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ProjectMaker emulates browser for recording actions in it when creating project. You can open browser settings in top bar of project editor window.



In browser settings you can set proxy, which will be used when creating and debugging project. Proxy can be used when your IP is banned on website, when website and its features available only for viewing in a particular country, or if you just wish to stay anonymous.

If you have private proxies with login and password authorization, it should be set in the following format username:password@ip:port, http proxy format - http://ip:port or http://username:password@ip:port, sock4 and sock5 should have the following format - socks4:ip:port or socks5:username:password@ip:port.

Loading settings

These settings will work only for current debugging process when creating project. Actual browser settings for project should be set in Advanced Editor using actions of Browser group.

To load listed elements check or uncheck required flags. We recommend to check minimum loading parameters when creating and debugging project, as they reduce project execution speed. But some websites don't load their content without loading scripts, so you should test which loading parameters required to be enabled on every website.

Load pictures - most websites can be operated without images, disabling them you can significantly reduce trafic.

Pop-up windows - allows/blocks pop-up windows.

Load frames - elements inside frames won't load, if disabled.

Load styles - load styles from webpages.

Run Javascript - run scripts from webpage.Most websites use sripts nowadays and may work not properly, if you disable them.

Enable plug-ins - load flash and silverlight plug-uns. We recommend to disable plug-ins.

Load plug-ins in the same window - this option allows you to make screenshots of content loaded with flash and other plug-ins. If you load such content in separate window, it will display an empty area instead of image.

Loading level

Most modern websites use many different scripts and contain interactive elements updating data in real-time. All these can slow down page loading and increase waiting time when operating on it. In this case, you can ignore such interactive things as AJAX requests, flash content, GET/POST requests, frames.

In the main browser window you can navigate web pages by clicking on the elements and links, as in standard browser. In addition, you can use navigation bar above the browser, where you can enter website addresses manually, return to previous page and stop loading page:

Cookies and cache

Cookies and cache can be easily cleared using special buttons in browser window of project editor.

Browser loading

You can monitor browser loading checking status indicator in browser window below in the left.

Red color - page and elements are currently loading.

Yellow color - loading continues. Browser loads data from scripts and plugins. If it lasts to long, enable ignore settings.

Green color - page loading completed.

Context menu

Context menu also allows to navigate web pages and can be opened by right click on any element on webpage.

The option “Inspect the element” allows to check properties of selected element on web page.

If you select “Follow the cursor” mode, most important elements on web page will be highlighted when moving mouse on them, and you will be able to check their properties in real time.

Find more details about other context menu items in the following articles:

Elements tree
Actions Designer
Create check of text presence
Search by picture


New browser engine Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR has been added in Besides, 64x version of the same engine has been added in
One can choose browser version in program settings
Browser engine can be chosen in project settings

Switching from one browser to another one is possible directly in the project. Moreover, one choose option of the moving the current project profile and the data will be saved.

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