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 +====== CapMonster (11.06.2020) ======
 +[+] Data-s parameter is now supported in rucaptcha’s API and antigate’s API for solving captchas in Google Search and other services. Data-s parameter is used for rucaptcha, recaptchaDataSValue for anticaptcha.\\
 +[+] CapMonster now consumes less memory at peak loads.\\
 +[+] Improved interface response at high loads.\\
 +[+] Improved reCAPTCHA v2 token acceptability. If you used profiles, remove them and start promoting them over again.\\
 +[+] Receive app performance stats in JSON format over API. The stats report features values of all the labels from the app’s main form. Example: curl "​http://​​80/​getRecognitionStatistics"​ --data "​key=sampleKey"​.\\
 +[+] Added a hint for the Proxy Protocol in Sitekey Addon (it had been unclear what “automatic” stood for).\\
 +[*] Use of profiles and http captcha solving method would lead to reduced performance and clogging of log files.\\
 +[*] Memory leak, that occurred when during recaptcha recognition at peak loads, was found and fixed.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug where some recaptchas wouldn’t be recognized if sent one after one.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug when the full list clear function wouldn’t clear the list of actually used proxies when uploading proxies from the list.\\
 +[*] Proxy upload from a link wouldn’t work for some websites if an https link was used.\\
 +[*] Proxy upload from a file or link would ignore proxies where a host was indicated in place of an IP address.\\
 +[*] Utility processes would initialize on a secondary way rather than absolute. That would led to faulty operation thereof, if CapMonster was initialized by a script with now working directory specified.\\
 +====== CapMonster (25.03.2020) ======
 +[+] Updated captcha recognition module for Odnoklassniki. Added special character support.\\
 +[+] Improved error handling. If a captcha is sent to a non-existing module, CapMonster2 will return an error instead of <Empty Answer>​.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug when banned proxies wouldn’t move to a ban list.\\
 +[*] Fixed a problem when Sitekey Addon would fail in some systems.\\
 +[*] Fixed a mass error <Empty Answer> on the HttpRequest method. It is required to update the module here: Settings → Updates → Update Now.\\
 +====== CapMonster (19.03.2020) ======
 +[+] Now a user can choose different proxies for solving reCaptchas v2 and v3. It’s critical that quality—better yet resident IPS—are used for solving ReCaptchas v3.\\
 +[+] New procedure of obtaining a proxy from the source in CapMonster to extend the proxy lifetime. Now only less used proxies are used for solving proxies.\\
 +[+] Reduced space occupied by ReCaptcha profiles.\\
 +[+] Added a feature of automated archiving of ReCaptcha profiles (can reduce space occupation by up to 3 times).\\
 +[+] Improved proxy format validation algorithm.\\
 +[+] If the program cannot access system performance meters, it will try to restore automatically. If restoration fails, the program will still launch but the meters will be unavailable.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug when a reCaptcha wouldn’t be solved after a service reboot.\\
 +[*] Fixed a problem with setting up a proxy for an instance, if that instance solves more than 1 task, profiles are disabled, and the higher CapMonster list proxy priority box is flagged.\\
 +[*] Fixed a bug with the HttpRequest method when the first captcha (one per CapMonster session) was solved without a proxy.\\
 +[*] Fixed functioning with the FireFox method when solving a ReCaptcha.\\
 +[*] Fixed a problem when SiteKey Addon would get disabled in some systems.\\
 +[*] Fixed an error message about the finished 86,400 days of the Trial version.\\
 +[*] Improved integration with third-party software for solving ReCaptchas v3.\\
 +====== CapMonster (13.12.2019) ======
 +[+] An opportunity to save profiles from reCAPTCHA via the Chrome engine was added. If a reCAPTCHA was solved successfully,​ then the profile is saved for further use. This decreases the possibility of getting banned and increases acceptability of tokens. The profiles are mutual for versions 2 and 3, a profile, which has worked on solving reCAPTHA 2 for several days, gives more high quality tokens for reCAPTCHA 3.\\
 +[+] reCAPTCHA CPU consumption via the Chrome engine was optimized.\\
 +[+] Improved the acceptability of reCAPTCHA tokens.\\
 +[+] Anti-Сaptcha protocol support was added for solving reCAPTCHA 3.\\
 +[+] The amount of captchas being solved at the moment is now displayed.\\
 +[+] A method for receiving information about the CapMonster load http://​​80/​getcmstatus \\
 +was added. The result is returned in the following JSON format:\\
 +{"​CpuLoad":​3,​ "​RemoteRunningSlots":​0,​ "​RemoteTotalSlots":​80,​ "​Rc2TasksWaitingInQueue":​0,​ "​Rc2InstancesRunning":​0,​ "​Rc2InstancesWithTask":​0} If protection is enabled, it is necessary to pass a key getcmstatus?​key=blablabla\\
 ====== CapMonster (19.11.2019) ====== ====== CapMonster (19.11.2019) ======
 **New:**\\ **New:**\\
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