.
[*] Generation of Russian profiles now works in the English version of the program.

ZennoPoster MP (30.07.12)

New features
[+] context-recognizer
[+] Improved quality of image click, added percentages of pictures matching.
[+] Now when you debug a click on the picture and click on the coordinates, you can see where there was a click. In a few seconds, the cross appears in place of click.

Bug fixes
[*] ProjectMaker consumes less memory. Fixed several memory leaks.
[*] Debug of the project in a separate process, it also substantially reduces the memory leak.
[*] Optimized parameters of the projects executions, to save memory.
[*] CAPTCHA is now loaded on yahoo.
[*] Do not cut off captcha on disabled pictures.
[*] Project maker works stabler with autoclosing tabs.
[*] PanelConatiner no longer displayed. (hopefully)
[*] In debug log scrolls automatically when switching between actions.
[*] Fixed mouse emulation with scrolling elements.
[*] In email action macros are displayed correctly during debug.
[*] Bug with handling tables, which was mentioned by Boxcutter.
[*] Bug with tables, when the separator is dot.
[*] Small bugfixes.

ZennoPoster MP (27.06.12)

New features
[+] ZennoPoster threads consumes less memory. Must work stably for long-term stress.
[+] ProjectMaker consumes less memory after prolonged use.
[+] New macro {-String.Tab-}.

Bug fixes
[*] Options for Action are now open more quickly.
[*] Options for Action are now always displayed when you double-click on the action.
[*] When you copy an actions between the projects the used variables are also copied (notification: only output variables will be copied).
[*] Do not insert extra line breaks in the lists when parsing data.
[*] ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster threads will not fall when the blocking of pop-ups is on.
[*] ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster now correctly handle large Excel tables, do not consume much memory.

ZennoPoster MP (21.06.12)

New features
[+] System of setting tasks in ZennoPoster has been remade. Now there are only attempts and limits by successful executions.
[+] IntelliSearch has been improved, now it recognizes more fields and in the correct order (for instance, first it finds and recognizes captcha, then prompts you to enter a value).
[+] ZennoPoster interface has been improved. Many minor bugs were fixed.
[+] Workload of pages now can be tracked more accurately, it is possible to catch AJAX and POST / GET requests after page loading (see the options of your browser)
[+] Debugging has been improved, now debug window does not close the project, so it is convenient to work even on small displays.
[+] Debug log and execution log have been improved.
[+] Search in the project has been added. Search is done by all major fields of actions (it is possible to copy id of action with error by clicking right mouse button and find it ).
[+] All fields where macro can be now supports syntax highlighting and hints by Ctrl + Space.
[+] Lists and tables can be bound to the files during the execution of the project and not just when it is initialized (new action in the list and table processings)
[+] Clicks by links and buttons have been improved.
[+] There is new object in logic category (Alert).
[+] Elements of list can be remove by value
[+] In text processing → to list, a few separators can be specified
[+] Captcha loading when image loading is disabled.
[+] Action Random allows macro as internal data. Random login can be generated as well.
[+] Random data in actions can be taken, by specifying value random in match #, as described here: http://help.zennolab.com/en/v3/zenno...ng_and_set.htm and all diapasons system works properly.
[+] Added Drag&Drop of projects to editor.
[+] Scheduler has been improved. It gets all in a force order, that can help correctness of start and running of program.

[*] Setting of UserAgent has been fixed and other options of profile as well.
[*] Project independence from ZennoPoster interface language.
[*] Bugs with proxy and checking of its speed have beed fixed.
[*] Bugs with email processing have been fixed. Now it goes by right URL.
[*] Field of FTP actions support macro.
[*] Bug with checking file existence has been fixed.
[*] Bugs with taking text from a file, getting a line from list, reading cell of table have been fixed. Now macro are executed first and then text is returned to variable.
[*] Proxy eliteness is correctly determined.
[*] You can edit text in selected text checking window.
[*] Sreenshot of action now is copied between projects.
[*] Binded to the file lists and tables now work properly in multi-threading mode.
[*] Fixed bug with initialization of global counter by number.
[*] Fixed bugs of incorrect form display.
[*] GET and POST work properly in case of seldom use.
[*] Fixed a lot of minor bugs.

ZennoPoster MP (25.05.12)

Some changes in defenitions:
Template now called project, branch - action, step - action group.

