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 +====== CapMonster (13.03.2019) ======
 +[+] CapMonster now accepts complaints to usual captchas.\\
 +[+] CapMonster now accepts complaints to recaptcha tokens.\\
 +[+] The option to reset settings in ReCaptchaSitekeyAddon to default.\\
 +[+] Captcha images saving feature has been updated. Now it is sorted to successfully recognized and failed according to your complaints. This will allows us to train modules better.\\
 +[*] RuCaptcha/​2captcha acceptance has been corrected.\\
 +[*] Issues solving YandexNew captcha (with 2 words) have been solved.\\
 ====== CapMonster (22.02.2019) ====== ====== CapMonster (22.02.2019) ======
 **Fixed:​**\\ **Fixed:​**\\
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