This is completely new feature that allows next:
- Create a project very quickly
- Auotomate same platform sites by using only one project
- Increase project execution stability
This tool finds important fields, buttons, links, etc. on page automatically.
You enter a site and one by one specify element class - login, password, button, etc.
Then you enter another site and IntelliSearch recognizes some elements automatically, other ones can be added.
The more you use it, the better it recognizes elements. In fact, there is in-built trained base, so it already recognizes most of page elements.
Sample: you have base of 1000 same platform sites, train on random 10 of them and after that you will be able to automate 50 of them already (5 times more then you did!)
And there is no limit, you can increase a success rate by training on a few other sites.
Finally you will be able to automate 1000s of sites, by one project only.
IntelliSearch is presented as a base, that possible to be moved to another project, extended, and more!

Firefox engine
ZennoPoster uses Firefox as internal browser now. This feature makes possible to:
+ Emulate anything that can betray automation system,as in headers, as in JavaScript request (navigation object, screen, etc).
+ Full control of DOM
+ Increase stability of projects execution
+ Decrease CPU load
+ Decrease RAM use by browser
+ Decrease half-open connections count
+ Socks5 support
+ Cleaning of all cookie types
+ Browser is now responding to AJAX
In total there is an access to any browser feature and it is used by maximum.

In brief it puts down network hardware
It succeded with testing in 15000 threads on hetzner.de server. We just was not allowed to open more connections on server.
It can check 1.000.000 of proxies in just a few minutes, the main thing is network equipment, it should be stable for such loading.
Highly optimized, consumes little RAM and CPU time.
Easily handle huge bases of proxies and quickly load them during program start.
Network testing system. It sets maximum count of threads, that is recommended to use, by doing test just once.
Check proxy on all necessary characteristics presence.

Visual editor
+ Support big and very big projects
+ Minimap
+ Handy editing forms, own for each action type
+ You can continue recording of edited project
and much more

New ZennoPoster interface
Made to the best traditions of torrent clients
+ You can hide instances
+ Project is added once and not removed when you restart program
+ Labels of projects
+ Grouping of projects
+ New scheduler

Keystrokes and mouse clicks emulation
More and more sites now protected against bots, by handling keypresses and mouse clicks via JavaScript. Emulation of keystrokes and mouse clicks will help work around this defense.
First, there is built-in emulation, which works by default in performance of project, it means that fields are filled with keyboard emulation, buttons and links are clicked with click emulation.
Secondly, you can send any emulation commands by coordinates.
There is also mouse click emulation by picture.

Click by screenshot
There are such cases when you can't identify an element on the page but only how it looks or you need to click on flash object at specific area, such as clicking play youtube video, etc.
It can be also some WYSIWYG editors where you want to click on one of its buttons in the toolbar. New feature “click on picture” will help you do that. You can search not the element that you need to click, but also the area of ??the page next to it, and already on this area to click in the right place.
Feature highly optimized and takes less CPU.

Static blocks
The project now has static blocks - it's browser settings, profile, emulation settings, tables, lists, etc.
These settings are for the convenience of project edit. They are shown at the bottom of the editor of the project in a separate form.
Also shown and configured while project record at the bottom of project tree.

Enter, good and bad exits from project
Project begins to run from the point specified by a special element “enter” in the editor, it is represented by a gray circle. Project can either succeed or fail, so there are two options - “good” and “bad” when project moves to one of them it is possible to make some final actions.

New data types
Table and list - created for the convenience of working with data, especially with files, which often need to be in form of lists and tables. It is managed from the static blocks and ordinary action.
For example, you can immediately put all links from page to list, sort them, remove duplicates and save to file.
Next table formats are supported xls, slsx, odt, csv to read/write.
Variables - it came to replace macro. Variables contain results of any actions and their values can be easily pulled.

Encryption of projects
Now you can encrypt your project and give other users permissions of such types: run, read, write and full access.
Permissions are given by user login (e-mail) in ZennoPoster userarea.
You can manage these permissions from specific static block.

Mail processing
+ support IMAP
+ opportunity to work without deleting messages from server
Now, in most cases you do not need to create any regular expression.
Specify email and password, connection settings are determined automatically, load messages and select search criteria, if search criteria is correct, message from list is highlighted in green, otherwise - red. Next, choose from table, what data you need a letter from (select checkboxes in lines with right word), specify variable to put found text.

To handy generate data (to fill out forms) a profile has been created. It generates data of person (Russian or American) with correct statistical distribution, and given the location. For instance, if generated man is from New York, his name is likely to be Eric Cole, as if from Texas, then Robert Tovar.

Macros are now only just static. All macros, global variables, local variables can be found in table

Usual FTP client
+ file processing
+ directory processing

Regular expressions designer
+ syntax Highlighting
+ search on Ctrl + F
It can be opened e-mail processing form and from tool panel of editor.

+ switch statement, ie choose from several options

New version of CodeCreator is not completed yet, coming soon and it adds a new feature in the project.
It is been carrying over .net 4.0.

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